Jaguar Delivers First I-PACE In U.S. – Owner Not A Fan Of Tesla’s Style

OCT 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 115

The first Jaguar I-PACE in North America has officially been delivered.

Jaguar has delivered the first I-PACE in North America to Mark and Holly Pascarella of Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Both of whom are loyal customers to the brand.

It’s the first electric car in the family and according to Mark Pascarella, the I-PACE better fits his taste than a Tesla or any premium plug-in hybrids (sounds like confirmation that more conservative interiors find fans too).

“I’ve looked at Tesla in the past and was never impressed with their interiors or looks of the car, but when I saw the I-PACE, I said that’s something I’d like to drive.”

“As I mentioned I’m not a fan of Tesla’s finishes and I haven’t been impressed with any of the luxury hybrids out there.”

Jaguar released a full interview with the first owner in North America, who shares his family’s enthusiasm for the I-PACE and talks about how it’s the perfect car for a busy lifestyle.

Are you excited to take delivery of your new Jaguar I-PACE vehicle?

My whole family is excited! When I told my wife, twin 15 year-olds and 18 year-old, they couldn’t believe we would have the first I-PACE delivered in North America, before the vehicle even goes on sale. They couldn’t believe that it would be at our house, and we’re all just extremely excited to have an electric car and even more excited to have another Jaguar. We’re a Jaguar family.

What other Jaguar vehicles have you owned?

I’ve had two XKR models, an XJ, two F-TYPE vehicles and an F-PACE. I have an F-TYPE right now and my daughter has an F-PACE, so this will be our seventh Jaguar. My F-TYPE R is so much fun to drive. I’ve had it two and half years now, and people turn their head every time I pull up somewhere. They’re always telling me how beautiful the car is. It’s racing red with a black interior and a black top with gorgeous 20-inch wheels. It’s just a beautiful car and with the big supercharged V8, everyone hears you pull up. I wish I had a chance to take it on a racetrack, but I just don’t have the time.

What attracted you to the I-PACE?

When you have a family of five you always need space, so we were looking for an SUV. We’ve always had a seven-passenger SUV, but one of my daughters just went off to college, so now a five-passenger SUV will be large enough. When I looked at the I-PACE I could see that it was a typical first-class product made by Jaguar, with top of the line appointments and great looks. It doesn’t look like a typical SUV, and on top of that, being electric was very appealing. I’ve looked at Tesla in the past and was never impressed with their interiors or looks of the car, but when I saw the I-PACE, I said that’s something I’d like to drive. My wife loved it as well. She’ll probably drive it more than I do because she sells real estate and that’s what she’ll take clients out in. It’s definitely going to be a conversation piece and everyone’s going to be looking at her when she’s driving it around the neighborhood. When we go out to dinner with the family I can’t fit everybody in the F-TYPE so having the I-PACE available, with its space and luxury, will be great. We’ll also use it when we travel to see family during the holidays.

What do you do on the weekends for fun?

We’re a very busy family. The kids are involved in marching band so we go to all their competitions and events. We love to go to the theatre and we love to go out to dinner. We probably eat out 6-7 days a week. I’m a big sports nut, we support our local teams here. We entertain a lot, and we’re constantly on the go, I don’t like to sit still. I love to play golf, I play at least four times a week. Besides my wife and my three daughters it’s my passion.

How much did you know about EV technology before buying the I-PACE?

I didn’t know much about EV technology before buying the I-PACE. I’ve read up online and I love techy stuff. I love computers and the latest audio and visual technology, and I love cars. I’m a car nut.

Have you owned an EV before?

I haven’t. As I mentioned I’m not a fan of Tesla’s finishes and I haven’t been impressed with any of the luxury hybrids out there. The I-PACE will be our first EV and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Especially my kids. Getting the first one in the country is going to be amazing.

Crown Jaguar, in St. Petersburg has been phenomenal for us. The service I get from them is fantastic, and that made a big difference too. They’re 35 miles from my house but I’ve bought six Jaguar vehicles from them including this I-PACE just because of the service level I get from those guys. I trust them and feel good about what they do. I know they’re going to take care of me.

