Jaguar I-PACE Sales Hit Just 140 In August: Sign Of Production Hell?

SEP 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 78

The Jaguar I-PACE sales ramp-up is more than a bit disappointing

Introducing a new all-electric model on the market isn’t as easy as some might think. Jaguar in August sold just 140 I-PACE, according to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (

Total sales of the I-Pace in its first few months on the market now stand at 558.

It’s hard to say whether Jaguar is experiencing some Tesla-like production hell, but there is an urgent need to ramp up production as in the Netherlands alone, 3,500 I-PACe are needed to satisfy demand ahead of tax changes.

Additionally, it seems likely Jaguar will delay the launch of the I-Pace in other markets now (like in the U.S.) as it attempts to fulfill a mounting backlog of demand over in Europe.

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Is Prince Charles in the 558? If not, it’s 559. So, there. #Teslakilled

Nothing beats a Tesla

As long as Tesla reigns supreme, all is right in the world. Anything non-Tesla is a waste of time. Tesla Tesla Tesla.

That is some weird fanaticism…

It is, but it’s clearly from a Tesla hater doing a bizarre impression of a Tesla supporter.

It is just the latest example of the same hater troll(s) jumping in with a new username to try and divert away attention from the facts that EV sales are way up and this is being led by Tesla.

Oy!…Just like some Tesla hater who can’t sleep at night for all the nightmares he has of Musk leading the evolution or EV solution to clean transportatiin..,,

“TESLA! TESLA! TESLA! It’s all I hear nowdsys!….”

Pass the bong. Oh wait, CEO decided to keep it.

It was a joint, so maybe don’t Bogart that joint my friend.

Thanks for that!

Production up, Sales up, time to smell the …Roses?

why are they not able to build more, did anyone have a serious idea?

Look at every major EV launch in the last few years. They all start slow due to production ramp up, especially for a new platform and drivetrain. Not surprising.

If that is the case, then why was Tesla incessantly bashed for the same production ramp while others are let off easily?

What did Jag promise to deliver? Tesla over promises and then takes heat. Everyone else under promises.

Uuuhm… no… They promised nothing. They didn’t reach their production targets, which is something entirely different.

In part, because Tesla is more forthcoming about the goals and delays; in part because Tesla has more stalkers (both fans and haters) who care about every delay…

Because Tesla publish their production ramp up schedule, and repeatedly fail on it.
After 16 months, they still have only ramped up 80% of the way that they said they would manage in 5 months. They have still only ramped up to 2/3rd of the figure they had claimed they were aiming to achieve 3 months ago.

If Tesla had said, back in July 2017, “we’ll ramp up to 4k/week on a sustained basis by September 2018”, no-one would have batted an eyelid.

Instead, their July 2017 announcement was 5k/week by end December 2017.

I would wager it was built as a marketing piece and their preference is to sell highly profitable ICE.

Its being built by Magna Styer who have their own capacity contraints.

Just curious, when does the “SCORECARD” get a row for the Jaguar I-Pace?

As soon as they sell 1 or more I-Paces in the US. The Scorecard shows US delivery numbers.

Yeah, reportedly they haven’t sold a single one in the U.S. yet.

It’s not that they haven’t sold any. It’s not even available in the US…there’s actually quite a big waiting list. They aren’t scheduled to arrive here until the fall. Most initial sales over the summer were to Europe to people who paid for the first edition.

Watch fueleconomy dot gov for a listing for Jaguar I-Pace. They cannot sell in the USA until they submit documentation to EPA for range results. From this story it looks like it might be 2019 before they are ready.

I’ve coined these, “boutique cars”.

When does Waymo take delivery of their first batches? I know they have at least some in the Bay Area.

Are you planning to get one and will you change your handle to “Eight Electrics”?

“Eight Electric Toothbrushes”

I am considering it. My X lease doesn’t end for two years, though, and to be honest, I need the extra space of the X. I might not get to eight until I replace the 3 with the Taycan.

Right…keep lying about your pretend Tesla’s you love to hate.

Do you have a blog of your seven electrics

Blogs aren’t for publishing fiction about imaginary cars.

I didn’t know they leased matchbox cars.

I though an experienced auto manufacturer was supposed to be able to hit the ground running and start pumping out EVs at full production pace quickly. We are three months in and they should be making 1000 a month by now.

Yes, that was the equation, except no one was able to calculate the variables.
Though blowing smoke seems to something they have mastered quite well.

Complete silence from Wall Street on this. Big time auto manufacturer / supplier Magna Steyr is having trouble ramping I-Pace production?

Right, the exact company they suggested Tesla should have used. Now crickets.

This just goes to show how clueless most Wall Street anal-ysts are about the auto industry, or indeed any industry they cover

Production started in March 2018. Standard ramp-up is 6 to 7 months.
Jaguar fill the global press fleets and the dealerships before selling to customers.
Customer deliveries started on the 13th of September in Europe (6 months after production started), and are due to start late October/early November in the USA – which is a long ship-ride away from the factory.
The Netherlands are getting the lion’s share of the early deliveries, due to big EV tax changes coming in at the end of December

Jaguar is a luxury automaker. And they will start deliveries from the end of this month (September 2018). This delivery schedule was always planned. When customers first ordered the I-Pace, they were told the earliest deliveries would be the end of September 2018. But production is ramping up significantly in the beginning of next year (Q1 2019).

