Jaguar I-Pace Production Prototype Spotted Looking Great!

MAR 31 2017 BY JAY COLE 36

Jaguar has been stated that it will beat future competitors to market with its ~220 mile (90 kWh), all-electric I-Pace…and today’s spyshots show a production-intent version of the CUV in Europe that underline Jag’s commitment is real.

Jaguar I-Pace: 220+ miles of range wvia 90 kWh liquid cooled LG Chem battery

The I-Pace debuted just a few months ago from the Los Angeles Auto Show (our full gallery live from LA here), and more recently in “Photon Red” from Geneva (gallery).

The production prototype we spot on the road today is very similar to the original concept; which isn’t surprising, as Jaguar stated the original show car  would be near identical in form and funtion to the production version.

Featuring a unique camouflage wrap, the I-Pace was caught testing in the UK this week.

Subtle changes include a slightly less aggressive front look, more “reality friendly” wheels, as well as a more manageable side glass design, and side support pillars.  While the fairly unique door handle design seems to be mostly retained.

We caught the I-Pace’s rather unique door handles in operation in LA last year (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

About the i-Pace:

Expected in the second half of 2018 as a 2019 model, the 90 kWh battery is supply by uber-supplier LG Chem.  Given how slippery the I-Pace is (.29 Cd), we think the estimate of 220 miles is well on the conservative side by the time the Jaguar gets its official EPA/real-world rating.

The all wheel drive EV will be actually be built by Magna-Steyr (in Austria) and puts out 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque (via two motors).

Jaguar I-Pace Production-Intent Version Testing In The UK

Jaguar i-Pace Concept From LA Auto Show (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

“Show” Wheels may not live to see production, while support between A and C Pillars Added

Some Quick Specs of Interest:

  • 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds
  • 23-inch wheels
  • drag coefficient of 0.29
  • liquid-cooled 90 kWh battery with cells via LG Chem
  • CCS Combo fast charging
  • class-leading regen – up to 150 kW
  • all wheel drive, 5 seats
  • length: 184 inches, width: 74.4

According to the company, the response to the I-Pace Concept was “fantastic”, so Jaguar isn’t keen to change much on the design heading to production. Design Director Ian Callum said in a statement (via WardsAuto):

“The feedback on the I-Pace Concept has been fantastic. With the I-Pace concept, we’ve torn up the rule book to create a vehicle with supercar-inspired aesthetics, sports-car performance and SUV space in one electric package.”

No pricing has yet been given on the Jaguar I-Pace, but it has been previously strongly hinted that its base price is targeted around that of the Tesla Model S sedan’s entry MSRP, which at the time was about~$68,000 USD;  although the 60 kWh version of the Tesla will be discontinued in April (as long expected), making the new base price (S 75 RWD) $74,500.

Below: Some more photos of the I-Pace testing, as well as shots in “Photon Red” from Geneva, and a early test drive review of the I-Pace Concept from earlier this month.

Jaguar I-Pace Production-Intent Spotted

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – shown in “Photon Red” from Geneva

Jaguar I-PACE Concept Interior

Jaguar I-PACE Concept sporting a pretty swell moonroof!

5 Seat, Performance CUV: the Jaguar i-Pace In LA (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Photo Source: KGP Photography

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Nice looking CUV. Any news on price?

They’ve said less than 60K pounds. So the $68K estimate seems like a reasonable guess.

Wonder how many miles of range you lose because of that completely superfluous grille in front?

I know right. I just don’t get that and some of the other things they did to the front of the car.

Still, have to admit that I’m kinda shocked that Jag of all companies is putting something like this out as soon as they are.

Meanwhile Subaru, ya know the company that touts how environmentally friendly they are, haven’t announced anything. Heck, they don’t even have a hybrid anymore…

My guess would be close to zero miles. Likely closes at higher speeds.

It’s indented and while I’m no aero engineer would think that indent creates more drag than if it weren’t.

It’s also got a transmission tunnel.
I kinda think this is a rush job.

The floor is flat under the armrests in the front, check the video.

The faux “grille” is bent in the center, that normally would be flat and a grillework in an ICE. Bent in the center to draw air up and into that “scoop” in the center of the hood on top, and underneath the car on the bottom. Kind of an elaborate scheme just to make the car have a conventional-style “grille” or face that the massses will accept, don’t you think?

Great way to reduce the utility of a front trunk, but keep traditionalists happy.

Gone are the rubber band concept car wheels, but they still are huge and look at all that space between body and tire ( tyre = U.K. ).

Overall, by, “looks great”, do you mean looks great for a tall station wagon without Model X utility ( only has 2 rows of seats )?

To me, a whole lot of effort to look like an ICE and provide a Jaguar SUV with sedan utility.


Criticizing an EV because it has a design that makes it “look like” an ICE vehicle seems to miss the point, which is whether the design works. After all, the Model S has a long hood which has no purpose other than to make the car look like a luxury ICE sedan. It works so there is no reason to criticize.

