Jaguar I-Pace Set For Production World Debut In September At Frankfurt

6 months ago by Jeff Perez 20

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Sales for the electric SUV will kick off in 2018.

There have been more than enough details to work with leading up to the debut of the all-new Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV. The concept, which made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, was preemptively followed by a number of teasers, spy shots, and even a wardrobe change just in time for Geneva.

But if we’re to believe this latest circulation of rumors, the new I-Pace will finally make its debut this year in the production flesh. Auto Express says that the new electric SUV will be shown in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Color us excited.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

The overall design shouldn’t change much from what we’ve already seen. Design Chief Ian Callum said that the concept was about 80 percent its production counterpart in terms of overall styling. Spy shots further indicate its near-production body, which shows a sloped rear and an aggressive fascia similar to the concept we saw back in November.

Using a completely new EV architecture, the I-Pace concepts utilizes a 90-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and two electric motors, one on each axle. That powertrain is good for 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque, as well as a Model X-rivaling 220 miles (or more) of range on full charge. Not to mention all-wheel drive and a 0 to 60 mile-per-hour time of around four seconds.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Production of the new SUV will take place at Magna Steyr’s Austrian facility beginning in 2018. Sales are expected to follow later in the same year. Jaguars hasn’t confirmed any details on price, but estimates suggest it should start at around $70,000 (£55,000) when it finally goes on sale. Jaguar is already reportedly taking details from interested customers.

Source: Auto Express

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20 responses to "Jaguar I-Pace Set For Production World Debut In September At Frankfurt"

  1. leafowner says:

    Still can’t get over the fact that Jaguar is owned by Tata of India – one of the unsafest and unreliable auto makers in the world….

    1. says:

      They were not that reliable before either so not much has changed on that front…

      Very nice looking car!

    2. offib says:

      That’s a kinda ridiculous thing to claim. Yeah, Tata’s are not known for their safety – because India has minimal safety standards (or any other regulations).

      See what Suzuki and Renault offer in India.

      That claim was like those who railed on saying that Volvo will crumble when Chinese automaker Geely bought them from Ford. Look at them now…

      1. super390 says:

        White people are not ready for the restoration of China and India to their historically normal position in the world. Before an industrializing British seized India and turned it into a giant opium racket to sell hard drugs to China (and ruin it as well), India and China were two of the great economic centers of the world for thousands of years. That tiny Britain laid them both low as a mere side effect of commerce taught us all to think of them as inferior peoples who couldn’t build or innovate.

        It was just a historical glitch. The dragons have awakened.

        1. terminaltrip421 says:

          good points.

    3. Don Zenga says:

      Looks like you are living in 1999. Tata has not only taken over Jaguar and LandRover from Ford, but also restored it to quality products and profits. Evoque is such a nice looking SUV from LandRover. Without them, these 2 British automakers would have been dumped into Atlantic.

      Anyway, lets hope the Jaguar I-PACE has a decent range and price that it sells well. We need lot more electric vehicles to have a bigger # in our plugin dashboard.

  2. leafowner says:

    However — I do like the looks and range — price is a bit high but doable….. But It’s still a Tata…..

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      “It’s still a Tata”. That’s not really accurate. One shouldn’t claim that a Lamborghini is a Volkswagen simply because they are both under the same corporate “umbrella”. Jaguar and Land Rover may be owned by Tata, but their models are completely unrelated.

    2. zzzzzzzzzz says:

      £55,000 is expected UK price. It may be a bit less in the US, especially if they’ll discount for CARB credits.
      E.g. F-Pace is from £34,730 in UK and from $41,990 in the US.

      Tata is the owner, but it doesn’t mean they overhauled Jaguar and turning it into some cheapest subcompact producer for Indian market. It is still separate subsidiary with it’s own company culture and target market.

  3. Hauer says:

    I am afraid they are mixing specs from the top version with the price of a lower spec entry version.
    You will NOT get a 95kWh Jaguar for €55.000,-.

    How I wish I am wrong, though.

    1. Blackseries says:

      There will only be one battery pack in the I-Pace. So yes you WILL get a 90Kwh Dual Motor AWD car for £55k. OK, it will be a base car – but look at what you get in a base Jaguar and I think it will be OK.

  4. mx says:

    Interesting design.
    Clearly playing it safe.
    If the EV model fails it’s ready with a transmission tunnel and an open grill for an ICE solution.

    1. cros13 says:

      There’s no transmission tunnel, that’s a flat floor with the center console arcing over it. The grill isn’t open either and there’s no space for a combustion engine behind it.

      The basic styling started with the combustion F-Pace but this is an EV-only design.

  5. Rich says:

    Good looking hatchback that’s the same size (L x W) as the Model 3.
    Great pack size and hopefully the EPA range will be substantially higher than 220 miles.
    Out of all the horrible EVs automakers brought to market, this is a pleasant surprise. We need more like this. Price will reduce over time and the tech will make it into lower priced vehicles.

  6. William says:

    This may be the first to market Tesla alternative EV, that is a premium/luxury vehicle. Might be worthwhile to Lease, and see how the Tata/Jaguar engineering holds up to the current Tesla EV industry established benchmark.

  7. David Lane says:

    This is great progress toward more EV options! I assume it is All wheel drive?

    1. Hauer says:

      “two electric motors, one on each axle”

      From the article.
      Having this arrangement with 2WD would be, hm, interesting. 😉

  8. Nick says:

    Is Jaguar working with Tesla for access to super chargers?

    I hope they do, since this is the first car made by a third party which could handle SC speeds.

  9. super390 says:

    Because VW/Audi and BMW and Mercedes and GM and Ford are among the dominant insiders of the automotive establishment, EV fans are often suspicious of their projects and agendas. But Jaguar has always been something of an outsider. And its new Indian management has no choice but to assault the status quo with revolutionary products to shake any prejudices of the investor class

    So this may be the first sincere attempt at a successful EV by a company that combines massive financial resources and a long-famous brand name without having a huge legacy of internal-combustion product and IP to protect.

    But if they’re selling something this low and sexy as a crossover, why can’t the Bolt be a crossover?

  10. cab says:

    So, the challenge I have here is that it is pricey and yet won’t really be long range capable given the current state of DC fast charging (i.e. sparse, located in the wrong places, still too slow). Yes, DC fast charging is building out, but realistically, it will be years before it is even close to the current state of Tesla’s network (e.g. eclipsing the average lease on these cars) .

    It’s a lot easier to stomach a lack of long range capability in a cheaper package like the Bolt EV (note: I said cheapER not cheap)….and conversely, a PHEV small CUV seems to make more sense in that space.

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