Go I-Pace Lets You Experience Electric Jaguar I-Pace Before Purchase


Find out if an all-electric 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is the right car for you.

Jaguar has released a new iPhone app that allows consumers to learn about the I-Pace and how it would fit into their lifestyle. Electric car expert Robert Llewelyn gives us a look at how it works.

Llewelyn shares:

It can be hard for drivers to understand how an EV would fit into their day-to-day lives. The Go I-PACE app makes this possible by providing personalised information about how the Jaguar I-PACE could work for them based on real-world data. I’ve no doubt the app will surprise many users with the scale of the potential cost savings and by revealing how little change to their driving habits I-PACE ownership would actually make.

You can download the Go I-PACE app for free. It’s currently available on iPhone devices by clicking here.

According to iTunes:

Go I-PACE automatically tracks your journeys to show how an I-PACE would fit into your life. It gives you facts and figures as if you were actually driving the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, including journey maps, projected battery range and usage, available charging points and estimated cost savings.

Video Description via Jaguar on YouTube:

Jaguar Go I-PACE App

Introducing the new Go I-PACE app. Analysing your journey data to calculate the cost savings of going electric compared to your existing vehicle, you can now experience life with Jaguar I-PACE without ever getting behind the wheel.

Source: Jaguar

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16 Comments on "Go I-Pace Lets You Experience Electric Jaguar I-Pace Before Purchase"

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Don’t see it in app store

I’m amazed that they even need this app. With the 20k ordered by Alphabet and the fantastic reviews, they must have an order book for many months ahead.

there probably wasn’t much profit in a 20K car deal.

This is an app Tesla, GM and Nissan should have created, also it befits all EV makers. Even if you not in the market for an EV right now you can just let it run on your phone to gather stats for you to compare when you’re ready. I’m going to have my wife install it because she feels an EV wouldn’t work for her, but she loves driving my Bolt.

Yelp my partner and familiy members says it won’t work for them but I disagree. They only travel in town or the next town over in thier Explorers while wasting gas money every week $45. While I just pay that towards the electric bill

that is forward thinking genius because most people I talk with about EVs have a hard time visualizing how they would work for them.

Data goldmine for JLR 😉

Might activate that app right before I step into a ICE train from Stuttgart to Munich. Goes over 300km/h. Want to know what the app tells me.

🙂 but it looks like this is UK-only.

Won’t allow me to get the app switch between us stores and us stores

The APP is only available from the UK APP store, not the US! ARRRGGG!!

Plus, It won’t allow US accounts to buy from the UK store. ARRRGGG!!

Can’t get it in South Africa either. I imagine it has to do with jaguar paying for map data. Fair enough. But the article should have made this clear. You just had readers all over the world firing up their iphones and being disappointed. P.S. will there be an Android version?

Good for the UK comparison since while the electric rates are only somewhat higher than most of the states, the Petrol Cost is multiples what it is in the states, so the amount of money saved in the UK is considerably higher than possible here.

That may partially explain why the ‘app’ is only available in “GB”

Thanks for your interest. JLR are launching this into US and South Africa (and other languages and markets) before the end of year. Android versions are currently in build and testing. Exciting times.