Jaguar I-Pace Outsells Tesla Model X In France

MAY 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 86

Plug-in electric car sales in France increased this past month by about one third to 3,239, which is nearly half the volume we saw in the record month of March.

The market share for passenger plug-ins increased to 1.5%, while the average for the first four month is now at 2%.

March stats:

  • Passenger BEVs: 1,990 registrations (up 35%) at ≈1.06% market share (PC)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 845 registrations (up 44%) at ≈0.45% market share (PC)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 404 registrations (up 9%)

The best selling model – Renault ZOE – noted 961 new registrations, which is just over 2% more than one year ago and less than half of the record 2,245 it sold in March.

Nissan LEAF didn’t make a big splash with just 375 registrations (compared to 719 in March).

The one that surprised us is the Jaguar I-PACE with 20 registrations – that’s 4 more than the Tesla Model X.

See Also – Check Out Jaguar I-PACE First Drive & Overview – Fully Charged

BMW i3 was at 200 (98 REx), while Tesla Model S had 23 sales.

Passenger plug-in electric car registrations in France – April 2018

Passenger plug-in electric car registrations in France – April 2018

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Do we know if Tesla is even shipping as many Xs as are reserved at this time to France or any country for that matter? Because of the Model 3 ramp didn’t Tesla temporarily slow production of the X and S? Is there any info on how many Xs have been sold in France on a month by month tally? The more important question is did the I-Pace outsell the Model S in France? This is the real car it should be compared against no matter how much Jaguar wants it to be compared against the Model X. Model X seats 6-7 and has much more cargo space. The I-Pace seats only 5 like the Model S and still has less cargo and about the same passenger volume as the S. And believe it or not the Model S with air suspension even has more ground clearance than the I-Pace. Jaguar calls it an SUV though for marketing purposes so it can compare it against the X which costs more and is a tick slower because it is so much bigger. The I-Pace loses against the S though in every metric. The I-Pace does win in one category though. It… Read more »
I posted a picture in the forum that shows the sections of the I-Pace compared to Model X. I-Pace is just a bit smaller then the Model X a few inches in width and height. Body length is the biggest difference (14″) but most of that is in the hood / frunk area, I-Pace has a longer wheelbase which should improve ride quality, and handling. I-Pace is 5 passenger as is a standard Model X, 7 seats in a Model X is an upgrade, and gets rather tight in the 3rd row. Model X has more cargo area, and can tow more, but I-Pace is a true luxury car in every sense, as can be seen from Bjorn Nylands impressions. I-Pace is for more discerning people that have been holding out for a real luxury EV, and it is finally almost here. I-Pace is never going to outsell, S or X, as it is not designed for high production, but it will put some pressure on Tesla in certain markets. Our dealership is up to 54 reservations for I-Pace, and all were previously shopping Tesla. They are taking new reservations with non-refundable deposits about 10 per week at this point,… Read more »

And roads in many European countries are narrow, so larger cars don’t sell as well as smaller ones. A few inches do make a difference..

Very true, as are parking garages in the USA cities. Parking is a big problem with the large Tesla vehicles. My friends who own S or X have trouble with garage space, those cars have a huge footprint. I have almost bought a Tesla a couple times, but the physical size of the car was on my list of dislikes. I-Pace is also pretty large, the shorter length will be nice in the garage.

The Model X is a very large vehicle and feels almost minivan-like with the 7 passenger seating and multiple rows. In my test drive it drives big and not very agile.

I as well chose to leave Tesla and consider the i-Pace. The interior, design, and hopefully build quality will justify the higher price I am willing to pay.

You, forever Tesla basher, was considering buying a X? That’s rich! You trolls need to come up with better lines, it’s getting boring…

No bashing Tesla, its just the facts…

Was not talking to you, pay attention.

