Jaguar I-PACE Named Germany’s Car of the Year

OCT 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 48

Jaguar won in the home of Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

Jaguar I-PACE won the 2019 German Car of the Year Award against 58 competitors!

We are a little surprised as one would expect that the Audi e-tron would be the favorite in Germany, which only increases the value of the victory for Jaguar.

Additionally, I-PACE was shortlisted for Women’s World Car of the Year Award (the winner will be announced on 12 November.)

“The British brand’s first fully electric vehicle (EV) earned the most votes from a panel of 12 expert journalists who drove 59 cars in a series of comparison tests. They loved the groundbreaking I-PACE’s blend of driving dynamics, performance and style.

The British EV topped a shortlist of five to win the award. The jury evaluated the design, performance, ride, handling, future viability and general relevance of each model on the road and at the Bilster Berg circuit.

Jens Meiners, German Car of the Year Award jury member and spokesman said:

The Jaguar I-PACE is not only the first premium electric vehicle from an established manufacturer, it also makes uncompromising use of the advantages of an electrified vehicle architecture. Its performance is impressive, and its design and practicality stand out, which is why the I-PACE ultimately was the winner against strong competition.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO said:

We are extremely proud to receive this honour from the German media for our first fully electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE. To get such an award in the homeland of premium brands is very precious.”

Jaguar I-PACE: 2019 German Car of the Year Award
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Jaguar I-PACE: 2019 German Car of the Year Award Jaguar I-PACE: 2019 German Car of the Year Award Jaguar I-PACE: 2019 German Car of the Year Award Jaguar I-PACE: 2019 German Car of the Year Award

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Good for the iPace. I guess efficiency was not a big factor, which is a bit ironic considering it’s Germany.

BMW, MB and Audi are not known for their gas mileage. The I-Pace does the same; trading efficiency for their definition of looks, performance and luxury.

Sure. It’s just something some people may car about.

I see what you did there. 😛

i-Pace reaches 470km (292 miles) on WLTP test. It is more than 430 km WLTP of Model X 100 that has bigger battery, although Tesla still advertises NEDC for some reason.

I guess there is too much faith in EPA testing, which isn’t relevant in European market anyway. It just varies a lot depending on actual conditions.

Where did you get that figure for the X 100D? I find it hard to believe that it gets less WLTP range than EPA range.

He is an anti-Ev and especially a serial anti-Tesla liar.

There have been real world tests where the I-pace gets beaten by Teslas with much smaller batteries.

This is funny. It is the first time I heard about a German car of the year award so I searched for this GCOTY thing. Turns out it is a completely new organisation and the first time ever that they award anything. They are a group of 14 freelancing motor journalists that simply made a website and a arbitrary list of cars to crown one. Some sort of self promotion I figure.

GCOTY only has 38 followers on Instagram, oldest post is on Oct 23rd, one week ago.

It’s about time evs start copying from ice dirty tricks book. You car is anything but reliable? No problem, pay for a JD award.

9 out of 10 German journalists that prefer electric Jags agree that this is the best new car in Germany?

Exactly. 😉

Still better than the ADAC, an organization that got paid by Volkswagen for good ratings. The mistrust even within Germany is enormous.

Okay, but aren’t the winners of most or perhaps even all “Car of the Year” designations or awards chosen by a small self-selected group? No reason this one should get any less (or any more) attention just because it’s new.

It’s nice for an auto maker’s bragging rights when some car wins one of these “Car of the Year” designations, but unless one car is outstanding enough to win multiple such awards in the same year (I think the Tesla Model S is head and shoulders above any other car in that regard?), I don’t think it means much in any objective sense.

Let’s create a committee and award a World Car of the Year, or Universe Car of the Year (so as not to ever be outdone).

“The Jaguar I-Pace has been declared the winner of the inaugural German Car of the Year award.

The new award, voted for by a panel of 14 independent motoring journalists, crowned the electric-powered I-Pace from a group of five finalists that also included the Audi A6, Volkswagen Touareg, Peugeot 508 and hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo.

The final five candidates were chosen from an original group of 59 new cars introduced to the German market within the past year.” -Autocar UK

Winner of the next year’s best car, eh ?

