Jaguar-Land Rover On BEVs, PHEVs


Jaguar XJ PHEV

Jaguar XJ PHEV

The answers to questions we’d never ask have arrived courtesy of Automotive News.

Questions such as:

Q: Jaguar-Land-Rover will launch more hybrids as well as its first plug-in hybrids. When will we see them?

To which Wolfgang Ziebart, 64, head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, answers:

A: We can’t talk about specific dates, but you can expect progress along the route we started with the current hybrid electric. The share of electric power will increase, and the combustion will be downsized so that you have more opportunity to drive electrically.

Then this question was asked:

Q: Will you go full electric with any vehicle?

To which Ziebart answers:

A: The market is in two areas. The first one being inner-city urban transportation. That’s less a market for us. The second is as a second or third car for a wealthy family. This is more a market for us. Here we see some Range Rover owners or owners of high-end Jaguars as potentially being attracted to electric vehicles.

If it’s a second or third car then it’s usually smaller, right?

The Tesla is not a small vehicle. It’s XJ size. Europe would like to have an electric car that is small, like the BMW i3 or below — whereas the U.S. and China would prefer a larger car, and the Tesla direction clearly shows this.

So, perhaps Jaguar will do a pure electric, small city car for Europe and something more Tesla Model S size for China and the U.S.?  Ziebart is rather vague in delivering his answers, so we still aren’t sure what to expect in terms of production plug-in vehicle from Jaguar-Land-Rover, but at least the automaker admits to showing interest in this growing segment.

Source: Automotive News

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A BEV Evoque. That is all.

Yup. If Jaguar can’t pull it themselves why not pick up a joint venture with Tesla where Coyota left it off with the RAV4 EV?

A very bizarre assumption: Europe would like, America would like. We talk of individual drivers with different demands in the same country, not nations that have ubber imposed car desires that fit nobody. Let’s just stop with that non-sense rhetoric.

What do you mean? European streets are more narrow, so cars are typically a little bit smaller. Sure big cars are also driven here, but not that much.

US driver prefer big cars. Not most of them, but the small VW-up wich is a good seller in europe would not sell that good in the US. Still some US people like the iMiev a lot.

Can anybody finally build the sedan version of the rex equipped BMW i3, because that would be the real pragmatically desired one of many on whatever continent. Be it made by Jaguar, Mazda, Renault or whoever, it will sell like hot cakes.

You mean that thing that is called Volt or Ampera. And Ampera is selling really awfull in europe!

Indeed, Chevy Volt / Opel Ampera is mostly designed to take the maximum out of US Federal tax credit. It is really not a competitive form factor for car.

Plug-in hybrids are great in high performance and luxury cars, where electric motor is complementing ICE to give smoother power while shifting gears. McLaren P1 is a car that can take the most out of Plug-in hybrid technology.

I’m a Jaguar fan I had own 5 and I still own an XKR, unfortunately I don’t believe in Jaguar EV/Plug-in is just pure PR. The CEO does nor believe in Electric cars, he is in denial and is a shame because they have great cars with amazing design.

“A: The market is in two areas. The first one being inner-city urban transportation. That’s less a market for us.”

“So, perhaps Jaguar will do a pure electric, small city car for Europe “

Auto manufacturers that are NOT subject to CARB-ZEV due to their small size:

Fuji Heavy Industry (Subaru)
Jaguar Land Rover

There would be a good business case for Jaguar to introduce all electric car in 2017 with LG Chem’s new high energy density batteries. And if Jaguar is wise, their customers would greatly appreciate, if Jaguar enabled free Tesla Supercharging access for their customers.

The Tesla S is XF-sized, not XJ-sized.