I ordered a First Edition in Miami, last week. I was told that an optimistic delivery date would be December 27, 2018, even though as a First Edition it had already been allocated to the dealership in June.

As i expected, production constraint, same would be for BMW, MB new babes, because they are not serious about EVs

Jaguar or any other brand without charging network, where customers going to charge on long trip ? or they think it’s customers problems not theirs.

EA, EVgo, ChargePoint, Blink, level twos. Make a deal with Tesla and get supercharger locations

I think it’s a bit late for Jaguar to make a deal with Tesla for Supercharger use. To take proper advantage of that, they would need to have put a Supercharger charge port on the car. Sure, they might be able to use an adapter, but I think that sort of hassle would not help Jaguar’s sales much.

One the multitude of chargers available.

How do the ICE manufacturers even survive without their own line of gas stations?

Exactly. The ICE manufacturer mindset is that it isn’t their job to fuel their cars. So if you were buying an EV, which one would you choose? One with a long distance solution or one without?

There are ~1,100 CCS locations in the USA There are 571 Supercharger locations.

Locations are very different from stations. The vast majority of Supercharger locations have at least 8 stations. Most CCS locations have only 1. Any I-PACE buyers looking for easy long distance travels anytime soon will be bitterly disappointed.

Tesla is good but I still prefer traditional car manufacturers

Cool. I’m not poking at you, no offense intended, just curious and want to know your reasoning. What would it take to get you to purchase a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) with no gasoline/diesel engine? What specs or price point would be the deciding factors for you?

He talked about manufacturers, not about BEV versus ICE…

Maybe more battery shortage for Jaguar than production hell ??
Hyundai also sold out the few Ioniq and Kona’s they were planning to produce for the next 12 month, so a long waiting list based on battery shortage.

So Europe’s cars (Jaguar, MB, Audi) will not hit the US market any-when soon, on the other hand Tesla-3 is not expected to reach central Europe until June-2019 — a kind of revenge ?!?

A battery shortage at this point would indicate production hell at their battery supplier…

Its not production hell if they are producing at 100% capacity.

Is it just me, or is this totally nuts? Jaguar is pulling out the stops to promote the I-Pace, they’ve even done live events where they staged (in both senses of the word) drag races between an I-Pace and a Tesla Model X… all this for a car made in such low numbers that they can’t sell more than 140 a month?

I think Jaguar’s marketing department needs to communicate a lot more with their production department! Jaguar should have pushed back the promotions until such time as promoting sales might actually result in more cars being sold.

The more I look at the i-Pace, the less I understand what its relEVance is for the rEVolution. For Tata it’s probably a test vehicle for their future EV plans, pretty much like the Bolt for GM – except that the Bolt is taller and is affordable to a middle-class buyer.

And what’s the relevance of Tesla for the EV revolution? The I-Pace will be sold in similar numbers as the Tesla Model X, and no less affordable.

mostly for Jag fans – I think it is that simple – not brave enough to push into the future

It was always said, that the first deliveries would not begin until the end of September 2018. Production will ramp up a lot more in Q1 2019.

On the I-Pace forum, there seem to be a lot of people who have ordered one, and their earliest delivery dates are for the end of this month. Many more will receive them in November and December.

I ordered a first edition last week. Put a deposit on it. Expected delivery date is Dec 27.

Its not a matter of “sales.” In the US there are none since they have not shipped any to the dealers. The real question is how many have they taken deposits for. Once production ramps up the true sales numbers will come out.

David Green clearly bought most of these cars.


From the article “It’s hard to say whether Jaguar is experiencing some Tesla-like production hell.”

Jaguar isn’t manufacturing the I-Pace — Magna is.

Production hell or the usual compliance car theatrics. Make a lot of noise about your great EV and then sell < 1000/mo forever because you don't really want to be making them at all. See for example, well just about every other EV other than the Leaf and Tesla.

According to the I-Pace forum, deliveries are not beginning to customers until the end of September. There will also be bottlenecks in production in the coming months due to battery supply problems. However, production is expected to ramp up into the new year.

The eventual production could reach as high as 20,000 or even 25,000 a year (the factory’s maximum). If it is popular with the market, it could eventually be selling the same kind of ballpark as Tesla’s sales of the Model X.

20,000 all that is needed for ZEV credits to sell gas guzzlers – see GM for example.

Some photos on the I-PACE forum of cars moving to the Netherlands.

The actual deliveries are not expected until later this month, as Jaguar are upgrading certain aspects of the car.

There is no way Jag is updating any aspects of the car between model years. Only Tesla can do that!!!!!

They had some problems with the headlamp supplier and the final production software was only ready this week.

So these problems have been dobles and a lot of cars was shipped this week. Got a confirmation from our dealer the our I-Pace have been shipped and delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Unlike Tesla, Jaguar knows how to ramp up production on a new car. It’s not “production hell” unless you don’t know what you are doing. This is an entirely well thought out and planned production ramp up.

They have no plans or intentions to ramp up significantly in the first year.

Contract manufacturer – Magna Steyr AG & Co KG is an automobile manufacturer based in Graz, Austria, where its primary manufacturing plant is also located. It is a subsidiary of Canadian-based Magna International and was previously part of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate. google for more details

EV & Infrastructure Analytics

Those figures appear to all be sales to dealers, not to customers.

Customer deliveries did not begin until the 13th of September (with the exceptions of Andy Murray and the Prince of Wales)

Why isn’t the ipace on your monthly list?