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I’m curious to see the Monroney label for this. doesn’t have figures for the I-Pace yet that I can find.

“They’re 35 miles from my house but I’ve bought six Jaguar vehicles from them including this I-PACE just because of the service level I get from those guys. I trust them and feel good about what they do. I know they’re going to take care of me.”

Talking about teslafanboys…. Oh wait!

Of course being a Jaguar owner, you get to know the service department really well!

The same can be said about Tesla, I got rid of my Model X because I got sick of going to my service center so frequently.

I’m in the same boat with my X. What did you replace yours with. I’m looking.

I’m getting an I-Pace, it’ll arrive in December I went for a custom configuration so there are a few First Editions ahead of me. Fortunately I kept my 2014 BMW i3 (original owner) as a secondary car so I pre-traded my Model X, and can continue to drive electric in the mean time. One key reason I went for the I-Pace is I liked the size of it. Where the Audi e-tron is the size of a BMW X5, the I-Pace is X3 sized, and something I’ve come to like from my i3 I like the I-Pace’s short front end. Of course the front end isn’t as short as an i3’s, but it’s not as long as the Model X’s, or as long as the e-tron’s appears to be. I also like it’s different design, I’ve seen it in person it’s one part sports car, one part sports sedan, and two parts SUV. The reason I say two parts SUV is it has inherited some real off road ability from Land Rover, being able to handle 20 inches of water is a good thing if you live in a hurricane prone area like I do.

Ignore all the thumbs down. Too many Tesla worshipers on here. Most people know that the model X has been known to be garbage with quality and electrical issues. But the fanboys want you to bite back your tongue, deal with it, and just be grateful you have a Tesla. Thank you for being honest about your experience.


Lucas, inventors of the intermittent wipers…

And apparently enough garage space for all six? I know no Tesla owner who has more than two Tesla’s. Yeah, this guy is definitely a Jaguar fanboi.

There is nothing wrong with Loyalty.

The good news is he’s is driving a BEV!

One of how many?

For how many miles before selling it?
0 knowledge about EV.
Just buying it because is trending, that what the interview means.


I am happy for him, maybe you can be as well or just peace out !

No one said the other.

just go and read the meaning of FUD:,_uncertainty_and_doubt

Happy about someone that doesn’t care about what is he buying just for trending?
Of course!

So EV sales should be limited to EV fanatics?

Maybe with people with knowledge about what are they driving.

My mum and aunt own iPhones and they haven’t got a clue how to use them. Should I confiscate them because they’re wasted on them?
You ll find most consumers make decisions based on what others do. Not everyone s a trend setter. Grow up!

What’s the problem here?

If he keeps the car for 30 years that’s great for progress. If he sells it next year then that’s someone else driving a discounted EV that’s great for progress as well, and he’ll probably get another EV to replace it, two EVs that are great for progress.

There’s no downside here, the guy is buying a quality vehicle that’s more responsible toward health and environment.

“There’s no downside here, the guy is buying a quality vehicle that’s more responsible toward health and environment.”

Or because it’s a Jaguar, nothing more.

His intention is not relevant here, what matters is the result. Jaguar has a practical EV that appeals to some buyers outside the social responsibility demographic.

Not every buyer cares about these issues, but give them a superior product and they will carry the banner of positive change without needing to be an active participant.

That’s after all the whole point behind Tesla, to make a practical car that wasn’t just a compliance vehicle, because you can’t win everyone with slogans, you have to make something they would actually DESIRE to buy.

So good on Jaguar for getting with that program imho.

If you’re right about that it’s great. They can just drive and go around without knowing how the car works “inside”.

Are supposed to have a PHD I BEVs before qualifying to buy one?

Well, he’s obviously a Jag groupie, but he didn’t say they currently have 6 Jags– from the interview it sounds like they have two (not incl. the i-Pace), and one of those is the daughter’s that just went off to college.

You can be a car enthusiast and not be a fan boy…..

