Jaguar Delays Some I-Pace Deliveries Due To Manufacturing Issues / Prioritization


It seems that the more expensive “First Edition” variants are being built first

Jaguar is scheduled to ship out their first all-electric vehicle later this year. Dubbed the I-Pace, this small SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle) is certainly one of the most appealing EVs to come to the market in 2018. The high-interest rates were translated into reservations for this vehicle, making it one of the most sought of after vehicles in recent years. But, there seem to be some issues regarding its production and delivery dates.

According to Electrek, some customers have been issued delivery dates pushed back for several months. The dealers are stating the delays are due to “manufacturing issues,” while the company itself is stating they are simply “prioritizing” orders for just a few customers.

When the Jaguar I-Pace was launched, it took the automotive world by storm. Its impressive looks, modern interior, the impressive manufacturer stated range and the performance aspect to boot, made the I-Pace one of the most highly coveted items in the car world. Many rushed in to get their deposits, as big wait times were expected, thanks mostly to the hype surrounding the car. Customers were told by the British car maker that they might secure a delivery by the end of the year – if they reserved a vehicle early – and now, they are faced with a possible delivery date being pushed by months.

When Electrek contacted Jaguar, they got a confirmation about the production date start (scheduled for later this summer) and were told that some I-Pace customers are experiencing delays due to “prioritization”. While Jaguar may want to spin things around, it doesn’t look like customers are buying it. Call it what you want to call it, but a delay is still a delay – especially if you were promised a vehicle at a certain date.

“In some instances individual customers may have been informed of a delay regarding their order. This will be due to prioritisation of market specific orders to best meet the exceptional demand.”

The “prioritization” – to some – is making a significant impact on the vehicle delivery dates. To bring more light to the story, Electrek reveals that several reservation holders have contacted them and confirmed the production delay issue. For instance, one reservation holder based in the UK told them that he placed a £1,000 deposit on March 5th, 2018. During that time, while not knowing too much about the vehicle itself, was told by the British car maker that placing a deposit then and there, would secure him a late 2018 delivery date.

Later in May, the customer was invited to his local Jaguar dealership to see the car in person. That’s when he configured his order: Jaguar I-Pace SE in metallic red, coming with a standard metal roof, standard suspension, a set of upgraded Matrix LED lights, a heads-up display, and the driver assistance package. Even then, Jaguar insisted that everything will go according to schedule: the customer was given a build date start of August 31 and the delivery to the dealership was scheduled for September 28 – well within 2018, as promised.

Even as July 20th approached – the last day the customer could modify the order – he was still confident that his vehicle would arrive on time. Instead of changing his order, this would-be I-Pace owner called the dealership to ensure everything is going according to plan. But, an unwelcome surprise was in stall. The dealership informed the customer that a  “manufacturing delay” was at hand, and gave him a new February 6th delivery date – over 4 months over his original delivery date.

According to Jaguar, the first customer deliveries are still planned to start “late this summer”. Various sources reveal that none of the orders that have been delayed are the First Edition. Starting at $86,895 instead of $70,495, the First Edition is much more expensive than the standard version. While still unconfirmed, it looks like that Jaguar is doing a similar business move as Tesla did with the Model 3; they are producing the more expensive and much more lucrative models first.

“After the successful launch of I-PACE, Jaguar’s all-electric performance SUV, production is now focussed on meeting the exceptional customer demand. Since launch, we have confirmed that customer deliveries will be taking place from late summer of this year and this is still the correct timeline.”

Jaguar I-Pace
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Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace

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“It seems that the more expensive “First Edition” variants are being built first”

False…. I ordered First Edition, and I too have been notified of a delay in delivery.

Yeah, delivery of imaginary vehicles always seems to take forever right? 5,6,7,8 electrics has that same problem!


Like the imaginary EV’s Built by : Ford, FCA , GM, BMW , Mercedes, Audi , VW etc: I can go on but I won’t !

If you posted a list of all the vaporware EV announcements from VW over the years, it would probably exceed the length allowed in a post here!