Yup, the serial Tesla bashers are up to their tired old tricks, concern trolls pretending that they would have bought a Tesla car “if only…” Looking at both the I-Pace and the Model X side-by-side (see photo below), the comparison isn’t quite as ridiculous as I thought. The I-Pace’s huge wheels make the car look small by comparison, but I see it’s actually not that much smaller than the MX, altho the exterior is obviously smaller in every dimension. However, the I-Pace is a 5-seater, and contrary to the anti-Tesla propaganda/ FUD posted by “Dave” above, the Model X seats 7 in its standard configuration. Comparing the I-Pace to the Model S is appropriate; comparing it to the MX is definitely not. This isn’t an SUV or even a CUV, despite the label Jaguar is trying to paste onto it, and it’s unfair to the I-Pace to compare it to a larger, more expensive car like the MX. The MS in its standard configuration seats 5, which is comparable to the I-Pace. So if you’re gonna do a comparison, do it to the MS, or better yet, the Model 3, which like the I-Pace is a smaller and less expensive… Read more »

Oh Nice, admitted Tesla cult member, that has never driven an EV showed up… Yeah!! I had been waiting !

You’re confused. I have driven an EV.

And it’s not that I “admit to” being a Tesla cult member; I’m quite proud of it! Why aren’t you? Oh, yeah… because you’re a Tesla Hater cultist.

Tesla Cult Charter Member #245

I am not a Tesla hater… I am a Tesla cult hater, Tesla cult members are like Amway salesmen… annoying…. You want a Tesla, go buy one… I do not go post about I-Pace on Model X stories, and the conversation of comparison is relevant for a lot of people making the choice.

The i-Pace has a higher roofline especially extending above the rear seats, and higher ground clearance than the Model S (at least the more recent coil-spring versions), and it looks boxier, so it fits the bill for ‘CUV’ in my book.

Looking at the Jag is a good idea, especially in the USA where Electrify America will nearly negate the Supercharger advantage. I ordered a First Edition I-Pace all up is 87K compared to a Model X 100D that loaded is 115K, after sales tax, the I-Pace is 35% cheaper, and has some useful options like the HUD, and wireless phone charging designed in. Of course the Interior is what sold me, to use Bjorn Nyland’s words… Tesla cannot even compare on the design / finish of the I-Pace interior.

Why are you cross shopping the I-Pace to the Model X other than Jaguar marketing telling you to. The Model X will cost more because it’s in a different segment as an actual SUV with 3 rows of seating.

Jaguar isn’t going to tell you to compare it to the Model S which has the same or more ground clearance to the Jag and still has more cargo volume. It’s more SUV than the Jag according to the specs.

Model S is a low slung sedan… Here is I-Pace next to Model X, do you think if you say it does not compare enough times it will be true? Reality does not work that way!

You are entirely correct to say that the I-Pace is the wrong type of car to be compared directly to the Model X, but that’s what Jaguar’s PR is doing anyway. So it’s appropriate for InsideEVs to do an article on the subject.

Hopefully IEVs will also do an article with a more appropriate comparison with the Model S and/or Model 3.

But you are proving my point. Everyone is downvoting my comment but aren’t getting my point. Yes the Model X is bigger than the I-Pace because it’s an SUV. SUVs are bigger than cars. How is it that Jaguar has convinced everyone that the I-Pace is an SUV just because it has large wheels? The I-Pace is more agile than the X because it’s smaller. This is why it should be compared to the Model S. The Model S has as much ground clearance with the air suspension as the I-Pace and still has more cargo room and similar passenger volume. It’s also quicker. Should the Tesla call the Model S and SUV then too and talk about how it’s better than the I-Pace. Maybe put some comically large wheels on it so people will think it’s an SUV. I sound like I’m criticizing the I-Pace but I’m not. I thing it looks great and hope it sells well. I am just really irritated by the manipulative marketing that tries to dis the Model X in order to sell it when they are in different segments. And it irritates me even more that the media and readers continue to fall… Read more »

Have you taken a close look at the size of the I-Pace compared to Model X? Model S is a low slung sedan as is Model 3, and neither of those cars has the ground clearance of I-Pace, also I-Pace has air suspension and can be raised for off roading, etc… Here is a link to the profile photos so you can compare the sizes.

