Jaguar Partners With Plugsurfing To Offer Charging App


Jaguar Land Rover, which will introduce only electrified models from 2020, launched a special charging app to make finding and using a charging station easier.

The app was developed in partnership with Plugsurfing that built a database for 70,000 charging points across Europe. Initially, the service is available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic.

According to JLR, drivers of Jaguar I-PACE, Range Rover PHEV and Range Rover Sport PHEV will be able not only to localise the charging places but also to check whether it’s occupied and to pay any fees. Two methods of payments were envisioned – Pay As You Go or fixed monthly fee (the monthly package rate varies depending on the country, but will give the customer 30 mins free DC and 60 mins free AC charge, every time the customer plugs in).

Currently, Jaguar can’t match Tesla with the Supercharging network, but at least it’s doing everything possible in the area of general charging stations.

Range Rover Sport P400e

“There are two packages on offer – a fixed monthly fee or Pay As You Go. Each package, which includes the universal charging key and app download information, is available through the Jaguar and Land Rover retailer network.
From 2020 all new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be electrified. A portfolio of electrified products across the model range will embrace fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles, giving customers even more choice.

Mick Cameron, Head of e-Mobility said:

“We are aiming to simplify the charging process through simple accessibility, usability and payment in one solution. With the number of accessible charging points rapidly growing as new operators work with the Plugsurfing network in major markets throughout Europe, it helps our customers to be working with the leading provider.”

Jacob van Zonneveld, CEO, Plugsurfing said:

“Everyone switching to an electric vehicle asks, ‘where do I charge my car?’ Thanks to this partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, we are able to remove one of the largest barriers to switching to an electric vehicle. We know that another barrier to switching is the availability of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Plugsurfing is working to influence and drive infrastructure policy to expand the number of charging points available across Europe for Jaguar and Land Rover users.”

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“30 mins free DC and 60 mins free AC charge, every time the customer plugs in”

Some (or many) dumb f*ks will plug in 30 minutes, disconnect then plug in again for another 30 minutes, and again and again to 100% even when tapered to hell, because it’s free each time they plug in. Meanwhile, there will be pissed off people waiting and waiting and waiting for this dumb F. Jaguar is doomed to failure.

Free charging SUCKS!!!!!!

Will you change position if GM offers free charging to Bolt owners?

You know, you may be pleasantly surprised that free charging doesn’t shake out in the negative like you think. It’s very easy to stop with ‘free’ and start charging $ for use if the model isn’t working. Give it a chance. The Supercharging network is working beautifully so far, if it needs to change as the vehicle volume grows, then so be it.

You’re gonna do just fine.

You really should try non Tesla DCFC as if you own one to see how suck they are. Things are not “just fine” for non Tesla EV. Almost everyone who charge are those who get free, and there’s always EV sitting there above 80% and tapered to hell. That’s why Tesla will win.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Public EVSE’s need to be smarter. Need to identify the the car plugged in. Free charging A-holes will unplug and plug right back in to reset. They already do that at DCFC’s after the 30minutes.

What’s sad is, they could have incorporated Supercharging into the Jaguar and instantly had access to the 1300+ location Supercharger network, plus all the apps and sites like to help people find where to charge.

But oh, no, they had to go it alone, and have to hook up with all these multifarious 3rd party businesses to get Jaguar customers the support they deserve. Except, it isn’t as well-done as the Supercharger solution.