Jaguar I-PACE Concept First Test Drive (Video)


Mr JWW recently had an exclusive opportunity to test drive the new Jaguar I-PACE Concept in London.

The concept is drivable, although it was more like a short demo ride rather proper test drive.  Still we will take what we can get at this point.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

With two design execs on-board, sharing their insights on the project, Mr JWW was pretty happy overall with the experience:

“I’m incredibly honoured to be one of the first people ever to drive the Jaguar I-Pace Concept and interview two of the great men behind this all new electric car.”

The Jaguar I-PACE Concept is apparently very close to the final production-intent version, so we shouldn’t expect any big changes. The video demonstrates that there is a lot of space inside the cabin for a car of its size.

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14 responses to "Jaguar I-PACE Concept First Test Drive (Video)"
  1. franky_b says:


    1. Another (Euro) industrial point of view says:

      …and hopefully benefiting from VW fast chargers network right from the start of production.

    2. Kdawg says:

      I don’t understand the big grill in front? Also not a fan of the hood scoop (same goes for the one in the BMW i8. Can we stop naming things I-something?)

      I did like the flat floors.

  2. MTN Ranger says:

    It is me or the back seat doesn’t look all that spacious. The design looks more like a two seater rear with an uncomfortable middle.

    1. Rich says:

      This was my reaction as well. They said the production interior is “almost” like the prototype in the video. Let’s hope they improve the back seat a bit. The car is attractive and looks to have a good size. I like it. There are 3 minor things I would change. 1) As you mentioned, the back middle seat. 2) I’m not sure about the carpet all over the seat backs, doors, and dash. 3) I would improve the angle of the screen in the center dash. From the video it looks like glare is going to be a problem.

      Jag has done a great job. I look forward to seeing a beta / release candidate. I’m curious about the height and cargo capacity of the vehicle. I want to see the photos of the Frunk. I thought I read an article indicating the front storage capacity and now I can’t find it.

  3. James says:

    So odd when people call an SUV, “beautiful”, or “sexy”.

    Now I know some people have an eye for the more Rubenesque ladies, and some groups of people just love a woman with “some junk in the trunk”. This may account for the occasional car observer to enjoy the chunky, tall station wagon, or the portly soccer mom, but hey,most of us know there is utility, and there is beauty. While things that are versatile and useful are
    wonderful to all – There are no sexy, hot, sleek
    SUVs out there , puleez…

    Take Oprah, for example, you could make a case that
    since she is rich, successful and versatile – she is
    also “hot”. Well, I Don’t think I have ever met a guy
    Who fantasized about being with Oprah…You know
    what I’m sayin’?

    Now take Heidi Klum or Kathy Ireland for us older
    guys, or Sofia Vargera or (insert supermodel or actress name here) for everyone else, and you have a universal
    template for beauty.

    Today, the public mindset is so brainwashed by
    marketers that SUVs are really cool vs. the tall
    station wagon kid haulers they actually are, they
    by far outsell more efficient sedans. That even
    The most traditional sexy sports car makers are
    literally forced to build them. In doing so,
    They quickly become top sellers for their brands!

    A Lamborghini SUV?! A Bentley SUV?! Porsches?!
    Oh,they’re here! I contend this is more a result
    of incredible marketing than anything else.

    Name one thing an SUV can do that a
    minivan (USA) or MPV (Europe and Asia)
    cannot. There are AWD vans and 85% of
    all SUVs purchased never make it offroad.

    This I-Pace is a joke. It’s Jaguar’s shot
    at Model X but there’s no third row,and that
    Ugly ICE-like faux grille pushes air like
    A snow plow. The air scoop hood surely makes
    any front trunk tiny. The space behind the
    back seat is small. The 24″ concept car
    wheels with rubber-band-thin tires
    would ride like a flatbed truck.

    Cost? This showboat tall wagon would sell
    to some primarily because It’s a Jaguar. Not
    do to any real utility, other than the fact
    that it seats tall, large passengers. It’ll
    retail for Model X prices but return no
    Such Swiss Army Knife utility.