How does a British car win German’s Car of the Year away? Since being of German origin or design doesn’t actually seem to be a requirement, was the Tesla Model 3 also in the requirement?

The Model 3 is basically a single market car.

Yes, world market.

A world car currently only available in North America. I guess it’s not unique in that. Americans seem to like to name things as worldwide even when they’re north America only – the Baseball World Series anyone..? 😉

Yes , German EV s are available in multiple worlds, except earth.

“Yes , German EV s are available in multiple worlds, except earth.”

I mean, to be fair, the i3 is sold all over the world and has been for years.

“A world car currently only available in North America.”

Well, I guess you’ll be able to truthfully say that for another 9-10 weeks or so. Is there some reason you think we should ignore the fact that the Model 3 will soon be sold in many countries overseas?

They have only been limited to north America because of the rapidly expiring govt. subsidies. Ground has broken on the China factory and I’m sure Europe will receive many tens of thousands of Model 3s in 2019.

Nonsense and you know it.

A world market that at the moment only consists of North America.
No consolation to the Model 3 reservation holders outside N. America who have been waiting and waiting for more than 1000 days.
We will believe that the Model 3 is truly a world car when it is sold in Europe, S. America, Australasia and Asia as well as Africa.

You don’t understand how many of these cats are being built at the moment. You’ll be tired of looking at them in two years.

I’m tired already. I won’t be buying one as I don’t want a Sedan and I don’t like the minimalistic interior.

You’re overestimating the wait that they’ve been through. It’s only been 942 days so far. But yeah – by the time deliveries start outside of the US and Canada, people will have been waiting for over 1000 days.

Yeah, and, nevertheless, it is already the top selling EV car of this year… WORLWIDE (Chinese EV cars included). Now imagine next year when it will hit European lands! (In China, it will be more difficult to compete with German EV cars thanks to Mr. Trump’s trade war with China and the 40% taxes in Tesla cars sold there against 15% taxes for German and other non US cars sold there).

Do Not Read Between The Lines

There are over 38 million people who might politely disagree with you.


Where can you buy the I-Pace in currently?

All western markets (NA, Europe, Australia) + South Africa, Russia, Japan and China.
Edit: those are the markets in which you can order an IPace and it will be delivered. Buying a car of the lot is a NA concept and not applicable to the rest of the world.

Uh you can’t buy it in North America yet. There’s been one sale here and it was basically a marketing stunt. Your information seems flawed.

There are already IPace cars that have been shipped in NA. You can order it in North America on the Jaguar website. The dealership stock buying concept simply can’t compete with paying customers ordering world wide so if you insist in buying of the lot you can’t have an EV, though.

Greeting from Australia where buying from dealerships is the norm.



Actually the I pace is made in Austria I think ,by Magna int. a Canadian multinational giant and this new group of auto scribes prob. don”t like American startups

Great to see a BEV win Germany’s Car of the Year award!

Go Jaguar!

Since the car is made at MAGNA’s Austrian Plant the car is plenty ‘German enough’. Congratulations. I saw the car at the Rochester Drive Electric event – and it certainly is a Luxury Car. Since the car seemingly has great off-road ability, is reasonably priced for a Luxury Car – to repeat the necessary comment that Tesla never claims their cars are of the Luxury variety, and the bare-bones “3” proves it – it is nice to see a Luxury EV get the award.

Cadillac’s CT6 PHEV would never win such an award since the car is too complex and much more inefficient than the I-Pace. Here again – the Jag seems to win with the superior interior.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Did you try the luxury touchscreen?

I did not. I care about luxury accoutrements -I don’t consider silly gadgets luxury items. My Cadillac ELR definitely qualifies as a Luxury Vehicle even though it has zero options and therefore almost no ‘goodies’.

I guess the Germans would rather give that award to the Brits than the Americans, maybe the award was to heavy to throw across the pond.

It is a shame that next to a Tesla this car comes a very poor second. The battery is poor and slow to charge if you can find anywhere to charge it. This was confirmed by a recent review in Germany of the I-Pace and ModelX on the autobahn. The car is very inefficient.
The fact this is winning German car of the year tells you all you need to know about the state of the German car inudstry.