Jaguar I-PACE Is Top Gear’s EV Of The Year 2018

NOV 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Jaguar I-PACE has been appreciated by TopGear

BBC TopGear Magazine has named the Jaguar I-PACE an EV of the Year. It’s already won 17 major awards since its introduction, including German Car of the Year, Scottish Car of the Year, Sunday Times Car of the Year, Auto Express New Car of the Year and Autocar’s Game Changer title.

In its review, TopGear once said: “The I-Pace won’t be for everyone, but hats off to Jaguar for making a car that steps boldly into the unknown, and shows those pesky Germans the way.”

Positives for the I-PACE are acceleration, interior space, big boot, brave exterior design, while price, the infotainment system and claimed range (difficult to achieve) were on the cons side.

Rawdon Glover, Jaguar Land Rover UK MD, said:

As Jaguar’s first ever electric vehicle, the I-PACE was a completely blank canvas. Our engineers were tasked with creating an electric vehicle without compromise; it would be quick, stylish, luxurious, exhilarating to drive, fast to charge, spacious and easy to use every day. The result has even surpassed our ambitions, and I’m pleased to see I-PACE pick up another award from one of the most respected media outlets in the world.”

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Should be Rivian’s A1T if it is available for test drives this year. Actually, that beast should be car/truck of the year (ICE included)!

Would it be sold in Europe?
IMHO, the I-Pace won it simply because the Model 3 isn’t available in Europe.

Good point.

I hope that’s the case, and not “Jag is UK and so are we, so Jag wins”

From all the reviews, the I-pace is a very impressive vehicle. It has its faults to be sure – fiddly single phase charging only (ok in the UK but causes a bit of concern in continental europe), and good, but not stellar efficiency.

But it does have good off roading capability, standard 120, 240 and fast charging ability at no additional cost, and a well appointed – very luxurious interior, 350 watt sound system and 400 hp; the feature package is more than enough to satisfy any Jaguar-phile. And the price stateside for all this is less than $70,000. Now if the car is more reliable than the typical JAG (hopefully magna international (in Austria) did a great job constructing it), the car is beyond a good value.

“good, … efficiency”?

Although they go GAGA over anything Rivian at the moment here – time will tell if the car has any warts which need work. Meanwhile Magna International has several cars and inventions under its belt – including PERFECTED electronic door handles.

They also have experience in designing and manufacturing the power train for the Ford Focus EV. Early models of that car did tend to die – so this must have been a great LEARNING EXPERIENCE for them. So this car hopefully will keep running.

Or model Y if we know how it looked like etc (Sarcasm!)

The other caveat often mentioned is slow charging speed, sort a double whammy when added to the poor efficiency of the vehicle, if you are planning a road trip.
So other than that, and the other aforementioned price, infotainment, it seems very good.
Finally it may take some time to get one, but Tesla owners know what that feels like.

Is EV of the Year an annual thing at Top Gear, or is this their first time naming one? I’d be interested in hearing who prior winners were.

The Tesla Roadster about 10 years back /S

Is Magna actually building the I-Paces? I-Pace VINs for sale in the US start with S which indicates they’re built in the UK – I thought Magna built in Austria.

I think it’s the guts they build, drivetrain, but it’s assembled in the UK. You could look it up.
Everything I see says Graz Austria, maybe they put badges on it in the U.K.

So on top having to keep pretending an entire Chinese company named NIO doesn’t exist, or own the Nurburgring currently, we have to pretend Jaguar made a decent Tesla clone. Jaguar, the Samsung of car makers.

The I-Pace has been very well-reviewed, by a large body of car journalists. In other words, it deserves the award.

As for calling it a “Tesla clone”, that makes as much sense as calling Teslas “Nissan Leaf clones”, or all ICE-powered cars “Ford clones”. Not all EVS are “clones” or any single manufacturer. And within a decade, probably most automakers in the world will be producing large numbers of EVs.

Congratulations to Jaguar for commissioning a fine product.

They paid for that

Great car. Shame about the dud battery

from what I read
“Now what has been driving a number of us nuts is that the I-Pace has a far bigger battery than the Model 3 typically ships with, and yet it has less range. The cause appears to be threefold: The car is an SUV and thus not as aerodynamic as the Tesla; the front motor Jaguar uses (which may be better off-road, but this hasn’t been confirmed) can’t be turned off to save energy; and the battery appears to have far higher protection against premature aging than the Tesla’s.

The battery’s life span is largely speculation, but it appears that Jaguar uses less of the battery than the Tesla does.”

I think Jaguar needs some kudos to bring in a product for competition ahead of any Germans. I have driven it and it is not a bad product as some so called “EV” experts call out to be. You always need a starting point, they can and will get better with next generations I believe

Top gear plus British company…. Hmmmm. I have enough years of their show and magazine to know how they always vote

British company?