TechnoBuffalo Calls Jaguar I-Pace The EV With Soul


Hard to argue

We have, over the past year, brought you a huge number of assorted Jaguar I-Pace reviews here on InsideEVs. We rounded up a bunch before the final design had been revealed, and then guided you through the huge avalanche of first drives during the official launch event, including our own. One might think that might be enough. Surely everything that could be said about the all-electric crossover has been said. Well, not quite. This is the first reviewer that we recall making the argument that the I-Pace has “soul.”

Now, that’s the sort of intangible assessment that starts bar fights Twitter flame wars. For years, lovers of traditional cars with internal combustion engines have argued that certain of those vehicles have a sort of quality that is more than just the sum of its parts: a personality; a character.

This tendency to anthropomorphize had somehow eluded electric vehicles for some reason. Maybe it’s their much quieter voices — the silent way in which they turn the flow of charged ions into forward motion instead of the many miniature explosions inside of petrol-powered engine — or maybe they just haven’t been out in the mainstream long enough. Whatever the case, the argument is being made now.

Regardless of all that, this is a pretty solid review, even if you’ve previously watched a number of others. Our host, Jon Rettinger, highlights a number of features that others have glossed over in their hurry to communicate the higher profile performance metrics. And, at only 7 and a half minutes in length, it’s not going to take up a lot of your afternoon. Enjoy!


Video description:

2019 Jaguar I-PACE – The EV With a Soul

Learn more about the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE:

Thanks to Jaguar for sponsoring this video.

The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is one of the newest and hottest EVs to hit the market and I was lucky enough to get to spend a day with it. Check out the video for my initial impressions.

-2019 Jaguar I-PACE Specs

– Base MSRP from $69,500

Range (miles): Up to 240 Battery (kWh): 90

Maximum Power (hp): 394 Maximum torque (lb-ft): 512

Top Speed (mph): 124 Acceleration 0-60mph (secs): 4.5

Gross Vehicle Weight (from – lbs): 5,886

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I had an XJ for over 10 years. The car was light and responsive compared to other large cars in its class (7-series, S-class), the engine was silky smooth with a deep growl under hard acceleration and the ride was very comfortable with its air suspension. The car was a delight to drive – that is when it does not give me trouble. And plenty of trouble did it give me after the first 5 wonderful years: electronic gremlins, air suspension, transmission gasket leak, alternator failure that took out other components such as battery, ECU, … I finally parted way with it, selling it to a wholesale buyer at 5% the original price (I could not in good faith selling it direct without telling its story).

Though I love Jaguar cars in general, my past experience still give me flashbacks. I would stay away from it until the demons are exorcised.

We’ll see what Consumer Report’s stat’s will say, but, that may take a few years.
Other than this EV won’t have the parts that broke on your car.

I understand EV doesn’t have many components to fail, but the first 2 items I listed: electronics and air suspension would still be there. In fact, Jaguar is known for having unresolved issues with its electronics (my issues were acknowledged but never confirmed/fixed by the dealer since they occurred randomly and reset when the car turned off). I assume the I-Pace would have even more complex electronics with modern UI and controls.

Maybe having Magna Steyr building the I-Pace would make a more reliable vehicle?

Hopefully that is so…… I saw one at the Rochester ‘Drive Electric’ 2 weekends ago and agreed, it is a wonderful car, IF it is reliable. Hopefully Canadian Parent Magna, since they also build stuff for Diamler and Aston Martin, has perfected the internals of the car.

IMO,, Jaguar Made an Honest effort . This Fine Car should pan out nicely it’s one of the most “Proper” EV out there. …(Grill should be deleted)…. If Jaguar Had a Charging Network & the Price were More Conservative. I would consider one .

Light and responsive, ROFL. XJ6 then?? I have read quite a few reviews of the XJ6 and XJ12 as well as the 7-series and the S-class over the years, and NEVER have anyone ever praised the dynamics of the XJ. Granted, the Germans weren’t exactly famous for their agility either, but the XJ never compared well in that department. Ride quality, wood if you want it, and the nobleman image were the only strong points of the XJs, unless you’re speaking of the rather ridiculous XJ220!

It was an XJ8 VDP with a 300hp V8, and weighed 4000 lbs, most of it was aluminum. The car didn’t win any speed contest against the German big cars, but the chassis was very lively – no amount of reading reviews would do it justice. It’s the English version of luxury, you have to experience it to appreciate it.

Doesn’t Kia have one?

And I willl still take a MX over this.

I wouldn’t as this Jaguar is cheaper, smaller and, I think, a lot more good looking compared to the the Model X.

I think KIA might protest it is the EV with Soul, especially with a capital S, since they do own the trademark.

The “Soul” purple prose seems to come directly from Jaguar’s PR material; and I’m absolutely certain that I heard it before… Though not 100% sure it was indeed regarding the I-Pace. Might have been the Taycan? Either way, it’s not exactly novel.

Correct me if I’m wrong: my impression is that when gearheads talk about the “soul” of a combustion car, that mostly refers to the complex throttle response patterns and noise signature. The first is something EVs don’t have to struggle with in the first place; the second is also much less pronounced… So maybe the I-Pace fake engine noise is what supposedly gives it a “Soul”? 😉

It’s the Taycan video – “Soul, Electrified”

Like so many these Youtube videos, it’s a sales pitch rather than a review… Though admittedly a pretty good one 🙂

I-pace have poor efficiency – even knowing it’s a SUV. But for those who can live with that this is probably the best expensive EV for sale.
The car is good looking in and out, it seems very refined – I like the low noise many praise, it’s fast, it’s not crazy expensive and it should be more reliable than a Tesla.