Watch Jaguar I-Pace Accelerate To 125 MPH


Bjørn is out testing the Jaguar I-Pace yet again.

Tesla owner and enthusiast Bjørn Nyland has spent a bit of time with the Jaguar I-Pace on a few occasions as of late. We’d say, overall, he seems pretty excited about it and is happy with the vehicle overall. Yes, there are the obvious issues with the touch-screen interface, which we pointed out early on after our trip to Portugal. However, as far as we understand, Jaguar has made an attempt to fix those issues prior to the first deliveries.

Now, Nyland is checking out the top speed of the I-Pace. Like most electric vehicles, it’s limited to a number that can’t match that of some ICE cars. Honestly, however, no one should need to be traveling well over 100 mph at any time, unless they’re using the car to race or break the law. This is especially true in the U.S., where speed limits rarely exceed 80 or 85 mph. Anyhow, the I-Pace has a top speed of 125 mph, and Bjørn shares two videos in which he tops it off.

Check out both videos and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Above) Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Jaguar I-Pace accelerating to 200 km/h, 125 mph

Speedometer is 4-8 km/h off. The acceleration times were measured according to GPS speed.

Video Description Via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Driving I-Pace 200 km/h, 125 mph in Germany

Special thanks to Bilbutikk1 for lending me the car 🙂

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Watch Jaguar I-Pace Accelerate To 200 km/h

And that sprint isn’t done with a full battery and it doesn’t need pre conditioning.

I’ve done 250 on 15 percent charge. No ev needs high soc to drive fast, only to accelerate fast.

Too fast for me. @ night? wow. one deer & it’s game over.

the game is toast

I think the Jag is the best alternative ev out there, to Tesla atm, and probably will be for some time to come.

Jaguar I pace seems nice, many say it’s the best electric car even.
But I have serious doubts Jaguar can keep the lead to others.

If I-pace only had a Charging Network..

It already has. In less than one year it will get 2000 ultra fast chargers from Electrify America only. In max 2 years the CCS charging network will be much bigger than SC network.

Those matrix headlights are freaking amazing? Love how the block out the light from shining on oncoming traffic.

But they are clearly not ready for prime time. With more and more cars on the road using them the situations in which they blind you do increase. I think the regulators in the EU gave them the all clear to early.

The only time it didn’t work perfectly was when we was “hammering in” and the car’s attitude was going up and down. When he was driving normally it worked great.

Do you live in a market where most of the new cars have this feature? Every stupid new VW has it. All the Audis and Mercedes anyway.
Depending on the slope and curvature of the road or intermittent barriers between the lanes oncoming traffic or the cars ahead get the full beam and that beam is a lot brighter than a normal high beam. Having them behind you can be really irritating. All three mirrors will just be bright white and that can change every couple of seconds.

No, I live in a market where every single douche-bag with a truck thinks he needs to have a full complement of LED light bars, every rice rocket has to have a crappy HID headlight retrofit, and they all have them all on at the same time on normal roads. Plus every “normal” car driver thinks you’re only cool if you have your “fog” lights on all the time, even the rear ones if so equipped. So yeah, I’ll take an active matrix LED setup over any of those.

Thats what I kept watching, amazing how they shape round the oncoming vehicles.

He’s giggling like Homer Simpson when accelerating.

Lucky for him.

The consumption is sky high : center display during driving hovering around 65KWh/100km and ending at the charging station at 59KWh/100km for an average of 154km/h.
The top consumption during acceleration (right bottom display) is going up to 125KWh/100km.

Trucks and Suv’s Should be limited to 100 mph. With so much ground clearance, air turbulence under the car wants to destabilize the vehicle very quickly.