Jaguar I-Pace Reveal Is Today, Watch Live NOW


Jag’s first all-electric car will reportedly take on Audi and Tesla.

The all-electric Jaguar I-Pace SUV will be revealed on March 1 (today),  at 1 PM EST via livestream above ahead of its on-stage debut at the Geneva motor show. 

Revealed – Jaguar I-Pace Debuts With 240 Miles Of Range, 90 kWh Battery

The I-Pace concept was revealed at the LA motor show back in 2016 and since Jaguar has received plenty of interest in the battery powered SUV. It’s capable of rapid charging to 80 percent in 45 minutes from the latest 100kW fast chargers and has a predicted range of 310 miles.

Official performance data has yet to be released, but we do know that the five-seat SUV has all-wheel drive, something that the Tesla Model X uses to devastating effect in Ludicrous Mode.

According to Jaguar over 1.5 million real test miles and 11,000 hours of simulated driving has been conducted. More than 200 test vehicles were used to deliver the required data. Spy photography of test mules has shown a silhouette that appears to stick very closely to that of the original concept car.

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The I-Pace will also go racing with its own one-make race series called the eTrophy. It acts as a support series to the single seater Formula E races.

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Ian Callum, Jaguar director of design, said ‘Since revealing the I-Pace Concept in 2016, we have been counting down to this moment. The all-electric I-Pace is not only a pioneer within our business, it promises to revolutionise the industry. Never before have I been so excited for a launch.’

The production Jaguar I-Pace will be shown to the world via live stream today at 1 PM EST. You can watch it for yourself in video form above.

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In Norway that is.

Nope. Jag is, unusually, launching in two places concurrently. But the video feed is from Austria, not the event in Oslo.

In Norway.


“1.5M miles”
“More than 200 test vehicles were used to deliver the required data.”

Terrible! Non-disruptive test program needs moar disruptivity. WAY less time in development, fewer vehicles, minimum design and toolng validation, more beta-test excitement for customers.

Hopefully the Tata/Jag leader doing the intro today can at least mumble incoherently, offer gross overestimates of production rates and make entirely asinine mischaracterizations of the autmotive industry to make up for these shortcomings. Yeah, so that’s the thing.

Another Euro point of view

Yes but then Jaguar cannot launch one of its cars on top of a rocket to divert attention elsewhere so they are obliged to do it right the first time.

I would call that a realistic assessment.

You do realize you just described Tesla and Elon to a T right? Or was that your intent??

“Realistic” had me at “more beta-test excitement for customers”.

Leaf lovers can appreciate anything that is remotely related to Nissan, and its purported “Innovation That Excites!”

I have to admit, with so many idiots around, I actually thought realistic might just be one of them until I read much further than that.

It all looks good and I’d like to own one, the last piece of the puzzle is charging infrastructure.

I’m very surprised that they didn’t negotiate with tesla for access to the supercharger network. With the large battery it wouldn’t tie up the charger with slow speeds, and they wouldn’t have to worry about investing in their own.

Will.Never.Happen. Mark my words, no manufacturer will ever use Tesla’s supercharger network. If anything, Tesla will convert over to the 350kW CCS system in the next few years.

I had an electric Jaguar XKE. It was slot car, and it was great.

I can’t watch this reveal anymore. Worst ever. Having to watch some jerk make bad jokes and nothing of substance at 10 minutes.

Just show us the car and tell us what it can do.

There is nothing worse than bad comedy! I hate all this waffle in every car presentation! Just get it out there, dammit! There is no need for light shows, dancing girls or terrible comedy routines.

You guys realize that it is not just you spec sheet people watching. Different generations or people who would not even look at cars …. so car launch is not maybe what you were used to.

Take it easy ….

Interesting. They take their 5 seat wagon up against the much heavier 7 seat Model X75D and X100D.

I wonder why they didn’t race it against a Model S75D or S100D which is apples to apples?

So the iPace looks to you closer to model S than X???

Not that it really matters, but if anything it showed that power and torque is not everything ….. other than that, sleep well, it was just a fun, not some sanctioned race, you know.

Yes. The i-Pace seats only 5 and has a similar interior volume and cargo volume compared to the Model S. Just because they make it look sort of like an SUV on the outside doesn’t change that it doesn’t seat 7 and have more cargo volume like the Model X.

Jacking up a 5-seater hatch a few inches and saying it’s an SUV doesn’t make it one. Pretty much all cars now are morphing in that direction for marketing purposes and calling them SUV/CUV. It’s getting old.

Would raising the suspension on the Model S by 4″, putting on 22″ wheels and extending the body skirt down a few inches magically make the Model S an SUV? Would it then be accurate to say it would be the same as the Model X.

Really Great to see the beginning of a competition for Tesla at last !
It’s not pushing the envelope further as Porsche Mission E will do it with its 800 Volts and 350kW charging capability. This one is more a nice me too, arriving with a smaller 90kWh battery pack than current Tesla 100kWh model X and next Gen Tesla Roadster2 200kWh standard. But it should do the job in a Jaguard confort manner, and I whish them all possible sucess.

“Production Heaven” 🙂 priceless.

It’s going to be hard to top that PH gut punch anytime soon!?

What the heck with pumping artificial sounds into the cabin? One of the perks of driving electric is it’s silence…

Not to everyone. You assume, everyone likes what you like …

Turn it of if you don’t like it.

Better not to actually pay for it in the first place, if you can help it, that is.

It’s feedback for the driver to get a sense of how fast you are going.

The longer video after the presentation was far more interesting than the actual presentation. It’s interesting to see the meticulous testing that went into the car.

I think this could be a really big seller if they manage to make enough of them. It’s a high quality car with excellent finish all around, exactly what you would expect from a Jaguar.

Yes, that video was very nice. I-pace will be a proper luxury car. It also looks much better off-road than Model X (look at the Tesla Bjorn offroading video).

Good launch. Entertaining, insightful … looks like a great car for people who can afford one.

Now I just need my jurisdiction to increase the rebate to $50K …. LOL

Going to have to call that an un-launch, actually. Tons of painful fluff, the audience looked bored and uncomfortable, and they NEVER ACTUALLY SHOW THE CAR. We knew what the outside looked like, and two seconds of a wobbly hand cam is what you show of the interior?

Also HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Surely you can finally divulge that, given it is for sale today? Nope? Really? Could not fit that in while trying to make us suicidal watching all that pointless gibberish?