  4. James says:

    Automakers are SO SUV-crazed right now, and the
    feeding frenzy for those customers so frenetic
    that they go to all lengths to scoop up anyone
    They can by creating new subcategories of SUVs
    – or niche marketing to all of us mesmerized
    by the dream of being sexy/sporty but practical.

    Take the BMW X6 and X4 for example. What the
    h@ll ARE they? Fastback SUVs with a high
    center of gravity (bad for the 85%+ time
    they spend on paved pubic roads) with
    A sloped rear and two rows of seats! Even
    BMW-obsessed petrol car magazines were
    saying, “why does this exist?”, and, “Just
    what is it?”

    Not a truck, Not a very practical car.
    A ride height and form factor that pushes
    more wind and sucks a lot more air underneath
    causing even more turblence which causes drag.

    Toyota was just another company trying to slice
    up the lucrative SUV category even further
    with their advent of the Venza. Neither SUV
    nor station wagon, it was a ???. Certainly
    the Venza would sell to those families that
    wouldn’t be caught dead in a minivan but also
    wanted that SUV appearance while not giving
    up on decent gas mileage. Nope. The Venza died.
    Toyota discontinued it in 2015.

    The I-Pace has Venza and X6 written all over it.
    – The electric version. It’s the ELR to Chevy’s
    Volt. I-Pace tries to out-leather, out-bling
    Model X but without the practicality!

  5. GreenMD says:

    SUV or practicality aside, I agree it is a beautiful vehicle. It is similar dimensions to the J pace, so it’s a small/mid size vehicle. In contrast, a model X is a full size (with “practical” falcon wing doors). If it turns out to be a luxury, stylish, long range all-electric small/medium vehicle, then count me in. It would be the first of its kind.

    1. Rich says:

      Agreed. Here’s some supporting data for the size comparison.

      Jaguar I-Pace – 184″(L) x 74″(W) x ??”(H)
      Tesla Model 3 – 184″(L) x 74″(W) x ??”(H) (MotorTrend’s estimation-Model 3 Prototype)
      Tesla Model S – 196″(L) x 77″(W) x 57″(H)
      Tesla Model X – 198″(L) x 82″(W) x 66″(H)

      Other reference data:
      BMW 328i – 182″(l) x 71″(w) x 56″(h)
      Audi A4 – 185″(l) x 72″(w) x 56″(h)

  6. Priusmaniac says:

    It is nice to see Jaguar getting started in ev but this car looks more like a Subaru and we don’t see the use of the huge front grill. The back seat middle place seem to be a leftover front indecision between seating two or three.

    The red color is a bit weird also on a Jaguar that are usually blue, green or grey. The red further increase the Subaru look of the car.
    A bit to bad they alienate the traditional buyers by also changing the classic shape of it when passing to ev propulsion, that was not the case when they shifted from gasoline to diesel, so why take that extra risk when passing to an ev.

    I have the impression that this car will not seduce traditional Jaguar buyers but on the other hand it will find a market to Subaru buyers and people that look for a good alternative to other compact hatchback style cars which is actually more people than standard Jaguar drivers. This means that Jaguar could be changing of target public as well as propulsion energy.

    Subaru: (link)

    1. MTN Ranger says:

      I saw one video where the engineer said the large grill was used for aerodynamics – pushing through the opening on the hood. It also raises the height of the front for pedestrian safety requirements.

  7. Hauer says:

    “SUV” is just a – wrong label.
    This is a rather compact car, nice lines (some Volvo heritage), a lot smaller than the Tesla X.
    Success will depend a lot on pricing.
    Will be built in Austria by Magna in Graz, so should be a well built car from the start.
    Really looking forward to the pricing. And if it is at the competitive end of estimates (starting in the 40Ks) they should announce it ASAP.

  8. MTN Ranger says:

    I really like the look. Really more sporting wagon than SUV to me.

    As mentioned, it supports over 50 kW charging. If it does 150 kW or more, that would be excellent.

  9. Kdawg says:

    Rear leg room looks tight at 2:38
    (also note guy in the rear disappears at 2:42 😀 )