So the guy has had a good experience with the dealer, and gave them a shout out…..

This is a good thing. More choices and more buyers.

We need more competition in this field so we can grow the EV market faster.

I just hope Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes are serious enough to offer more choices and enough quantity to meet all demands.

Once he gets the EV bug, he may not want to go back to gassers.

Who does?

I personally want all my cars to be 100% Electric !

With superchargers! each at least 20 stalls.


The more the merrier.

“My wife loved it as well. She’ll probably drive it more than I do because she sells real estate and that’s what she’ll take clients out in.”…

“I didn’t know much about EV technology before buying the I-PACE. I’ve read up online and I love techy stuff. I love computers and the latest audio and visual technology, and I love cars. I’m a car nut.”

I guess he’ll learn first hand that he can’t charge his I-PACE at the many Tesla Supercharging Stations found all over Florida and the rest of the country.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

what makes you think that he isn’t aware of that or that he cares about Teslas supercharger.

Well I will give the clueless a clue:

Mr. Pascarella stated, “I didn’t know much about EV technology before buying the I-PACE….”

It depends on what he meant by “much” in that sentence.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t know about Tesla’s Superchargers. The family has ICE Jaguars as well, so they can just take it if going on a road trip; or temporarily swap vehicles for the duration of a given road trip.

Do you really think this man can’t afford to simply have a portable charging station put into his home? I doubt he’ll be doing five to seven hundred mile road trips in this. The car has enough range for you to daily drive it and be more than okay, and I’m pretty sure that’s all he’s requiring. Don’t be pissed off just because he’s not licking Tesla’s feet the way you fanboys think everyone should. What’s wrong with other options and more competition?

He is regular business person, not some EV zealot who forces his family to suffer wasting time at chargers.

They have plenty of gas powered Jags already for cross state trips, with option to refuel in 5 minutes on every corner.

You can go back to sleep now… 😴

In Russia at the troll farm.

Says Comrade zzzz the shill for big oil and their completely subsidized hydrogen hoax diversionary tactics against EVs.

“Regular businessman” Eats out 6 or 7 days a week, plays golf 4 days a week, has owned 7 Jags – agh yeah….

Yes that’s the plan..poo poo ev charging network and all Evs CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS

“My wife loved it as well. She’ll probably drive it more than I do because she sells real estate and that’s what she’ll take clients out in.”

A good choice. Plenty of range. Smooth air ride suspension. Roomy raised seating. Excellent outward visibility. Everybody gets their own temp and vent controls. Easy entry and exit. Quiet interior for conversation. Robust cooling and heating. Clients will love it.

From one Jaguar owner (2017 F-Type – Manual Trans) to another…Congratulations and best of luck!!

Is there an undertone of sarcasm in there?

It shouldn’t be. He is going to an ev…chances are it will be a much better experience and maybe have more of a distant relationship with their service department going forward.

Excellent choice on the manual transmission good sir!!!

I’m sure they will sell all that they manage to build. Wonder how many they are planning on building a year? If they can manage 100K than that’s a good start.

I’ve read numbers between 13k-15k

20k was the top end number.

Yes, that’s I saw as well. Which is quite reasonable for now — Jag isn’t and never was a high-volume brand. In their place, while I’d certainly continue EV R&D, I’d wait before committing to brand new BEV models until there was enough of an i-Pace fleet on the road so they can learn whatever lessons need to be learned and fix design issues.

This is the first one? What took Jaguar so long they must be close to bankruptcy or have a crazy CEO LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS CO2.EARTH

“This is the first one? What took Jaguar so long they must be close to bankruptcy or have a crazy CEO” – 😀

Don’t you have a tree to hug?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It broke……

U have something against trees, punk?!

Mark, you’re from California… Just imaging a Sequoia hugging _him_ with its entire weight (-;

Well, he looks wealthy, and is a lifetime Jaguar owner. My guess is he got bumped up to the top of the list.

Well, this is a pretty boring article. I’m more interested in how they like it a week, month and year into ownership. They’ve got the first one – I guess that’s good. How many are Jag going to actually send to the states?

