Jaguar Formula E Racer Spotted During Tests


JUN 21 2016 BY MARK KANE 2

 Jaguar Formula E racer

Jaguar Formula E racer

Jaguar is preparing for the third season of the Formula E Championship.  Now,  the first pictures from tests at Mallory Park in UK were revealed by AUTOSPORT.

Jaguar will join Formula E in the third season in October, in place of the Trulli Formula E Team, which withdrew from the championship in the early stage of the second season.

“The iconic luxury car manufacturer is entering the FIA Formula E Championship with an all-electric racer in season three, which kicks off in Hong Kong this October.”

“Jaguar has partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering for the operation and development of the car, which was running in a special test livery rather than the one the team will race with next season.”

More images here.

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The Fe race in Buenos Aires was the best I’ve seen.

There was lots of passing. I’ve noticed lots of the street courses are narrow, and passing lanes are few. This race had weather, nice crowd, no huge wrecks, but several scrapes – no huge controversies, but tight racing, and the speeds looked up to me.

Early on Fe on TV was a mixed bag. Sometimes they mixed the sound so you literally could not hear the cars over the background “excitement” music they played. Sometimes the announcers ( gearheads ) sounded clueless to EVs, or just not-too-interested…

But this race showed they have progressed nicely.

One nice thought about Fe is that you don’t sit around doing nothing watching an auto race for 3 1/2 hours. I mean the Coca Cola 600 after the Indy 500 and Monaco for F1 i a auto racing fan’s marathon session! Even a NASCAR ( GASCAR ) race drones on for hours. Fe is two stints of about 20 minutes and you’re good for lunch!

It’s like the race you can appreciate for the person with an actual schedule.

Hopefully they will begin to share “realtime” views from the drivers perspective, so that fans can watch the race from inside the cockpit of their favorite Fe.