More of your Tesla bashing FUD, I see. *Sigh*

A reality check:

“The available air suspension on the Teslas also allows both [the Tesla Model S and Model X] to have greater ground clearance when needed than the Jag.

Full article at AutoBlog: “Jaguar I-Pace vs. Tesla Model X and Model S: How they compare on paper”

The article you quote has not directly compared the I-Pace, they just got data from the net to compare, they should sit down with the actual car and compare.

Summon helps with that issue… but yes… a somewhat wider car. I really like roomier cars. But some would like the narrower one. I was surprised at the way the numbers were presented… and the headline for a total difference of a 4 car advantage for the shiniest new one. Next we can watch the rebound when the adopters of the Jag have to wait in line on highways to charge on longer trips. It will take Jag and Porsche at least 5 years to catch Tesla once they get started in earnest next yearish…

Not sure what country you on in, but here in the USA Electrify America is going to take away that disadvantage and quickly. But for most people taking an EV on a road trip is a joke no matter what you drive. It can be done, but its 2 hours driving, for 1 hour charging. We are keeping our Lexus LX when the I-Pace comes just to avoid this situation completely, for long drives, and deep snow, we will use the old trusty Lexus.

“…here in the USA Electrify America is going to take away that disadvantage and quickly”

Twice wrong, Mr. Serial Tesla Basher. VW’s network, which it is building unwillingly and only as a punishment for Dieselgate, certainly won’t be large enough to rival Tesla’s Supercharger network. And when the money runs out, they will be done. Unlike the Tesla Supercharger network, VW won’t have any motive to maintain or expand it.

Yes, but in the area I live and routes I drive, all will be covered…

As at end 2017, Tesla network in the USA was 330 locations. EA will have 300 locations by this time next year, and there are already 115 CCS locations in the USA provided by other suppliers.
Ford, BMW, Renault, Audi, VW, Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo and others all use CCS – so there’s a lot of reason for EA and others to install more CCS rapid chargers.
CCS is about 18 months behind the Supercharger network, and is growing faster than the Supercharger network. In the UK, it;s growing about 16 times as fast as the Tesla network, and after 1 year of rollout, is 4 times as large.

I agree with you Dave, sort of. I think the EA network will come close to (the current) Tesla Supercharger network, eventually. But it will take years, years upon years. And by then the Supercharger (plus destination) charging network will be even better. This is the main reason I’m a Model 3 reservation holder and not considering iPace or Audi Etron. I drive 50k miles per year (mostly business) so the long distance charging network is extremely important to me.

I also think you have exaggerated driving an EV on a road trip. Drive 2 hours and charge for 1 might be the case in a 2018 Nissan Leaf, but not in a Tesla and not in an iPace (assuming you can find a charger).

The Supercharger network in the USA was at 330 locations at end 2017. CCS is at 115 at, and Electrify America will install a further 300 in the next 13 months. It took Tesla over 4 years to get that many locations. And EA is not the only organisation rolling out CCS.
This means that if you buy an i-Pace late this year, you’ll have the equivalent chaerging network to the Tesla network in 2017. And it’s growing at least four times as fast as Tesla did til 2017.

Summon is a gimmick for showing off to your friends, there is really no practical purpose for that other then getting pinched in a parking lot, but in that case you are going to get a door ding from the car next that does not have the feature.

There have been plenty of times when some jerk parked so close to my car in a parking lot that I wished I had some magic feature that would let me back the car out before I opened the driver’s door!

There are some features of the Model X that I think are over-engineered gimmicks, but Tesla’s “Summon” feature is certainly a real improvement over the average car!

Good, you should buy a Model X, and make yourself HAPPY, you can go out on the street and summon it all over the place…

You just have to get thinner PP!
No matter what you drive, there’s alway someone going to squeeze you enough that you could even get locked in parking lot.

