Jaguar I-Pace Bows In LA


It’s still in prototype form, according to Jaguar, but it sure is a head-turner.

Drawing attention away from the Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles is the new most highly anticipated electric car…the Jaguar I-Pace.

Jaguar says it’s doing everything in its power right now to get I-Pace to market as soon as possible.

I-Pace In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney

How soon?

Well, right now Jag is targeting a U.S launch in 2018, but the automaker specifically says that its target is to beat the Audi E-tron into showrooms, so the race is on to see which becomes the U.S.’ first long-range premium CUV.

I-Pace In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney


From this late prototype, seen in LA, to production, Jaguar says not only will the appearance stay pretty much the same, but also technical specifications. It means motivation will be provided by two electric motors developing a combined output of around 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of instant torque.

The production-ready Jaguar I-Pace will have all-wheel drive and is expected to use a large battery pack with a capacity of 90 kWh for the range-topping version, good for at least 220 miles (354 kilometers) on the EPA test cycle or 310 miles (500 km) in Europe’s New European Driving Cycle.

I-Pace In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney

I-Pace In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney

I-Pace Race Car In LA – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney

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Another Euro point of view

Nice but it needs a chargers network, in Europe it will have one (the Shell/NewMotion/Ionity network to name the largest) but what about the USA ?

Moreover it seems Jaguar has limited ambitions regarding production number. In their approach they seem to copy GM (limited production and not committed in charging network development). So for the time being perhaps more of a PR tool than a real EV ambition.

I’m sure they will build as many as people want to buy. Where did you hear about limited production?

Another Euro point of view

In the Jaguar section of the (a Norwegian forum dedicated to EVs). here:

There was a comment linking to an interview of a Jaguar executive mentioning how many I-pace would be built at Magna for the first year production. I remember being disappointed (was it 30’000 ??). Now I realize I am being too harsh with Jaguar. They are a mi size car company and do not know exactly what will be the demand for that car. So 30K would already be a good commitment for a first year. If I remember well total reservations was 25K so it may be that first year of production is almost sold providing not too many cancellation.

30k is plenty or even too much. It is expensive car and will need to share EV market with a lot of competitors just around the corner. From business perspective it is better to be safe than sorry with unsold inventory.

I think it is more like 15,000, outsourced to magna as you say. The F-Pace that this car is based on has been a big hit for them but only sells around 50,000 a year so you are right that scaling would be a challenge. Jaguar are owned by a large group through and could probably do it if demand was high but it would take a few years. They are pretty much already at capacity in their UK plant.

I’m sure if demand were 50k per year Jaguar couldn’t buy enough battery cells to fill demand for many years.

EVGo is probably the largest network. I’ve never had issues with CCS – and my range is only 80 mi. The Jag should have no issues.

What a load of rubbish. The UK is the World leader in charging infrastructure, you have named but just a few notable company’s. All Government buildings and public car parks have chargers, most main multi-story car parks have trickle chargers, nearly all main City’s and Towns have Rapid/super-chargers; mine with a population of just 100k has no less than FIVE Rapid chargers surrounding the periphery. ALL of our Motorways have Rapid & Super-chargers for at least two cars in parrallel.
You should consider the distance you ACTUALLY travel each time you open the door of the car, not what you may need for an entire week.
I shal buy a Jaguar i-Pace as it’s the only credible Premium vehicle suitable for my needs. Tesla is stupidly priced and hasn’t sold to the public well, mearly been ‘leased/rented’ without the huge financial overpricing. Tesla will suffer greatly when the European manufacturers hit the streets; until then guys, enjoy the ride.

“All Government buildings and public car parks have chargers”

What ???!!!!


Not by along way.

I”m not sure if that was meant to be ironic, Fake News, or what.

It’s a classic anti Tesla post.

So weird.

Eric, I hate to point out an error, but it’s a fairly big one:

From the article:

“- so the race is on to see which becomes the U.S.’ first long-range premium CUV.”

Have you forgotten the Model X? It’s been on sale for quite a long time now.

…I think (without speaking for Eric), its a weird reference/dig at Jag and Audi’s terminology which coined the terminology (you can see it more clearly in the linked story)

Definitely, some sarcasm here after Jeep made such comments earlier on.

How is this a cuv? looks like a hatch back to me

The terms, CUV and SUV seem pretty loose these days. It seems manufacturers are using them to say- “This isn’t a wagon, or this isn’t a hatchback!”… when the vehicle actually is a wagon, or hatchback design.

