Jaguar I-Pace Priced From ~ $76,400 In Europe

DEC 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 58

According to Jaguar customers that received target prices for the upcoming I-Pace, the all-electric SUV will start in Europe (the Netherlands) from €82,000.

Pricing isn’t expected to be officially announced until early next year though.

Jaguar I-Pace In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney

News from the Autoblog Netherlands hints at four trim levels:

  • Jaguar I-Pace S: €82,000
    LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, Meridian audio system
  • Jaguar I-Pace SE: €90,000
    20-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, a leather interior, an electrically operated tailgate
  • Jaguar I-Pace HSE: €97,000
    18-fold electrically adjustable seats, heated front and rear seats, Meridian Surround Audio and Matrix headlights
  • Jaguar I-Pace First Edition: €106,000
    head-up display, air suspension and a panoramic roof

All the versions will be equipped with the same 90 kWh battery (for up to 543 km/337 miles of NEDC range – ≈250 miles real world) and 300 kW/700 Nm dual motor AWD powertrain.

Because pricing in Europe is higher than in the U.S. (21% VAT tax in the Netherlands) we should assume that the amount in USD will be quite a bit lower than the listed amount in EUR.

U.S. prices estimated by tech01x from Reddit with VAT removed and rough conversions:

  • Jaguar I-Pace S: ≈$76,400
  • Jaguar I-Pace SE: ≈$83,900
  • Jaguar I-Pace HSE: ≈$90,400
  • Jaguar I-Pace First Edition: ≈$98,800

Source:, Reddit, Electrek

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“The world has taken it to heart..”

Umm, sure. Bold statement from someone with bias. We’ll see. Honestly, I’ll take a gently used Model S and Supercharging network over the Jag.

The market is just getting started as to high performance and expensive electric car brands/models. Jaguar has a global following; niche in US like Ferrari and Maserati. These will sell well. So will Porsche, btw!

Pretty sure the market for high priced used Teslas will dry up once this, the Audi eTron, and Mission E hit the market.

Yeah, as soon as those other manufacturers create an viable alternative to Tesla’s Supercharging network..

(Psst- it’s not entirely all about the car…)

Not everyone cares about a SC network…

What a surprise-NOT, serial anti-Tesla troll DJ is trolling again.

The only surprise here is that you actually were able to click the Reply button and actually reply to the actual person.

Your Mom must have helped you out with that…

…or maybe it was your mom.
You don’t even care about ev so why you keep wasting your time here?

Or can realistically make use of them.

In Ontario, where there are some of the highest EV rebates – up to $14k, there are 13 Supercharger sites (according to Tesla’s website).

That would be one SC site per million people.

And Ontario is a big place where people drive long distances.

Yes they do. Otherwise there would be no need to rollout and Ultra-E supercharged CCS charging across Europe.

Maybe not… right up until they try their first long trip!

@DJ, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt … owners don’t care about Supercharger network, because they can’t use them.

They only care about the 50 kWh charger network because that is all they can use.

Making sense to you ?

That’s right! Only people with time like retired old or young students. The more choice , the better! And used Jaguar,VW, will drive down used Tesla price too, which is too high now IMHO!

Is 350 kW good enough for you?

Pls go back an read what Jaguar wrote about charging.
Thank you.

Don‘t get me wrong, I like the iPace. And it is built 160km from where I live.
But if they are not lowballing chargingc capacity of the car they have an issue at hand.

@Someone out there, “Is 350 kW good enough for you?”

Where you can find a 350 kWh charger ? In your MOM’s basement where you find the Ramen ?

There are 45 Tesla DC charging locations in the UK. 657 CCS locations, 846 Chademo locations, 12 H2 locations.

Sometimes you need to get out of your town & state and you may notice there is different world outside.

The big difference is that most standard DC locations are stand alone units where the Supercharger locations are always multiple plugs. At those 45 Supercharger locations, there are well over 260 plugs.

Still no match for CCS or Chademo density or H2 speed, whatever way you spin it. Similar situation is in many European countries or Japan.

Yea, except that Tesla cars can use Chademo plugs also.

So Tesla supercharging network’s great advantage is that they can use chademo. got it.

657 locations to spend the 90 minutes it takes to charge this to 80% at 50KW chargers? Oh goody…

90 minutes is slooow, yes. But if you think Tesla average (not some meaningless peak) charging speed so much more than 50 kW, I have a bridge sell to you.

SC speed may not be 120kW often, but it’s definitely much more than 50kW. Here’s real data:

Tesla’s current 90kWh battery will average 90-100kW charge speed from 0-80% SoC.

Compared to the I-Pace, that’ll save 40 minutes every 200 miles.

@zzzzzzzzzz, Charge your EV with 50 kWh CCS …while Tesla owners charger their cars with 120-130 kWh.

Pssst – only about 20% of Tesla drivers care about Superchargers (I never used one in 3 years of Tesla ownership). A lot of drivers care about interiors.

@Al said: “… only about 20% of Tesla drivers care about Superchargers (I never used one in 3 years of Tesla ownership)…”

As a 2+ years owner of a Tesla, I place great value in the Tesla Supercharger Network and also the Tesla Destination Chargers… the vast majority of Tesla owners do also.

