Jaguar I-Pace Turns Up In Phoenix For Some Hot Weather Testing

JUL 30 2017 BY JAY COLE 35

Jaguar I-Pace visits an outlet mall for a quick boost (and maybe some discount Nikes) in Phoenix this week (InsideEVs/Michael C)

The Jaguar I-Pace is planned for deliveries in 2018 and has already started pre-production validation in Germany.  The Jag has 400 hp, 516 lb-ft of torque and a 90 kWh battery.

But before it arrives, and like many pre-production all-electric vehicles, it has to make a pilgrimage to Arizona…a state that knows what “hot weather” testing is all about!

Another look at the Jaguar I-Pace (CarPix)

In this case, InsideEVs’ reader Michael C caught what we like to call a “unicorn in the wild”, a camouflaged EV using a working Bl!nk fast charger!

Michael tells us that the I-Pace was spotted in the Phoenix area, specifically Anthem, AZ at the Anthem Outlets which is off on the I-17 about 30 miles outside of Phoenix.

Interesting, and while we have been told to expect “more than 220 miles” (EPA) out of the all-electric Jaguar when it comes to the US, the 90 kWh battery on board always felt like the company was underselling the EV’s abilities, Michael actually spoke to the testers (who apparently weren’t all that keen to see him), but he did get to ask about the range, to which one of them said “about 250 miles”; which is more reasonable to our own napkin-back math calculations on how far we thought the I-Pace should be able to travel.

We caught the concept Jaguar I-Pace recently also turned up at the Formula E’s Brooklyn race last month – as one can see, the production-intent model is very close to the concept

Michael also noted the usual pile of laptops, cords and other engineering do-dads inside the car we are used to see when vehicles are out in the field being tested.

Gallery below:  More Jaguar I-Pace in camo out on the roads (CarPix/YT)

Hat tip to Michael C!


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The “unicorn in the wild” is NOT the i-Pace but that a Blink fast charger was working 😀

+1 !!!

Terrable, Terrable!!!

That was the very first thing I thought of, too. Starting to see them being removed in a lot of places now, like Mayo Clinic (who has Leafs for security detail). ASU is pulling their Blinks, as well. They work fine as dummy chargers, but the electronics were garbage.

LOL good observation.

A Blink charger working? Fake news!!!

A cannot stand Blink

Horrible company!

So you’re saying, DON’T BLINK.

Pro tips for using blink chargers:

1) Blink stations only work if you do not look directly at them.

Good One!

Like the shot from below showing the skid plate on the battery.

They’ve put hashtags on it. They definitely “don’t want” people to see it 😀

Yeah, I hafta wonder how often those “spy photos” of cars being tested are a result of somebody working for the auto maker calling a photographer to tip them off about where and when the testing is gonna be done at an abandoned airport, or some other lonely location. I mean really, the photographer just happened to be staking out that location at the right time?

“Oh, please, paparazzi, don’t take pictures of our camouflaged new cars! And if you do, don’t publish them. We don’t want anybody to talk about our new car. Don’t throw us into the briar patch!”

Am I cynical about the mutual benefit that both auto makers and auto magazines/websites get from so-called “spy photos” of new car models? Yeah, I am. The question is: Am I cynical enough?

Amusing. Nice Br’er Rabbit reference.

They do want people to see the car, however, in a camouflage, of course. They do want to make a buzz, but they need to hide external and internal designs and materials, ans anythint that could leak specs. Nothing ironic, IMO.

It’s a J1772 L2 Blink, they probably used some kind of an adapter from J1772 type 1 plug to Mennekes type 2 receptacle.

Where does it say that the car has a type 2 connector? I would imagine that a US version would have type 1 i.e. J1772 and not Mennekes. The DC fast charger would work either way since it only uses the signal line.

Well, it *is* RHD so maybe it has a T2 socket and uses one of these… (3rd item down)…

“Come, mister tally man, tally me… an I-Pace” 😉

To those wondering about the background on the photo, I’m the one who took it. It isn’t all that remote of a location. I was shopping with my family and walked past the chargers. I own an electric vehicle myself and an familiar with seeing prototypes at public chargers.