At least one.

And in 6 months, which of their many cars are getting the most driving? That will be really telling.

Maybe he will sell it when he couldn’t drive far enough.
Just saying.

Or maybe some of the clients that get their first ride in an EV will explore further. Some may choose Tesla, other Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Chevy or ??
Oh wait, I forgot, the ONLY logical choice for anyone looking at any new vehicle is Tesla.

Not the only logical choice, no. Certainly an excellent choice. It wouldn’t be logical, for example, to try to buy a Tesla if you had no money. Or if you were Amish. Or perhaps found a place on earth where there is no electricity at all.

I might as well be reading what someone ate for breakfast and why. And why after eating the same cereal for years, then didn’t want to try a different brand, and started eating the low calorie version of the same cereal.

I’m glad dude that you found a brand that you can bond with. Not judging you for that, but after reading about your life, it just reinforced how boring life can be if you let it be.

For starters it is more than the number of Model 3’s in the hands of customers in Europe.
Every car maker has to start somewhere when they are introducing a new model into a country.

He looks like the type of human to be against Tesla. Funny thing is he himself doesn’t have style. baggy clothes

I see plenty of people with no sense of style in Teslas. However, yes baggy slacks were out more than a decade ago.


There are a lot of crazy rich people out there that do not dress fancy or flashy, sometime just jeans and sweatshirt!

You know, a lot of people have this opinion that a Tesla interior is not up to snuff in terms of luxury, and I could not disagree more. However, at the end of the day, someone bought a BEV and that’s something to celebrate. Good on ya, man. Take that passion for EVs and pass it along.

I agree with you. People whining about Tesla’s interiors are really just saying that they don’t like the design. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. Different strokes. But there’s nothing wrong with the quality, and I’m really tired of people lying about it and saying there is.

I would say, set an appointment at your nearest Tesla showroom and just sit in the Model S or X for 10 minutes and have a good look/feel around. Afterwards go to your nearest used car lot. Offleaseonly is great if one’s nearby you – they leave most of their cars unlocked so you can check them out without getting hassled. Then sit in any Luxury brand midsized sedan or SUV (that if new would be roughly the same price as a Tesla). Aesthetics aside, there is a night and day difference in the quality and thought put into the interiors and ergonomics….

Maybe quality is subjective?

Some people think of quality as extra padding on the leather under their butts. Others consider quality as having a cutting edge interface and modern features instead of the common five inch GPS screen from the early 2000s.

To each his own, either one can be considered the definition of quality and luxury, could be hardware, could be software, could be a ratio, you get what suits your specific taste and age.

I’m a model S owner (2013 P85+) and I’ve owned BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover (among other) vehicles. I’ve test driven a 2015 Merc S550. And I still say Teslas are head and shoulders above the rest.

Sure, if you want built-in perfume spraying or a multicolour interior lighting system, get a mercedes. If you want a modern, up to date infotainment system (second to none!), stunning driving dynamics, incredible efficiency, station-wagon-like carrying capacity, then Tesla is your thing.

All car companies now use the same materials for construction – Leather/Leatherette, Aluminum, Plastic, sometimes wood or carbon fibre. Tesla uses the same materials as the “other guys”. Their panels are straight, contrary to BS to the contrary. Stitching is straight. No hollow sounds or cheap components.

Just look at the sales figures – Teslas keep going up in sales, everything else is down. At least in north america. So I’m not alone in my assessment. I spent >$100k on my S, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. BMW, Merc & Audi all honestly feel like a big step down for me. So I’m someone who actually slapped down the cash to buy. Have you?

You are right, but IMHO cars are about engines and safety and such stuff. Not about luxury and finish. Same as food is about health and vitamins, not about looks.

They’re entitled to their opinions. Why even care. I certainly don’t agree with them and they certainly aren’t going to agree with me. All that I know is that my commute is far better now than during that last 6 cars of driving luxury brands. That’s all I care about.

