Jaguar I-PACE Outsells All Teslas Combined In The Netherlands

JAN 3 2019 BY MARK KANE 47

Jaguar I-PACE was #1 in December with 13.2% market share!

December, the last month before changes of BIK for BEVs in the Netherlands, brings pretty unusual car sales results. First of all, Jaguar I-PACE registrations surged to a record of 2,621, which is 98.3% of the total volume for the brand.

The I-PACE was the best-selling car of any kind for the month, with 13.2% market share.

The total number of I-PACE registrations for 2018 amounted to 3,495 (75.6% of the total volume for the brand), which is almost exactly the 3,500 expected by dealers. Thank’s to I-PACE, Jaguar car sales in the Netherlands increased in 2018 by 234%.

Interestingly, Jaguar outsold in December all Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, which wasn’t easy at their record performances:

  • Model S – 1,558 (2nd best-selling car in December) and 5,633 in 2018
  • Model X – 652 and 2,966 in 2018

Overall, Tesla registrations stand at 2,210 for the month (plus 4 Model 3) and 8,599 for the year (plus 5 Model 3), which is a 162% increase year-over-year.

Source: RAI Vereniging

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Big win for Tesla too.

I-Pace is a good EV but e-Tron, iX3 and EQC are even better. Tesla has hard time to keep the volumes same level as 2018.

Except for that Model 3 you left out of the mix in 2019. Hey, it’s all good for the EV revolution! The more the merrier, as long as it is keeping as much carbon in the ground as possible.

Lol. Nobody else can come close to Tesla Volumes. Not even skinny-battery-inside Prius PHEV.
It’s called “battery pack production capacity” 😉

Did they? I believe they were capacity limited to 100k S & X which is pretty much exactly what they hit so can’t really see the struggle in demand.
Also the Ipace is way nicer than he German variants which are all just a bit boring

The German efforts are pitiful. So expensive, so limited in production, so impractical when compared to the X.

Based upon ICE platforms with frunk space eaten up by power electronics and motors. Designed to look like ICE models with huge gaping fake grilles. Two rows of seats and designs that say big station wagon, not SUV or even Crossover.

This is not the best the Germans can do, and the upcoming BMW iX3 only continues the shameful ways.

The iPace is expensive too. No frunk due to huge fake brand identity grille with elaborate air pass through hood – why?! Yet the Jag has a nice luxe interior and plenty of knobs, buttons and switches for traditionalists. It’s AWD capabilities a plus for those who regularly deal with ice and snow. For Brit engineers to make the vaunted Germans look stupid is a big win in my opinion.

Still, you have $80,000 for an Indian-Austrian-British tall two row station wagon with efficiency well below Tesla and stowage capacity less than a Prius? Hey, if you dig fancy interiors, I say, buy one. It’s at least better than the uber disappointing German efforts.

But nevertheless they will sell just because they are german brands. Companies are the biggest customers for those brands. Leave out the companiecars out of the equasion and more of 50% less sales.
So Ix3, Eqc and e tron will sell big times.
But the more the better. And in future times cheaper version will be on the list to.

Elaborate air pass – because you have to keep the battery cool!

Today the offer of EVs is very short, so for many people the model or brand is secondary. If you want a good EV in Europe and have 90.000 €, i-Pace is almost the only option.

I-Pace is beauty, and it could be nice to see Tesla get some competition, but Tesla will still rule the next 2 years, they have there charging and battery supply in place, it will still be a while before Mercedes, VW and BMW will scale up

Though, they are all compliance. Sold in low numbers and limited availability.

I think the popularity of the I-pace has surprised Jaguar, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring production back in house and increase volumes significantly to compensate for their issues with sales of diesel vehicles.

You exemplify the problem with many EV observers. You think of EVs in terms of a limited EV market and ignore the fact that EVs compete against all vehicles, not just other EVs.

Tesla buyers aren’t the only consumers interested in EVs. Teslas sales don’t have to drop because of competition from other EVs. Sales of future EVs better come from gas cars, or we’re all doomed.

Right. It’s absurd to talk about the I-Pace competing primarily with Tesla cars or other EVs. EVs compete primarily with the 98% of the market share which is gasmobiles, not the 2% of the market share that is other EVs.