This design also works. It’s one of the more attractive two boxes I’ve seen. Way more attractive than the Model X, if you want to make that comparison.

You’re looking at the most popular body style with an attractive design, good passenger space, decent cargo space, and excellent performance. If the price target proves true, hard to understand what the complaint is about.

Don C showing his consistent serial anti-Tesla attitude.

This Jag is good looking as a small CUV. The Model X is pretty good for a good sized SUV AND, form follows function since Tesla was able to get a class leading 0.24 CD which means more range at higher speeds which bests the Jag at 0.29!

You’re arguing over cv?? The first e-suv is slated to be sold in 18 months! Priorities.

I’m thrilled Jaguar is moving forward with a BEV. The I-Pace looks great. Calling it an SUV is a stretch, at least in the US.

The front grill is for the heat pump/air-con. Apparently it will be a very efficient heating system when it is released. Heating and cooling a an issue for EVs and it looks like Jaq really made great strides with this. If you look at the hood you can see the large exit scoop for the air flow.

I did see that this also has low drag coefficient. Again the engineering with the grill has helped here. Yes they could have gone smoothed front end but there has been a lot more thought put it to this than first meets the eye.

Jaguar has said the exterior and interior of the production version would be close to the concept with the biggest exception of the wheels. The reference to Volvo is obviously a typo.

Did they lose the goofy hood scoop? If yes, then Yay. Now just get rid of the big grille and I’m a happy camper.

Yes, very unique door handles. Never seen anything similar before…

I wouldn’t buy a Jag but it looks like a nice offering!

Such steep C-pillar rake may be good for the show, but really cuts on storage. Like the interior, though.

So for all of these 200+ mile EV range cars it always come back to the same thing: Is it an in town only car with zero range anxiety OR can I actually take it out of town? Given the lack of charging fast infrastructure for anything other than Teslas and the fact that most DC “fast” charging is nowhere near Tesla’s superchargers, it would seem the answer is still “in town only, but w/o range anxiety”.

For many folks, that will be enough,as it probably will be for Chevy Bolt buyers. However, at this price point, it certainly “stings” a tad more to have an in town only ride…ah, who am I kidding, if you can afford it, then you probab;y have at least one other “out of town” car anyway!

Good point.
Needs good L3 DCFC support. AWD CUV is just begging for fun trips out of town.

Definitely a town car. But all BEVs are town cars. Most people I know who own a Tesla won’t take it to Palm Springs because it would be too inconvenient. When you’re spending big bucks for a car you’ll have at least one vehicle that will give you 300 miles of range from five minutes of “charging”, and that’s the better choice for a road trip.

Look at it this way: Refueling for long trips is the ONLY area where BEVs are inferior, which suggests that for people in the market at this price point, being able to refuel painfully slowly will not be a bad advantage over refueling intolerably slowly. Plus in a few years, with the VW and utility charging plans, the CCS network should be superior to the Tesla network. (A Tesla could of course use the CCS network).

You should get out more Don.

I know over 20 Tesla owners and ALL of them take their Teslas OVER their dino-cars on long trips because they like the Tesla so much more.

But, you were only sprouting more anti-Tesla BS as usual.

This complaint is getting tired really. You should look at map of chargers funded by recent California initiatives but not open yet, or VW settlement infrastructure plan, or existing charger maps in Western Europe or Japan.

The only valid question is how much charging power the car batteries will be able to take at given state of charge – 50, 150, 350 kW?

In 10 years, it will be a tired excuse. In 2017, it’s legit.


It’s today’s reality of miserable charging facilities for many of us (in USA especially) that’s tiresome.

“up to 500Kw” according to the brochure sent from Jaguar.

BTW the wheels in these recent photos are the base model. The wheels and tires(tyres)on the previous production test car photo are top of the range 22″. Take your pick. The 3 LCD screens and door handles are lifted straight from the Range Rover Velar – so you can see them is action now – no need to wait for the production car release in September. First UK cars delivered end of first qty 2018. The price = top end Model 3.

it’s so Tesla brainwashed opinion that EV’s don’t need grille. I think this grill is 100% functional, it helps to achieve 150 kW regen (which Tesla doesn’t have because of guess what.. inverters generate a lot of heat in regen mode) and keep high performance on track (which Tesla can’t because it’s motors .. overheat again!)

The grill also helps Jaguar achieve a higher pedestrian safety rating by having a higher front end but without introducing more drag / surface area – as the top third of the grill is in fact a hole – leading air over the windscreen.
I find it rather bizarre that the grill gets so much attention here – when what we have here is a genuine alternative to a high end Tesla Model 3 available early next year being rigorously tested a year before launch.

They will probably use 150kW (or maybe even more) CCS, which will be conveniently built by VW.

Shame, I kinda really LIKE the green camo paint job…

Hope the back seats fold down.

Not so keen on the grill.
The ac is only going to be relatively modest cf a petrol engine in terms of cooling requirement