As I was quoted in the story, the testers kind of looked at me as a pest for asking questions about the vehicle. As I walked away, I took a picture with my iPhone. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. I’m the farthest thing from paparazzi you can imagine!

Nice Going ‼️

Tesla Model 3 loaded AWD is $68K.

Wonder how the iPace will stack up price wise. One could get the hatchback utility that the Model 3 doesn’t have and AWD which Tesla will offer sometime in 2018 but who knows on delivery.

Probably still wait for the 2019 Model 3, 300 mile range AWD. The 300 mile range just gives so much more utility. Range rules.

The delivery estimator on says AWD delivering in Sept.-Nov. 2018 (11am EST 3/31 reservation).

I believe the iPace is scheduled to deliver in 2H 2018. So both will be coming to market around the same time.

That’s a very good question. The iPace and Model 3 are very similar size wise, although the Jag has an additional 4 inches of wheelbase. It’s a very low slung CUV, almost a sedan. The biggest difference is probably the battery pack, with the Jag at 90 kWh and the Model 3 long range at (assumed) 75 kWh. at $200 per kWh that would be a $3k difference. If a loaded iPace is around $70k and the base model at $60k or less it could be an interesting proposition. I believe Jag has suggested iPace would be 10-15% higher than a comparably equipped F-Pace, which would put the base iPace around $55k. I’ll be surprised if that’s the case, but if it is will definitely consider one.

The important detail in that quote is “comparably equipped” The I-Pace will have many more features standard than the F-Pace. The F-Pace AWD S has a 340 Hp Supercharged engine and goes 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Jaguar has said the I-Pace will go 0-60 in about 4.1 seconds. SO clearly, Jaguar will consider the F-Pace S as the “comparable” model to the I-Pace. That model starts at $57,700 in the US

So add the 10% to 15%, and the starting MSRP for an I-Pace will likely be somewhere around $65,000, IMO.

Tom, I agree. The I-pace is probably going to be $65-85k depending on options. So, somewhere between the 3 and S in pricing.

Color me very surprised that Jaguar might be the 2nd (after Tesla of course) automaker to field a premium CUV BEV. As others have mentioned the price will be interesting to see. Priced near or under the model Y I think this could be a big seller assuming they have the battery supply lined up.

That’s the key detail. They are only planning to produce 15,000 a year and have outsourced manufacturing to Magna Steyr in Austria. Hopefully they have the ability to ramp up if demand is strong but at these low quantities its not the Tesla killer people are making it out to be.

Wow, they are testing the cars before releasing them for production! What a concept!

Yes, for nearly a year in production form before customers get them. Very novel.

Anyone care to speculate as to why Jaguar decided to call the electric version of its new SUV the i-Pace and the ICE version the e-Pace? Seems to me it should have been the other way around!

In fact, if you read the ICE versions main web page ( they don’t mention the engine even once! It’s like they are embarrassed it even has one. Bizarre.

The I-Pace is not an electric version of the E-Pace.
It sits on its own unique (skateboard) platform – the E-Pace is Jaguars version of the Range Rover Evoque – its much shorter and cheaper.
There was a rumour that the E-Pace would be the first Jaguar to be a plug-in Hybrid but it was thought to be too confusing to have 2 plug-ins released so close together – and as the I-Pace is the Flagship Electric car (for now) the Hybrid was dropped from the E-Pace at the last minute – hence very little about the standard engine in the E-Pace.

The naming is confusing. Not Volt/Bolt bad, but they should have thought it out better.

Well, they are certainly not random!

Jaguar sedans start with X
XJ – large
XF – medium
XE – small

Jaguar SUVs have “Pace” in it:
F-Pace – medium
E-Pace – small
I-Pace – electric

Flagship sport cars have “Type” in their name:
F-Type – current main sports car (successor to E-Type from the 70s);
I-Type – Jaguar’s Formula E racing car

Btw, naming is completely independent of its sister company Land Rover products.

“started pre-production validation in Germany. ”

Anyone has a source for that? It’s the first time I see a reference to that?