Sadly, it’s articles just like this one — with the headline “Jaguar I-PACE Outsells All Teslas Combined In The Netherlands” — which promote the false meme that EVs are primarily fighting each other for market share.

I-Pace and EQC charging speed is limited to 100KW which is terrible, also awful efficiency. E-tron is the ONLY competitor to Tesla when it comes to charging speed (150KW capable) but also has awful efficiency and therefore very low range for a 95kwh battery (230 miles)!
Waiting to see true specs of the iX3, that one might be interesting (but i’m not holding my breath)….

But how long will it charge at 150kW? The Tesla quickly steps down after the cooling fans come on…..

A you know that because you’ve already had an extended test drive of the e-tron, iX3, and EQC…………..?

I’ve always said. EV adoption it’s all about the offer. Give us compelling evs and we’ll buy them all.

It’s true, especially when they are made in miniscule numbers, they are all going to sell out.
Jaguar iPace 2019, sold out
Taycan (whenever) sold out.

In december…. Tesla outpaced the I-pace for the year by a huge margin. Also, why not do another of those I-pace vs. Tesla in December for Norway. 1637 Teslas vs. 193 Jaguars (in total, not just the I-pace).

10 to 1….

oh, Trigger alert!

I-Pace is the underdog here. Everyone loves the underdog story.

Tesla outsells Jaguar in the US, and has been crushing everyone at the PHEV game for a few years now, so Jaguar managing to best Tesla at PHEV sales, even if only in this small market, is a noteworthy story.

Tesla winning yet again in a market they’ve dominated for awhile is not.

Don’t worry Tesla fans, normal service will be resumed in Jan 2019.

Still, it is good that there is more choice for buyers.

PHEV? Neither Jag nor Tesla are hybrids.

It is a huge line for the Jaguar – but the Dutch got most cars due to changes in their regulations. We were left with a small sample 😊. Jaguar will max out their production anyway, and sell all easy.

Not that they will outsell Tesla in 2019, since we’re eagerly waiting for Model 3. Tesla hires a lot of people now, to handle the demand.

2019 is going to be a special year, with more models for sale. . And the next 3-6 years after that will be epic.
You don’t want to be a gas station owner in Norway after that. At least if they’re not installing fast chargers and maybe even offer more services to EV customers.

Number of ICE vehicles on the road is dropping sharper then before. A survey where I live claimed 8 out of 10 will buy an EV in the huge age group 18-68, the next time they’re going to purchase a new vehicle – given there is an EV that match their needs and price range.
If they do the same survey in 2020, I’m sure it will be 9 out og 10.

Both marques were boosted by the looming subsidy change for 50k+ euro cars, but Jaguar even more so since the i-Pace just recently became available.

Still, a win is a win and Jaguar deserves congratulations for designing a very compelling car. Good show!

Is a more adapted product for europeans, and has a better commertial net. I think Tesla will not repeat in EU the USA success, and probably not much EVs from Europe, will beat Tesla cars in USA.

Over the next two years as EVs become mainstream in Europe Teslas will end up being the American Muscle Car equivalent with similar volumes.

Maybe, but it depends if they will be capable to offer other products more european taste. For example, Model 3 with a 5th door would be better for Europe. Or a car under Model 3, more cheap and little.

Adding a “hatch” isn’t really going to change much. It’s still a big vehicle and saloons/estates just don’t sell well in Europe in general.

That’s not to say it won’t sell well, just that it’s an unattractive form, which will give it issues when other manufacturers release similar ranged compelling vehicles.

But makes the car more practical and with better appeal for europeans without a big cost. In Europe the 5 door cars are legion, SW or hatchs are most demanded cars…. and SUVs in nowadays.

“It’s still a big vehicle and saloons/estates just don’t sell well in Europe in general.”

The Tesla Model 3 is a “big vehicle”? What an odd comment.

Wikipedia describes the TM3 as “a mid-size (US) / compact executive (EU) luxury all-electric four-door sedan”. If the TM3 is “too big” for Europe, then you must think the Model S and Model X are land barges!

I think the TM3 will sell very well in Europe, as it’s significantly less wide and a bit shorter than the Models S&X. We’ll see this year what the European market is for the TM3!