If you really want to get someone bunched up, just call their CUV/SUV a wagon. Even though you’d be very accurate.

+1 lol ?

A 5 door vehicle with 1 or more AWD trim is considered as CUV.

Ideally the VW Golf Alltrack, Audi A4 Quattro, Buick Regal (Sportback, TourX) are all CUVs.

My LEAF is as tall as most CUVs, like the Honda HRV, Mazda CX-3 or Mitsubishi RVR. But they lose headroom because of their greater ground clearance. I lose headroom because of the battery pack. But we all end up with the same head room, leg room and cargo space.

I may not have AWD to get out of snow and ice. Which sensibly keeps me out of the really bad weather. But when it really counts, I have all-wheel braking. Just like the CUV.

This is a winner. PR tool? LOL

I like it a lot, but sadly the range is pretty disappointing given the size of the battery and the estimated cost. Maybe the real deal will surprise us with a 300 mile range??

220 miles from 90 kWh is terrible.

For whatever it is worth, whenever I have spoken to Jag, they have always used the term “at least” 220 miles, or 220+ miles.

Looking at the size of the battery, and the shape of the vehicles…one might assume it should have ~250 in the bag.

I concur with Jay in this. It’s always “At least 220 miles”

Remember when GM first announced the Bolt and said it would have a 200 miles range? Same thing here, I believe. Under promise and over deliver.

Tom, nice photos!

Did they let you onto the platform to take pics of the interior?

This appears to be the exact same I-Pace Concept they showed at Frankfurt. It still looks to have a mostly 2 passenger or 2.5 ( Volt ) passenger back seat, and those silly robo-seat buckets up front that look futuristic but whose design seems to take up much-needed rear passenger legroom.

I hear ya… but 220 is not much considering what Tesla 100s can do.

Because Jag is not Tesla, they use the Petrol/Diesel vehicle architecture to build a EV and it will have only 220 mile range.

I hope they will design from ground up for a higher range.

I think Jag will pop a surprise with the real range when its released. 2.4 miles/kWh seems real low given then potential for each motor to be tuned for efficiency at differing speeds. Think it will be closer to 300 real world.

This. Most announcements have stated “at least 220 miles.” It is smaller than the Model X and without the weight of falcon wing doors, so I think it is reasonable to expect range will be between 250 and 300 miles.

CUV or SUV’s shape doesn’t lend themselves to good aerodynamics and big fat tyres aren’t going to help either. After all the Model X isn’t as efficient as the S and tyre choice is critical on both models for good range.

I’ll take this over a Model 3, oh wait, I couldn’t get a Model 3 anyway for about 3 years.

For the price of the Jag you can get a Model S now..

I don’t think you understand the demographics that attract the 2 cars. The model 3 is for Brian Griffin. Jaguar is for Carter Pewterschmidt. They don’t cross shop. ?

Aahh but which one is for Quagmire!?!?!?

The i3, of course. A little too crazy and horny for its own good. Gigiddy.

Can it tow?

Why the need for the HUGE grille???

@AI – seriously dude — 3 years? I guarantee you could get a Model 3 — even with it’s 500,000 order backlog and you placed a reservation today — before you got an I-Pace. I wonder what the order backlog is for the I-Pace?!?

Definitely looks good IMHO

Too bad the real one won’t look like that, especially on the inside.

Another Euro point of view
Searching Norwegian EV forum ( for information I remember having found about first year production number of the I-pace I came across this interesting comment in the I-pace reservation threat. Guy explains why he ordered an I-pace. Here the link to that comment.,32104.0.html And here the English translation (used Google Chrome): “I have reserved because I was fed up with Tesla’s mediocre quality. Upgraded this autumn to a P90DL after having an S85 since December 2015. When you spend plus / minus one million Kroner on a car, it should be the scratch, no creak and buzz and that if there is something wrong with it, you should not need to wait three months before it’s free time at the yard. Having a car that can make 0-100 km / h in about 3 seconds is no fun when it sounds like the engine is about to drop off when you’re getting full gas … Running an i3 and even though this is a car that costs 1/3, there is far less noise in the car, no knots from anywhere, and on the whole, the car feels “solid” in a different way than Tesla. Lacking good space and long… Read more »

I had an i3. It was far from “solid feeling” and it had creeks and rattles from day one that the dealer could not (or would not) fix. It has some nice materials but it was Chrysler level bad from a reliability standpoint.

That is an i3 pass, if I ever heard one. Ouch!