The problem ain’t the car but the animal that drive it.

Yes… and I recently used summon because I parked in a garage space next to a pillar that was fine when we got out of the car… but had new neighbors when we came back and the summon “toy ” extracted the car nicely into the aisle as amazed folks watched. The future of autos is here now. Some of us are already using them daily in practical ways. The other auto makers have been using Fear Uncertainty and Doubt campaigns against it… pre announced products by 2 to 3 years repeatedly that they then underproduce and never intend to market well. The only exceptions to this are Nissan/Renault. Even GM is underproducing and underselling the VoltBolt,

But again it’s not shorter than a Model S which is the comparable car. The S has more ground clearance and more cargo volume and the same passenger volume as the I-Pace so why are we comparing it to the much larger and longer Model X that can seat up to 7 people?

I also own two cars rather than a minivan or 3 row SUV because it doesn’t fit in my garage either.

The iPace is wider than a model X according to wiki…
It is also 400 to 800 lbs lighter than the X…
I hate SUVs/CUVs but the iPace is probably about the best looking one…

Wheelbase 2,990 mm (117.7 in)
Length 4,682 mm (184.3 in)
Width 2,011 mm (79.2 in)
Height 1,565 mm (61.6 in)
Kerb weight 2,133 kg (4,702 lb)

model X
Wheelbase 116.7 in (2,965 mm)
Length 198.3 in (5,036 mm)
Width 78.7 in (1,999 mm)
Height 66.3 in (1,684 mm)
Curb weight 60D 5,072 lb (2,300 kg)
70D 5,072 lb (2,300 kg)
75D 5,140 lb (2,300 kg)
90D 5,271 lb (2,390 kg)[7]
P90D 5,381 lb (2,440 kg)
100D 5,421 lb (2,459 kg)
P100D 5,531 lb (2,509 kg)

Wider is subjective, where was the measurement taken from? I typically include the body but not side mirrors in my measurements, and in that case I-pace is 3″ narrower then Model x, but as can be seen in the scaled photos I posted in the forum, it is mostly the wheel flares that make Model X wider, the greenhouse is close to the same.

I-pace is the best looking SUV, because it isn’t an SUV. It’s a hatchback low ground clearance with a lower roofline than a Chevy Bolt.

I am not sure what you call the latest round of SUV’s… My Lexus LX is an SUV, it can plow through 2 feet of snow, or go out in the mud with the best of them, obviously these new crossover/hatchback segment is is weird to look at in the same terms, but not for me to decide. I-Pace looks CUV like in person, but is indeed a hatchback as is the Model X. Both have the same ground clearance, and both have air suspension that can raise up for off roading, one thing to note however is that Jaguar actually tested I-Pace off road, and rated it to drive through 19″ of water… try that in a Tesla…

” it can plow through 2 feet of snow” Lol! You don’t know what snow is…or feet…

Not sure what this comment is about, we have a vacation cabin in Cle Elum Wa that often get 4+ feet of snow in the winter time, so deep snow driving is a must.

It means that no normal car or SUV can drive in 2 feet of snow on the road. I find you exaggerated a lot. 1 foot is plausible.

You have no idea what you are talking about… People that live in the mountains drive in 2 feet of snow very often. But they usually do not drive an EV, as the low ground clearance becomes problematic.

LOL! and LOL! I live in Canada and know a bit about snow. I don’t know what you smoke…

Thanks, I did not have video of mine, but both the Lexus, and my pickup got well in deep snow… We will never take the I-Pace into those kind of places…

Quite correct. Anybody down-voting your comment must not have any experience driving in deep snow with a car which has normal ground clearance, like this Jaguar I-Pace… which certainly isn’t an SUV!

I-Pace has the same ground clearance as a Tesla Model X, and also has air suspension to raise up when needed..

Twice wrong again, Mr. Serial Tesla Basher. See my comment elsewhere in this thread.

