Jaguar Design Boss: Electric Powertrains Will “Reinvent The Car”


Despite About 100 Interested Parties Who Lined Up To Reserve This Plug-In Hybrid Jag, The Company Shuttered The Project In 2011

Despite About 100 Interested Parties Who Lined Up To Reserve This Plug-In Hybrid Jag, The Company Shuttered The Project In 2011

Ian Callum

Ian Callum

We’ve heard from Volkswagen on this topic in the past. Now it’s Jaguar’s turn to chime in on how electric powertrains will change the design of cars.

Jaguar design boss Ian Callum says that the electric powertrain will allow designers the opportunity to “reinvent the car.”

As Autocar states:

“Although Callum wouldn’t comment directly on Jaguar’s mooted range of electric cars, which is expected to be previewed with a first concept car in 2017, with sales potentially starting later that year, he said: “My personal view is that electric cars are a new start. Car design will change more in the next 15 years than it has in the past 100 – electrification will kickstart the biggest change in automotive design in history.”

Callum went on to state:

“The opportunities an electric powertrain offers are huge, especially in terms of the space for occupants. By removing so much of the mechanical hardware and placing the batteries in the floorplan you open up all sorts of possibilities with packaging. The question is whether you make the cars smaller, but with the same interior space, or keep the cars the same size and offer more space – or perhaps both.”

“It offers designers and stylists a much greater freedom. It is an opportunity we must embrace, because we have choice as an industry to either be considered part of the problem of global warming or to be part of the solution.”

“I’m clear in my mind that an electric Jaguar would be suitable for the brand. You have to move with the times and design for the opportunities. Look at the C-X75 concept – that was a car that was designed for an alternative powertrain, and nobody had any complaints about how that looked. It just so happened we later fitted a conventional powertrain in the car – but it was designed entirely around an electrified hybrid powertrain.”

Jaguars first pure electric vehicle is expected in 2018. It will likely be a radical SUV with 300-ish miles of range.

Source: Autocar

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I know the benefits identified is old hat for our InsideEVs crowd, however it’s great to hear other players in the auto industry starting to tout the benefits of electric vehicles. This is good news. The more news like this, the better.

Soo… do it then?!

Did Ian Callum only figure that out just now? He should have realized that when Tesla first unveiled the Roadster. Tesla did.

Preaching to the choir.

InsideEVs should start awarding a “Captain Obvious” award each month to all these experts who suddenly figure it out…

Since when I’ve been Jaguar loyalists since 2005 and they are the most anti-EV after Fiat CEO. This is another proof of how Tesla has pushed all this Oil heads to say what we want to hear, but the truth is they don’t believe.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

We are ents, and we don’t do anything hastttttttyyyyyyyyyy



I hear talking but I don’t see any doing?

Worked at JLR a couple of times a few years back and the winds of change are blowing very much now compared to the petrolhead in the sand attitude then. Seemed to me when Tesla were developing their slab of a battery that JLR vehicles lent themselves to being perfectly suitable to that design. Like most they are now playing catchup but I think they will do this quickly once they put their mind to it.