Jaguar I-Pace, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Awarded At Canadian Auto Show


This Jaguar I-Pace win marks the first time an EV has won the organization’s top award.

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) presents its winners each year at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Its two top awards are “Car of the Year” and “Utility Vehicle of the Year.” Aside from the biggies, there is also a winner in each of several categories that are sorted by class.

This year, the Jaguar I-Pace took home AJAC’s Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year award, making it the first time an electric vehicle has prevailed. Like most award systems these days, electric cars are separated into their own independent categories for individual “class” awards. Being that there’s not a plethora of competition, it’s not as big a deal when an EV wins a category referred to as “Best EV.” However, when an electric car can top all competing gas-powered cars to win a major award, this is much more compelling.

With that being said, we still can’t completely ignore the fact that the I-Pace also received AJAC’s Best Premium EV in Canada for 2019 award. So, this year, the I-Pace earned itself two awards. The only other electric vehicle to earn an award for 2019 is the Chrysler Pacific Hybrid. Much like the I-Pace, it received AJAC’s Best EV in Canada for 2019 award. The Pacifica can’t compete with the I-Pace in the “Premium” category, but it still knocked out all other rivals as the best “non-luxury” EV.

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Teslas are probably getting a lessor award … Canadian dollars.

Good for Jaguar. It also got the drivers choice award at MotorWeek:
German car of the year. Professional Drivers car of the year, Autocar, and some others.
So it’s really pretty good, with a few niggles. Efficiency, and UI.

Actually, this indicates that most of the vehicle reviewers have a tough time reviewing EVs. Many do not own EVs, don’t have home charging, and don’t spend time in EVs outside of short jaunts. Their perceptions are not aligned with EV buyers and long term owners. Very little was written about the major failings of the I-Pace, both DCFC and AC charging. The efficiency and range are especially poor which directly affects the ownership experience and overall value. The glitches with the vehicle also compound the problem.

Well it may only be 5 passenger but it is a LARGE car inside. Now, me, I’m not surprised very much by the mileage. Some Europeans (not all) may be disappointed by the home charging facility (what we call Level 2- Type 1) since they cannot use the full 7.2 kw but that doesn’t apply in the UK or North America.

Any reliability issues are a bit more troubling since I thought Magma usually did a good job.

I’m considering the car myself. I’m VERY IMPRESSED that Motorweek said that since the car would have probably won if it wasn’t even electric made this Driver’s Choice award a winner essentially by far.

I prefer reading REAL REVIEWS of the car since the car’s 234 miles is instantly looked down upon by the self-appointed big experts here – but then I’d expect the car would not go quite as far as my Chevy Bolt since it is so much larger and luxurious a vehicle.

Its so luxurious with it’s fake grille and resulting air intake in the hood that results in poorer aerodynamics and no useful frunk in the name of not offending ICE buyer’s sensitivities.

Hey, if I-Pace was as efficient as any AWD Tesla ANYTHING, and if it were as practical, I wouldn’t knock it for it’s high MSRP. If you prefer a traditionally laid out interior with gobs of shiney dials and switches, that falls to personal preference. Comparing it to a larger 3 row X makes no sense. Even though it’s not hard to option up an I-Pace to X money.

When Model Y arrives, we’ll see how two comparable vehicles actually stack up. For myself, Made In USA is important. I prefer a sleeker design and understand aerodynamics over familiarity.

If Made in USA is important, buy a Toyota or Honda or some other Made in America Asian car.

I’m disappointed at the Pacifica PHEV sales numbers. I guess it costs more and it eliminates that ability to get the beloved Stow-N-Go seats. It also initially had some bugs. But I hope it can get better sales. Such PHEVs could hugely slash the gasoline usage by American families.

But I guess with gas so cheap these days, people don’t have much incentive to do that.

Exactly, looking at it at the car show and it is a really nice vehicle. Based on evolving commercials I see/hear for the vehicle they must be having issue getting traditional Chrysler buyers to understand why they should buy one. Also, there is some bias from people who won’t look at vehicles from American Big 3 for some reason, but if you put a Toyota badge on it would buy it in a heartbeat.

The dealers keep the Pacifica PHEV well out of the reach of families by only stocking the most tricked-out and expensive versions. FCA’s old boss is smiling in the after world.

AJAC knows who ‘butters their bread’ but good on them for trying.