Jaguar I-PACE Concept in Photon Red To Debut At Geneva Motor Show

Jaguar I-PACE Concept in Photon Red

MAR 6 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – Photon Red

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – Photon Red

The Jaguar I-PACE Concept, after being revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year (see gallery here), will debut in Europe at Geneva Motor Show this week. This time, though, the I-PACE Concept will be dressed in elegant Photon Red.

The all-electric Jaguar is scheduled for production in 2018 with an expected  all-electric range of 220+ miles (350 km) and double motor all-wheel drive.

Jaguar’s entry will be of one several all-electric SUVs by 2020. Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, to name just a few, are expected to make the high-end SUV BEV segment a bit crowded. We look forward to that time.

Quick specs:

  • 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds
  • AWD, 400 hp total and 516 lb-ft of torque (two 200 hp electric motors)
  • 220+ mile / 350 km all-electric range
  • liquid-cooled 90 kWh battery with cells from LG Chem
  • 23-inch wheels (pretty standard fare for a concept vehicle)
  • drag coefficient of 0.29
  • at least 50 kW DC fast charging with CCS Combo
  • Heat pump
  • class-leading regen – up to 150 kW
  • 5 seats
  • length: 184 inches, width: 74.4

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – Photon Red

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That actually looks pretty good…
I’ll take mine in black.

yeah looks pretty cool

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Model x money

But without the Model X ugly!

I spoke to a Jaguar rep about the price at the LA Auto Show and was told it would be 10% to 15% more than a comparable equipped F-Pace. That could mean a starting price might be as low as $60k

That’s pretty remarkable considering the battery size and performance.

It doesn’t really look like an SUV, more like a sedan, slightly crossovered for sure.

I do like cars better over SUVs.

It does look and sound good. Very soon Tesla will not be in a market all by itself anymore and they will have to compete for sales.

It only has two motors which means it will still need to rely on differentials to send power to all the wheels. Tesla AWD has four motors so their is no torque taking the path of least resistance going the wrong direction. Other than that, I like it alot. Center of gravity looks a little high, but still good overall body proportions. Has a more usually body shape than a Nissan Leaf, I don’t like when these companies try to make electric or hybrids has odd shaped tall bodies. I hope its real and they make it within no more than a year or two later at most than the Model S. Musk says he wants competition, here it is.

Tesla MS uses 1 or 2 motors NOT 4!
A P90D is similar mechanically to the I-PACE with front and rear diffs, one motor per axle.