Here you go Mr Misinformation…

taken right from Jaguar website…

I-PACE’s sophisticated optional Active Air Suspension automatically lowers the car by 10mm when travelling at speeds in excess of 105km/h over extended periods of time. Reducing the space between the car and the road improves aerodynamic performance and therefore range. For better off-road ground clearance, the suspension can increase ride height too.

See what happens when a Tesla lowers down on the freeway… This was a Dr. friend of mines car… Of course he had to sign an NDA to get the car replaced, so I cannot tell you the real story.

Same ground clearance as Model X for I-Pace

Thats 12″ of water, try 20″ and see how it goes..

Oh! I didn’t know you were there and measured it! Don’t you see it flowing high on the hood?

I sid see that, splashing… Impressive, but if it is anything like Bjorn Nyland’s Model X, after a bit of off roading it needs 60 days in the shop and a massive bill for repairs.

20″ stationary or 12″ at 10 MPH? The point is the Tesla pack is designed to be very safe in water. Security is #1 at Tesla. And remember Elon has reverse engineered James Bond’s submarine car 😉

From the Tesla site… Model X – The Best SUV

Bjorn used his Model X like an SUV and is now staring down a potential massive repair bill. What constitutes improper use at Tesla for their SUV?

YT Video: Optimus Prime is back, with a huge bill

Bjorns Model X has ~100,000 miles on it and he does not baby the car. Stuff is going to break.

Bjorns car has 130K KM, and both of His Tesla’s had a battery pack replacement below 100K miles

I just watch his last video and it has just over 145k KM.

Well, 145000K is not 100K miles….

Bjørn Nyland drove his MX off-road in rough terrain, as if it’s an off-road vehicle, which it certainly isn’t!

And now he’s paying the price for that — literally. The MX may be a 4WD vehicle, but it is neither a jeep nor a ruggedized truck.

Thank you. I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to get people to stop comparing the X with the Jag after Jag’s marketing has told everyone to.

“The iPace is wider than a model X according to wiki…”

It certainly doesn’t look like it in the side-by-side photo I posted. My guess is that the I-Pace width measurement you posted includes the side mirrors, and Model X width measurement does not.

But that’s only a guess.

Keep in mind, the iPace has the same interior room as a Model 3, so you might be comparing it to the wrong Tesla model. I’m not exactly sure what makes a iPace a “true luxury car” as compared to the Model X other than a few more knobs, buttons and shiny bling accents.

Do we know if Jaguar is even shipping as many I-Paces as are reserved at this time to France or any country for that matter?

The i-Pace has a longer wheelbase than all the Teslas, and the roofline stays higher for longer compared to the Teslas. This suggests it has more head and leg room compared to the Teslas. (and the published figures seem to support this, but there is no standard method of measuring head and leg room, so it’s hard to be sure).

The rear overhang is much shorter, so the S and X have bigger trunks.

Not sure what you call registrations? I-Pace is not being delivered to any customers yet, although production has started. I heard late June deliveries will actually start, UK, and Norway first. There were 20 or so (4 truckloads) built in March that are with Jaguar employees doing final build validations testing, but I think those are mostly in the UK.. As I understand the final software for the cars is undergoing final debugging before EIS.

The average number of Model X sold in France in 2017 was 45 per month. But deliveries are not constant, it depends a bit on when the boat from the US arrives… We can say that April was a slow month then. To conclude that the I-Pace outsells the X is a bit premature.

Considering I-Pace is not on sale yet, makes this article at minimum misleading. I think they are talking about reservation / orders

Sorry, but I don’t see any i-Paces in French sales: Where did you get your information?

I made a mistake: the website of Automobile Propre missed these sales, but they are indeed in the official sales list of AVERE.

Stop calling deliveries in a “build to order” market sales.
In Europe the meaning of these statistics is completely different from the USA with its dealer and build to stock sales model.
The actual sales are two to six months before the delivery, making these lists meaningless as a month by month competition between models. They show a trend, and only the development over a couple of months has meaning.