Poor F-Type and F-Pace. The EV arrived. The I-Pace has really nice handling, especially compared to the F-Pace.

They got the first iPace *before it went on sale in US* — this is obviously an advert. I don’t believe any of the scripted commentary. Lets have a real review by a real buyer without biases. I hope they will like it.

It’s believable enough – there’s almost no there, there. What do they really say? He’s a Jag fanboi who doesn’t like Tesla design and decided to try the hot new thing, now that it’s from brand he’s comfortable with. There’s absolutely no reason why that couldn’t be 100% authentic. It says nothing of substance, makes no claims. It’s so pointless, I’m not even sure why it was published.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Is there even an EPA sticker for it yet?
Can’t really be sold if there isn’t.

Car makers can get a very limited number waiver if there is a delay in the process and sell before the official numbers based upon provisional numbers

publicity stunt, nothing more.

Huh? It’s not a review and doesn’t pretend to be one. There’s zero detail about the car or driving it. He also isn’t necessarily a real car nut — I see no references to handling, acceleration, steering etc. He’s clearly a brand groupie (who isn’t trying to hide the fact), and says he bought the car based on how the interior looked.
He’s just happy he’s the first to get the car in the US, and says so in an (obviously edited by Jag’s PR) interview. That doesn’t make it fake or scripted.

It’s pretty clear he had connections to be able to obtain a car that isn’t being sold yet (or, just as likely, the dealer pulled strings, which isn’t surprising for such a numerous repeat customer of $100K cars. Hell, he even got his daughter the “cheap” $50K+ F-Pace — I shudder how that car will make out in a college environment…)

There have been ~700 delivered globally, so there are already multiple online forums devoted to the car, with lots of data from owners and others, for anyone interested in it.

Sounds like they bought the right EV that meets their own needs and that is all that matters. Good for them!!

Yeah regardless of his choice this is great toward progress. Also considering a jaguar executive was quoted as pondering the move to 100 percent EVs, the more people showing support toward that decision the better for the company’s direction and ultimately humanity.

Every little drop in the ocean helps, it can add up quickly.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The title should read….
“Once a Jag fan always a Jag Fan!”.

Cool. Yeah it’s a great looking car inside and out.

Seeing it by myself, disagreee.

Let’s not hate, let’s wish them many long road trips.

“many long road trips”
Thats a joke, isn’t it?

Even TeslaBjorn thinks that the I-Pace is a good car and he did a long trip in one from Norway to Southern Germany. It is all on YouTube if you’d care to look.

What applies in the USA about charging and long trips is not the same everywhere. Even here in the UK there are large parts of the country with zero Superchargers but at least Tesla owners can use any Type 2 charger like all the i3’s, Leafs and even I-Paces’s. No adapter needed either.

I had the same reaction as this guy – although I probably make around 1/10th of what this guy does. I’d imagine $70-80K isn’t a really big piece of Coin for him…. But I find myself agreeing with his initial impressions. I saw the I-Pace at the Rochester Drive Electric (NY) event, and, at first, I didn’t even realize it was Jag – I thought it was a private custom build since the seats were so luxurious. There are apparently negatives to this car, as for instance not that great efficiency, but, if the car ends up being much more reliable than the typical JAG (it is built in Austria by Canadian Magna – who has experience making all kinds of different cars successfully – perhaps a good thing?) I’m sure this couple will find their purchase of their first EV a good choice for them. Interesting is the fact that Jaguar is spending a fair amount advertising the car, as well as their consideration of COMPLETELY eliminating ICE powered vehicles from their LINE UP of fine cars. That is a Sea Change for a long time major manufacturer. It would be handy if one of these future vehicles had… Read more »

Curious, when did you place order? I ordered mine first week in August. Sarasota dealer doesn’t even have demo yet! Congrats!

Wait until they take a road trip and find out that the two fast charge stations are being used by Chevy Bolts and have to wait an hour to charge.

How many Jaguar i-Pace cars will be delivered in the US in 2018?

About 1,000?

Good to hear it’s not a ZEV state, electric cars should roll out like any other car instead of giving ZEV states priority.

