Jaguar I-PACE Roars Silently On Monaco Grand Prix Circuit

MAR 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Jaguar promotes its first all-electric car, the I-PACE, at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit with this slick video.

The I-PACE is silent that there’s no issue entering the track under stealth for a drive at 3  AM.

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The I-Pace shows how performance combines with silence.

Jaguar I-PACE | Monaco 3 am Behind the Scenes

Watch as Jaguar I-PACE brings thrilling electric performance to the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit. From the allying sweeping straights to the tight twists and turns, the principality’s iconic harbour front track was the perfect place for a secret late-night test to showcase the head-turning design and dynamic handling of our first EV.

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11 Comments on "Jaguar I-PACE Roars Silently On Monaco Grand Prix Circuit"

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Damn this is how you nail marketing

Full bore throught the tunnel would make a LOT of noise.
So, yeah, marketing.

In the sense of lying.

Would it really if there in no other traffic and plenty of space for the air to flow?

I will test next time I am going thru a tunnel a night.

is this the same iPace that has artificial sounds “designed” for the INTERIOR to sound more powerful??


Where did you read that? I sure hope it’s a “feature” I can disable. I prefer silence to fake sound, like the cabin of the CT6 PHEV. (Say what you want about that very flawed plug-in, but it is extremely quiet on the road.)

Yes you can.

I am a Tesla fan and I still love that video.

I especially like the welder who wonder did someone go by?

Electric cars forever!

I love how they release the pigeons as he walks away at the end. ROTFLOL

Glad to live in a world where each company can decide how to market their products to their preferred customers.

Make no mistake…. To choose Monaco was designed to send a message. Premium… Aspirational…. Powerful…. Elegant…

Wish Jaguar much success in leading the way for the traditional manufacturers in this segment.

Good ad. But considering they market this as an SUV, why not show it on a rally cross course?

Nice car but in real it does make sound as the spy video from Monaco shows.