Jaguar I-Pace Range Test – Video + Images

DEC 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 48

Jaguar is almost ready for the market launch of its first all-electric model, the I-PACE, that was shown recently at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

The British company built more than 200 production prototypes that completed 1.5 million miles and 11,000 hours of component rig testing.

“One year on from showing the I-PACE Concept at the LA Auto Show, Jaguar is back in town with a production prototype for final range and durability tests ahead of its official global reveal in 2018.

Thousands of potential customers have pressed the ‘I want one’ button on to place a deposit or register a strong interest in the hotly anticipated electric SUV. Not only will they be at the front of the queue when order books officially open in March, but a lucky few have been chosen to accompany Jaguar’s engineers as prototype vehicles complete final validation tests.”

The final range tests and demonstration was conducted on a West Coast road trip test from Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, to Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo. Around ≈200 miles was covered on a single charge.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

“Ann Voyer from Pasadena asked Jaguar if the I-PACE would have enough range to complete her favourite road trip along California’s West Coast. To answer her question, Jaguar engineers took her on a long-distance range test – on one charge only. The I-PACE production prototype drove 200 miles from Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, to Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, on a single charge of its advanced Lithium-Ion battery.”

Unveiling of the I-PACE is scheduled for 2018. In March, Jaguar will announce the final specifications, pricing and the order books will officially open.

Ian Hoban, Jaguar Vehicle Line Director, said:

“After 1.5 million global test miles, the I-PACE is ready for production and is proven to deliver long distances on a single charge. Jaguar’s first battery electric vehicle will also be fast to charge; our target is a zero to 80 per cent charge being achievable in a short break.”

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

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Charging at Mel’s drive-in on Sunset Bl. at the EVgo CCS/CHAdeMO fast(kind of)charger.

I know this is probably nit picking, but I’m am not a fan of recent styling that has the rear passengers in a box with little more than slits for windows. I realize some of that change is due to ever increasing crash safety standards (see also Honda Fit old vs newer design) but anyone with kids will tell you it will cause car sickness and in general an unpleasant passenger experience. I suppose the counter argument is very few people ever has passengers/kids anyway despite the howls over ‘it seats 4, no sale! I need 5!’ Anyway, carry on. Otherwise pretty cool.

Agreed. But my objection to the ‘slab-sided’ small windows look’ is purely on aesthetics. It makes the proportions look odd. That grill is a bit over the top too.

The small windows are a safety hazard and unpleasant. The worst part is usually the fat A pillars, though rollover prodtection is a big part of the reason for this.

Big windows good, small bad.

Another Euro point of view

“I’m am not a fan of recent styling that has the rear passengers in a box with little more than slits for windows”

Fully agree !

They’re going to sell a lot of cars. Don’t know their production capacity – but they will probably max it.

Good for Jaguar, as a small brand.

I’m just waiting for the electric XJ220 – at a price I can afford (in my dreams..)

1.5 million miles on 200 prototypes…. that’s 7500 miles per prototype. Doesn’t really tell me anything about reliability.

I’d much rather they put 1.5 million miles on 10 prototypes…

Well, it’s better than 0 miles on 0 prototypes…

Oh, I see. You’re referring to VW, huh? 😉

Sweet. Hope they join the tesla charging network so that the 200 mile range is not a hinderence on road trips say SF to LA

Now you just make a deal with Tesla for access to the supercharging network!

Nobody is going to join the Tesla Supercharger network. It will eventually be phased out as it becomes a huge financial overhead burden for Tesla.

Lol, unlikely. It wouldn’t be unlimited free supercharging but it would enable long distance driving for more than just Tesla’s. Tesla will leverage their Energy business to get below $0.07/kWh cost for the semi trucks, same for passenger cars. It will carry itself in a few years.

Lol, unlikely. Third parties are going to set up faster charging networks at no cost to other automakers, and even for Teslas.

Entirely implausavle that they can break even selling electricity for 0.07/kwh. Try maybe 0.30 at peak times and 0.10 to 0.15 in the middle of the night in CA where half of the U.S. fleet is.

Tesla doesn’t pay retail pricing and in addition they also offset it with solar and batteries. Mexico announced an average price of $20.57 per megawatt hour. There are others below 4 cents too.

Tesla will charge between 13 cents and 21 cents per kWh at Superchargers for Model 3 and Model Y. And at some point for future Model S and Model X.

Tesla will charge 7 cents per kWh at Megachargers. Essentially wholesale for massive purchases by fleet owners of Tesla Semis.