Why does that description of the Model S sound like complete horses*it? Yeah I’m kinda thinking that the engine that sounds like it’s about to drop off, would be kind of difficult in a car with no engine or “gas”.

You’re nitpicking on a google trans comment. Engine might be motor in Norwegian.

A fantastic looking car. The inside pics I have seen look great too.

This is the exact same I-Pace concept car that they showed at the Franfurt Auto Show.

No good shots here of the interior, but those ridiculously impractical, space-hogging robo front seats still seem to be in this concept.

When do we get to see the real thing?

Everything seems great except where do you charge on a trip?

At any one of hundreds CCS DCFC stations or one of thousands of L2 destination chargers.

Everything seems great except where do you charge on a trip? Needs a network

Almost as many CCS stations in the US as Superchargers stations. And growing fast. Although they aren’t spaced as well for road trips unless staying on the coasts.

The claim that there are even close to the same number of CCS Combo chargers in the world as there are SuperChargers is complete bunk. Even if you counted all the CCS chargers installed, or even just manufactured and still in warehouses and planned for install soon… nowhere close… delusional thought. I have been driving EVs since 2013 in one of the best areas on earth for EVs… the SF Bay Area and while the situation has improved in those past 4 years… Tesla has outrun their competition for the entire time and shows no indication of slowing anytime soon. Please…

220 miles from 90 kwh is pretty poor if that’s all it ends up doing. Not real good as a range and wasteful/expensive from a miles/kwh (ie mileage) standpoint.

First US long-range electric CUV? Wouldn’t that be the Model X?

X is marketed as an SUV.

Does it have an instrument cluster?!

Yes, its instruments and screens (3 of them)are pretty much lifted straight from the Range Rover Velar.

Needs less door height and more window height.

That piqued an interest. SO what exactly ARE they saying on ‘European EV forums’?

If the commenter is looking for a luxury car much more reliable than an “X” or an “S”, I’m not super positive that a Jaguar is the brand to do it.

Traditionally, they have not been one of your more reliable Brands. Toyota/Lexus yes, Honda/Accura yes, but not Jag.

I believe the Honda Clarity today won the “GREEN” award. Whether this was PHEV, BEV, or Hydrogen, I don’t know.

Jaguar Brand is ranked by J.D. Power as LESS (2 of 5 stars) than Average in reliability.

So just plan on buying two, like I have seen others do in the past, one JAG will be in the shop, while the other JAG will be good to Go.

THIS is an Austrian Jaguar, so verything will be alright.

(■_■¬) Nolltronymous

Door handles seem placed unusually low on the body.

Something I’ve noticed from the beginning of the I-Pace concepts – It has the wheels pushed out to the corners, which is good utilization of space, but I want a smooth and sloping aerodynamic hood and nose. From the side and front, it’s supposed to mimic a gas car…Fake grille and complex hoot air wing to make for the fake grille. Air goes through the fake grille and up and over mid-hood! Wacky and all for looks. The “looks” being a gas-car appearance! This detracts some from aero .cd and makes for a smaller front cargo area or “frunk”. What gives? This car seems pointed straight at Audi’s e-Tron crossover…A battle of high-priced 2 row “power” EV crossovers. It’s no direct Model X competitor. It’s high price and limited practicality ( basically a tall station wagon with HUGE wheels ) is more for looks than anything else. Testers seen in camo have smaller wheels which surely will show in production form, but will the car have this attractive-ish look with smaller wheels with more sidewall for road comfort? I look at this Jag and see “poser” written all over it. I-Pace is the EV, and E-Pace is the gas CUV.… Read more »

At least they have upped their game on the styling front.
It has the detailing and the character that the D7a vehicles lack — especially the new XF that has the huge nappy style rear bumper.

Looks as if the stylist is a fan of the Renault Clio but no bother at least it looks engaging.

Would have preferred for it to be a bit bigger — D segment sized on the outside as well as the inside.

Not sure on the 90KWHr / 220 mile EPA range.
I think they must have left the handbrake on or they are still working on their energy recovery strategy.

However at least they are moving forward with a proper premium vehicle rather than the Asda / Walmart spec Model 3 stripper that is the Tesla Great White hope.

New to the BEV market — wanting to put down a deposit?

Interesting call, for 2019 usage.
Wonder where they will build the “proper” plant?

Setting a goal of beating Audi ?
Come on we all know Audi is the world leader in EV concept car press car releases…….
How could you possibly beat them?

They have more ev cars announced than any other brand.