@Al, EV drivers do care about fast DC charger when they are on a trip. Can Chevy Bolt owners drive their cars between Los Angeles and Vegas ? How’s about Los Angeles and Phoenix ? They may be able to if they have a day to finish the trip.

Did you just pull that number out of your ass?

I think it’s closer to 80%. It’s part of American culture to have the freedom of driving long distance.

You mean the E-Vaporware and Mission Vaporware

Looks like a great luxury SUV from a solid manufacturer. Expect initial quality and service to be well above average. If they can deliver at those prices it is truly worth a look.

This statement makes me chuckle when I think about Jaguar back in the days of British Leyland. The electrical system components were produced by Lucas “The Lord of Darkness”.

The irony of Jaguar making an electric car is not lost on me. My how things have changed, hopefully

“Why do Brits drink warm beer?”
“They have Lucas refrigerators.”

Forget Leyland. The complete car production is inAustria, built by Magna.

Jaguar has little to do with the manufacturing of this car. The I-Pace is made by Magna International with a Jaguar logo slapped on the side.

Kinda like the Bolt in that regard.

At least the Bolt is built in a GM plant though. The I-Pace is going to be build in a Magna plant in Austria.

@John Ray, “Looks like a great luxury SUV from a solid manufacturer.”

Jaguar is a solid car manufacture ? Why they didn’t stand alone ? Who is the owner now ? Chinese or Indian ?

@Mark Kane: You made a mistake : it is 82,000 € VAT incl. (Netherlands) and $76,000 without VAT…

Another Euro point of view

It won’t move much the needle as regards BEV sales but, through its good looks, it will likely contribute in making make BEVs fashionable.

serial anti tesla troll thomas

Price is much too high. For the cheapest I-Pace model I got the most expensive Jaguar F-Pace model.

(■_■¬) Nolltronymous

I’m surprised you have to go up 2 levels from the base level just to get heated front seats. That’s a nice thing to have in any EV in cold weather, since heating the seats uses less energy than heating the cabin.

Good for Jaguar. Now hopefully Tesla will get some competition.

dont understand why huge range is that important, upgraded to a kia soul ev from my coda. extra 20 miles range. i drive 50 to 70 miles a day then i plug into my level 2. tesla owners arent eco minded they think there bigshots. my lease payment covers my
total cost of not buying petrol. in fact im making money by driving my ev instead of an ice car. plus kia soul # 1 in safety !

Most people on this site are not that Eco friendly.

Right – because you have done a survey and know. Arguably most people anywhere aren’t that eco friendly. But my guess would be people on this site are significantly more “eco friendly” than average.

It is clear from your post that the main reason for you driving evs is cost not eco anything…which is pretty much the reason most drive them. Rich people want more than just a car. Your evs will never compare to an S.

Ever heard of TCO?

that silly huge grill in the front.

So much for hopping that this will compete with TM3 or with future Y. Way too expensive!…but sure look good.

Only an idiot would have ever thought this would have competed with TM3 or the Y.

Oh wait…

I’m thrilled Jaguar is bringing an EV to market. I hope they enjoy at least decent sales numbers. Like you, I was expecting this to compete with a higher end Model 3 excluding the $5k for full autonomous drive. A well appointed i-pace would be somewhere in the $55K to $60K range. To me, this is what the Model 3 should have been with a hatchback/liftback. Keep in mind this is the same length and width as the Model 3. The i-pace isn’t a tall vehicle. Photos above look like it has very large rims and the suspension is pushed upward a bit to make it appear taller than it really is. The range is sub-standard for the performance and size of the battery pack. In addition, they didn’t offer a nationwide supercharging network. With all things considered, I’m surprised Jaguar priced the vehicle this high. I think they had an opportunity to steal some of the Model 3 potential customers, but not at this price. For those saying this is going to compete against the Model S or X, I doubt it. That’s like saying a BMW 3 series liftback is going to compete against the and Mercedes G-class… Read more »

Of course it is going to compete against X or S. Comparing it with Mercedes and BMW gas car offers is not very relevant, as you don’t have thousands of car/SUV models to choose in BEV market space yet. There is nothing else between i-Pace and Model X until later in 2018 or 2019.

I actually came back to this thread to suggest that the price in the US will be less than this. We all know Europeans pay more for cars not just because of VAT and x-rates but because they pay more in general. I don’t think this car is going to be in the 50s-60s like some had hoped but do think it’ll come in at less than the cheapest option.

Case in point. Kia Niro Plug-In is 25,300 GBP (before VAT) or $33,820 US yet the US market starts at $28,840.

Yes. Don’t forget value CARB ZEV credits as well. Most plugin sales are in CARB states.

@john “dont understand why huge range is that important”

If you never drive out of town then 80-100 miles is plenty. Now, just try 300-500 miles drive with your Kia Soul EV then you will see why long range and supercharger are superior.

Tesla better put their acts together! All these European,even cheap Chinese EV’s are coming to the market soon!

I want Chrysler Portal now! Made in USA all electric minivan! No SUV please!