Musk used to talk regularly about the affordable EV in the Golf, Corolla size and price category. Scale is needed to get there as a $35,000 Model 3 is still a stretch.

My take is that Volkswagon will fill that niche and Tesla, now firmly imprinted in the public’s eye as a premier/luxury brand due to cost, will have to introduce a new division and branding when that everyman model(s) arrive.

As to the Model 3 hatch, that is precisely the Model Y to come, based upon the 3’s platform.

“Tesla… will have to introduce a new division and branding when that everyman model(s) arrive.”

Thankfully, those actually running Tesla are more broad-minded than that.

Hope not, since American Muscle Cars sell in tiny numbers. It’s more common to see an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini then a new(ish) US muscle car.

Tesla’s S and X models are a little on the large side for European tastes. The model 3 and Y will absolutely crush in the next few years. I’m very glad Jag did well here — but Tesla has yet to play their aces in Europe.

In the end – we all win as higher quality EVs get made and sold. I want Jag to do well and not give up on the market. I do think they’re going to have to up their game a bit though — the only real competitive advantages it has over Tesla is a more European size, the “Jag” nameplate, and a different design that some people prefer. Those aren’t exactly super strong competitive features, and may not be enough to stand in the face of the 3 and the Y.

It’s a good looking car and emotion is still a HUGE part of a purchase decision. Jaguars we the least reliable vehicle you could buy for decades and still they sold cars based purely on emotion, I had a customer actually cry when she traded in her 1987 Vanden Plas XJ for a new 1991 Q45.

This all has to do with subsidy changes as of the 1st of January. Ipace and Tesla S/X are typical company cars and taxis. So they had to be ordered before the end of 2018. Tax changes in NL are pretty severe for cars above 50.000 Euros. Most probably Model 3 and Kia/Hyundai will benefit the most from that.


Good for Jaguar, this could be the first sign of a domino effect for established automakers. Build an attractive EV, and it’ll sell, and compete with the benchmark, Tesla. Now Jaguar’s evolution into electric cars can begin, and the same goes for those soon to follow as they launch their first EVs that can compete with their ICE cars.

iPace and eTRon are true luxury cars and much more traditional than Tesla’s. Convenient hatch backs, blind side indicators, towing (which is big in Europe), luxury issue, dealer back up issue….so these are both good competitors for Tesla and provide things Tesla never felt it had to supply as Tesla had no competition.

Model Y at a similar $80K with a real dash, hatchback, towing, will be a competitor for iPace and eTron’s but right now those two hit a market niche that Tesla misses.

Tesla now has to respond to competition so we’ll hopefully see Tesla do more year to year upgrades and add in things that customer’s want like blind side, rear wiper, dash, heads up, hatchback access, towing.

Blind spotwarning? Tesla wont change lane if there is anyting beside you. Towing? model X was the first EV capable of towing. Ipace can’t tow at all. Dealer back up? In 20 years of (premium) ice driving dealers where only after money to pay the surplus of personnel they have… At a Tesla Sec i discovered what service is about.

It’s because of the size. Smaller Crossover high ride height are by far best selling vehicles. This is not a direct Model X competitor. Tesla should have released the Model Y instead of model 3. Demand would be even more. Pretty odd they did a sedan first. This is just the first luxury compact EV with real appeal.

All this will surely change when Model 3 arrives. Model Y will push the Jag into the background.

Until then, I applaud the results. Jaguar needs incentives to increase production.

Wish they had a significant number available for sale in the States.

This is great news. As a Tesla owner, I am really really happy to see more Tesla – like EV’s coming into the market and being accepted by the public. The transition to sustainable energy is hugely important. Tesla CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to meet the up coming demand because the car market is way too big for one company to satisfy ALL the customers wanting to get into EV’s and junking their ICE cars.

“Jaguar I-PACE registrations surged to a record of 2,621, which is 98.3% of the total volume for the brand.”

That’s pretty startling! I realize that sales in the Netherlands for the month were so high due to a temporary incentive/tax situation, but still it seems odd that any auto maker would ship a lopsided majority of the production of any model of car to such a geographically small region like the Netherlands.

(I realize production ≠ sales, but there must have been enough I-Paces shipped to, or already sitting on, dealer lots in the Netherlands to achieve that sales result for the month.)