Good for him! I know there are zealots on both sides, but I hope someone I know buys an I-Pace so I can go for a ride and compare it with the X.

Jaguar marketing would have been much better off not mentioning Tesla in their marketing for EV sale number #1 in NA.

Seriously……Jaguar….1, Tesla….240,000

Hope to see Jaguar I-Pace in October dashboard. Being the 1st month and only a partial month, sales will be very low.
This model is just 1 among the few dedicated EVs like Tesla Model-3/S/X, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3.
If they sell well, they continue, otherwise they go down.

Congratulations Mrs & Mr. Pascarella on buying a clean green vehicle like Jaguar I-Pace.
You have done a good deed for your
Children, Parents, Siblings
Relatives, Neighbors, Friends
Animals, Plants and this whole Planet Earth.

Enjoy every drive.

I see some Tesla fans are really ticked by this post. Better get used to it. There are a few that don’t like Tesla’s design so naturally they will go for a Jag and bash Tesla a little. So what? It’s their taste and right and at the end of the day they end up driving ev…so it all works out for the best.

I really can’t wait to see what happens over the next 2 or 3 years. Pretty much every premium OEM will have a luxury/high end EV released and whether Tesla fans like it or not, some are inevitably going to be better than a Tesla. This is obviously going to be reported and written about and the Tesla fans just aren’t going to be able to handle it. They’re already throwing as much FUD and drivel as they can at other OEMs whenever they announce an upcoming EV out of fear that their beloved Tesla is under threat, it’s going to be hilarious when they are actually released and turn out to be better cars.

Better cars?
That’s subjective?
On your explanation you say that.

A better car is not the one who wins all the (pre-paid) prices.

This read like more of an advertisement than an article.

Matter of taste. I have two cars. The FFV just sits now. I move it once a week. My other car is a base Kia Soul EV. It’s well-built, no problems, has a 100+ range, and charges quickly. It gets 5.2 miles per KWH. Solar powered. It’s all we need. I find it handsome and functional. We’re pretty poor.
I wouldn’t buy the Teslas because they’re sedans and/or expensive. Leafs are sedans. Bolts are, too. The Kia Soul is a nose-box style, huge inside.
I’ve almost got the semi-tractor OTR son to look at a Semi when they’re available, to replace his Volvo rig.

The guy should be in PR service because his words are like ready to be printed on a flyer…

„my daughter has an F-Pace“

Wow she’s 18 and he already bought her a 44K dollar car. Nice job. She probably never worked in her life for real. Ok maybe she’s helping daddy or mommy but you know…
I think it’s kind of a bummer that kids in those families don’t really learn about the value of money and of course rich people don’t value the environment as well in general (there are exceptions). Otherwise you wouldn’t buy your daughter an F-Pace when you could also get her a Corolla or so. But you know that would be disastrous for their status as rich guys. Because everything hast to be about owning and owning and owning more expensive stuff. That’s not the answer to environmental problems. It’s the exact reason why we environmental problems.

Great city car. Someday, when 100KW+ infrastructure is widely available it should even work well for long distances. Well, if Jaguar fixes the 84KW charging cap it currently appears to have that is.

I’m like that he has his tastes and that he knows what he likes. I already figured the comment section was going to be loaded with Tesla worshippers pissed off that he isn’t running after Elon Musk, debit card in hand. I swear, some of these Tesla fans act like Tesla should be the ONLY automaker left, everyone else should just shut their doors, and the all consumers should buy a Tesla, or walk everywhere. A monopoly has never been a good thing for a market. What made you guys think that Tesla would be the only one standing when it came to electric vehicles??

I guess they never leave town on trips or vacations in their Jags. Maybe he owns a gas station or two? No chargers for an I-Pace around yet . QUOTE=We’ll also use it when we travel to see family during the holidays.

Mmmm… I think They forget the fact that their jaguar are not compatible with the superchargers! Lol instead of 40 minutes with superchargers, they Will take 2H of charge with regular public fast charging stations 400v