What causes the annual drop from March to April?

20 i-Pace. The same number that are supposed to race in the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Electric Racing Series later this year. I can’t help wondering if they are in any way connected.

Pathetic numbers from all manufacturers.

People need to stop calling this a SUV. Both times i saw it in person i was surprised at how low it sits. It’s just a hatch. Gorgeous car though, i wish i was a little cheaper as i hate spending too much on cars.

The Tesla Model X sold 16 vehicles and the Jaguar sold 20 vehicles? That is SURELY worthy of a headline article containing “Tesla.”

You know, I think a French Tesla Model X driver suffered a punctured tyre in Paris. I think you can make an article out of that and get some clicks!!!

My first reaction to seeing an article about the Jaguar I-Pace was “How wonderful that some auto maker is finally offering Tesla some real competition!” But the competition is with the Tesla Model 3 or, at most, the Model S. Comparing the 5-seat I-Pace to the 7-seat Model X is ridiculous; every bit as ridiculous as Jaguar trying to paste an SUV/CUV label onto its car, which might properly be called a hatchback or, like the Tesla Model S, a “liftback sedan”. (Upstream, serial Tesla basher “Dave” claimed as part of his FUD that the Model X has less than 7 seats in its standard configuration, but that is factually incorrect. 7 seats is standard.) In a side-by-side comparison, the I-Pace is obviously smaller than the Model X in every exterior dimension. I wish Jaguar much success with their I-Pace, but if we’re gonna do a comparison with a Tesla car, we should make that the Model 3. It is simply unfair to Jaguar to compare the I-Pace (MSRP $69,500) to the significantly larger and significantly more expensive Model X (MSRP $79,500), and I’m not sure it’s even fair to compare it to the somewhat more expensive Model S (MSRP… Read more »

I think you must be on Tesla’s payroll to write something so inflammatory ? 2 weeks ago you told me wait until Bjorn Nyland reviews I-Pace for some good data, well he did, and said Tesla quality and comfort cannot compare to the I-Pace (pretty much exactly what I said), sorry if this hurts you… But since you do not even own an EV, why do you even care? You are just a troll, and hurt by the truth. What a sad life that you need to go to stories about cars other then Tesla, and try to troll them with just blah blah blah and no data.

By the way, Tesla Model X comes with 5 seats… to go to 7 seats is an option with extra cost… reference Tesla website It says “room for 7”, but when you order the 3rd row seat is extra charge…

You’re never gonna stop lying, are you? I certainly did not address any remark to you about Bjørn Nyland’s reviews.

The original configuration for the Model X was 7 seats. The option — note that is just an option, not standard equipment — for fewer seats was added only later.

For example, InsideEVs had an article about the new 6-seat configuration for the MX in September 2015, the same month that deliveries started; an option obviously not available to those who ordered early:

Some advice, “Dave”: The next time you consider challenging me on my facts, make sure you double-check yours first.

Hey Troll, go here and show me the standard config on Model X

Shoot even the Autoblog article you sent me says Model X has 5 seats standard, 7 seat available… You need to pay attention to the details and not just try to troll me…

But just for you I am off this site, as there are just too many idiots here that just want to Rah Rah Rah Tesla.. Have fun on the Titanic…

Strange how some people are so much focused on the dimensions when comparing the ipace to a tesla, while it is not considered important comparing the model s to the s class.

How much tax they slapped on Model X? Last time I checked , Model X was 30% more expensive than I pace in Europe. Why Chevy Volt cost so much there? 60K?

I do like insideev, nicely put together! The comments section is just as important for sites like this as a community can exchange ideas. However, if I were the moderator, I’d be concerned about the Tesla fan boys here snuffing out any discussion and trashing anybody that looks at cars as practical objects rather than artifacts of worship. It will in the end be the undoing of this site as a place of information and exchange of views and ideas.