@David Green said: “I ordered First Edition [Jaguar I-Pace] and I too have been notified of a delay in delivery…”


There is a delay for *all* Jaguar I-Pace deliveries…

As is normal for a new production model the more expensive Jaguar I-Pace “First Edition” variants will get priority production and delivery… those cars jump to the head of the line to help offset the high initial cost of production ramp-up.

If this was Tesla instead of Jaguar…

Jim Chanos and his anti-Tesla wolf pack would (aka alias) be bombarding this comment thread about how this delay and production priority for the expensive Jaguar I-Pace variants is evidence that Jaguar is “worthless” “has zero value” (Jim Chanos words about Tesla).

For the Jim Chanos anti-Tesla gang:

Time to cut-away from Jim Chanos and pull your reserve chute to save your own skin while you can… following Jim into the grave is too much for Jim to ask of any wolf pack subordinate investment associate.

Three members of Jim’s Chanos anti-Tesl have recently bailed… Steve Eisman has stepped in to throw Chanos a lifeline… blood in the water.

Time to short Jim Chanos and cash in… there is profit in that.

As I mentioned below, Waymo probably took your production capacity. Big orders command attention, and Google has ordered 20,000.

@Seven Electrics said: “…Waymo probably took your production capacity…”

Hopefully Jaguar does not let the google/Waymo order backseat regular consumer orders because many of those consumers will likely take offense and jump over to that other EV maker that start with a T… that already has in place a convenient and reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips. I’m thinking Jaguar understands that dynamic and won’t let those early consumers wanting to order an I-Pace to slip away from them to a competitor.

“…Up to 20,000 vehicles to join Waymo’s fleet in the first two years of production…” source:

So those 20k is over first two years production … and is “up to” meaning may be less. This google/Waymo order should not disrupt regular consumer deliveries unless Jaguar plans on first two years being very low production volume.

In any event, hats off to Jaguar for securing the google/Waymo deal… it’s a well deserved vote of confidence for Jaguar I-Pace!

“..there seem to be some issues regarding its production and delivery dates..”

I wonder if the haters and shorters are gonna jump all over Jaguar now..

haha! Except Tata just reported great earnings and sales growth… Not much to short about…

Like this one

I don’t think so, the haters and shorters only hate American companies that employ American people.

What are you talking about? I love my GMC Denali pickup… Will buy another one next year…

Yeah, Nix outed you for writing “posts on Duramax diesel truck forums, laughing about rolling coal…”

So many EV forums on which to post anti-Tesla FUD, so little time… I noticed you carpet bombing one of the Clean Technica articles with literally dozens of anti-Tesla FUD comments, too.

If you don’t get paid for all your serial Tesla bashing, how do you find the time? Seriously.

Nix is a little kid, he did not see me on Duramax forum, because i have never posted on there. BTW… What is rolling coal?

I can be on here because I have a well managed business that supports our family, years of savings, and have made great investments.

“What is rolling coal?”

LOL! “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Of all the possible denials you could make up, that one is the funniest.

Don’t worry, I won’t dox your other forum identity. That wasn’t the point of my previous post.

Please dox away… You will only show yourself to be ignorant.

“BTW… What is rolling coal?”

So… you’re pretending not to know what “rolling coal” is, just as you pretend you don’t have a “short” investment in Tesla stock.

At least you’re consistent. 😉

It would also be nice if we got more InsideEV’s post that *don’t* generally have at least one person writing a comment along the lines of “I wonder how the haters will react to this”.

Please, let us ignore the haters. They’re not worth it 🙂

@Will said: “… Please, let us ignore the haters. They’re not worth it..”

Most EV “haters” are against Tesla and are driven by the anti-Tesla Jim Chanos wolf pack.

Best way to deal with that is to push it back in their face same as you do with a school bully… ignoring them just eggs them on… they take it as a sign of weakness which they feed on.