It is extremely unlikely independent third party fast chargers will ever be profitable.

They will need to be attached to other business like Malls,restuarants, movie theaters to attract customers but sell the electricity at cost.

That’s what I thought… Turns out that in many US states, industrial rates are already that low, as long as the customer can avoid demand spikes which would cause large “demand charge” fees.
See the analysis here:

Tesla needs to significantly extend the Supercharger network anyway for the Model 3. Combining a Supercharger and Megacharger network at the same location (with separation of customers if needed for demographics) would be much cheaper than completely separate stations — lower overhead for real-estate, maintenance and admin. Tesla also happens to have its very own storage-battery business, which can help both reduce utility demand charges as well as support renewable generation.

Tesla is not going to cut a deal with anybody. Their network is for them and them alone and that’s the way they want it. Why do you suppose they opted for their own proprietary charging plug? Why do you think they don’t offer memberships for paid charging to non Tesla owners now?

Simple. They only want Tesla at Tesla. I believe that if Tesla ever did open up their Super Charger network to any non Teslas, it would be a clear sign that they are struggling financially and need the money.

Jaguar indeed made a nice looking car, nice interior and reasonable driving range.

Hope they don’t screw up on the price.

actually the info on charging is on Jaguar website and it is kind of slow. Rapid charging was OK-ish for 1st gen Leaf 24 kWh battery but not for this £60k car. Otherwise it is a great looking car but it is not a “Tesla killer” by any stretch of imagination.


You forgot the /s at the end of your post. People may not realize that you’re joking. Hence the /s to indicate sarcasm.

As. If.

The car looks great, but only 200 miles on a 90kwh battery? That is absolutely horrible efficiency.

The first 200 miles of travel will be great. But as soon as you go to charge the vehicle back up, you’ll be waiting a lot longer to get that 200 miles back into the battery.

200 miles is not the car’s maximum range. That’s simply the distance from LA to San Luis Obispo.

Exactly! It should offer similar range as the P90 and over 300 miles.

And the guy in the video did state “…The car will be capable of delivering more than this kind of range in the real world”

Dead on arrival! It’s sooo plain vanilla looking. No way for the premium price they try to charge.

Right! It would be much more attractive if it was shaped like a big overweight egg!

Al, good one. Overweght egg. X

Go see it in person, you will see the car actually looks pretty good.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” its advanced Lithium-Ion battery.”

lol, what’s so advanced about it?
I bet the cells in the SparkEV are more advanced……lol

“zero to 80 per cent charge being achievable in a short break.”

WTF does that mean? The time it takes to take a whiz or when you have bad Diarrhea from the spicy food you had and now have ‘exit wounds’???
So let’s be vague and hide the real numbers.

Yeah! And how come it doesn’t have an interior that looks like a spaceship!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol, don’t want no dang spaceship inside look. I can tolerate it but don’t want it.

Its called marketing – car companies don’t release information until they have to (unless they are trying to raise money).
You can’t order this car until March 2018 (if you have already put a deposit down) so that’s when all the info will be released – maybe a bit before.

… access to a convenient & reliable supercharging network?

Right on.
Otherwise what’s the point of proving it can do a 200 mile trip? What do you do for the few days you are there (destination charging) and for the return trip (fast charging)?

200 miles of range. This will be a great $40,000 vehicle and should provide some competition for the Model 3.

It would for that price but i bet it will be much higher than that…in the 60’s.

They will sell everything they can make at 55-65k.

No kidding, but since they are 100k, it doesn’t matter how many they could sell at

Base Car = 55k – so top end (dual motor) Model 3 territory.

Except model 3 will not be getting full $7500 credit by end of 2018 and Jag will.

The cool camouflage is probably the best thing about this car. Certainly not a Tesla killer, as it seems a bit of a day late and a dollar short.

It makes for a really boring video for people who follow the EV world. But maybe it’s a good thing it is squarely aimed at the mainstream..? I guess it depends if they’ll ever see it…

For me, it was boring. No new information and no impression of what it’s like. And camo is kinda stupid at this point, where so many non-camo shots are out there already.

I’d love to see those photos of the uncamouflaged production car – please post a link.

Looking good! Can’t wait to see it on UK roads.

Very nice jaguar 😉 a BEV without rattles and creaking interior too. Someone should be worried! Or up their QA! I wonder how many jags will need readjustment after being built correctly in the first place 😉