My push back:

I once a week drive my Tesla to my local Dunkin Donuts and order a dozen… it’s my small contribution of pushing back. I encourage all Tesla owners to do the same… there are enough Tesla owners that this small act has a big ramification to pushing back Jim Chanos.

Jim Chanos has shorted Dunkin Donuts… and thus far Jim has lost big time on that short position… same as Jim has lost big time on shorting Tesla.

Dunkin’ Donuts Responds to Its Short-Seller Jim Chanos:

Coming Soon:
The Chanos donut… exclusively at Dunkin Donuts… fluffy on the outside and hallow in the middle.

“Best way to deal with that is to push it back in their face same as you do with a school bully… ignoring them just eggs them on… they take it as a sign of weakness which they feed on.”

Bang on the mark, thanks!

Ignore an ordinary troll, and they go away. These Tesla Death Cultists don’t, because they have a real agenda: Trying to manipulate Tesla’s stock price to benefit their “short” agenda. As someone on Clean Technica said, it’s like betting on a horse to lose the race and then doping the horse to make sure it loses.

As the Prarie Chicken used to squawk, all the way back in 1832, “that just makes way too much Horse Sense”.

The D.D. “Chanos Donut”, will definitely be “fluffy” and “hallow”, but there will also be tons of Shortening, added into the mix!

Yes, if left alone, they just echo-chamber between each other. They don’t go away. Their goal is to flood out actual Tesla content, and insert their own alternate reality.

They will not leave this site if they are ignored. Anyone who thinks so is engaging in fantasy thinking. And the next 3-6 months are going to be worse than anything we’ve seen so far.

Facebook is finding out how damaging it is to allow their platform to be abused.

“Most EV “haters” are against Tesla and are driven by the anti-Tesla Jim Chanos wolf pack.”

I would split that into 2 groups:
1) Those directly driven by shorting
2) Those who simply co-opt the shorter’s talking points like a parrot for whatever their own motivations to hate Tesla/Musk happen to be. They might object to your characterization, but they are unwittingly allowing themselves to be driven by the anti-Tesla shorter wolf pack, and might not even know it.

Shorting a stock Brings More Bad Karma to the Shorter than it does to the company they are Hoping and Betting on to Fail…..The Shorters Themselves will “Short Out” Crash , Burn and Desist !

Jaguar Land Rover only sold about 621,109 vehicles in 2017, which means that a major new electric vehicle program is going to have a big impact on the company. I wish them all the best as they get through their own production heck. This vehicle is a direct shot at Tesla’s line up which means that they’re humble enough to know that Tesla made some smart moves. One of them was selling your high margin vehicle in the best markets first while production ramps up.

Jaguar is taking the time to get the car right before shipping it, there is a lesson here for Tesla, people with early Model 3’s wish Tesla had delayed them a bit longer , and finished the development and testing.

How is it you’re speaking for everything who has a Model 3? People seem generally happy with it as far as I can tell. Are you speaking as an owner?

As for the I-Pace, what do you mean? They’re starting deliverers despite “manufacturing issues.” How are they simultaneously having issues and getting it right? Are you just spreading an anti-Tesla narrative?

You’re wasting your breath.

Actually its just a bit of difference… Where as Tesla went radio silent as Model 3 was in production, only giving customers dates as the cars were in production, Jaguar has sent their customers notice months in advance, 3 months is my case. Also they are not officially delayed, as the dates previously given were called approximate. I have heard reports of between 3 weeks and 4 months postponement. Either way, its nice to know months in advance.

I don’t understand what you’re getting at, sorry. I’m happy you enjoyed your delay?

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE . Approximate ..means: More or Less.. See what I mean?

Tesla *did* delay the Model 3. First production began a year ago, but didn’t do any kind of volume for at least nine months. That said, they didn’t delay enough, but there were more serious considerations, like running out of cash.

Have another drink !

I have driven one of those early Model 3’s built in November 2017, man, that thing is a POS… My buddy works for SpaceX, I am certain there is some backdoor deal to get those employees a better car later, although of course my buddy signed an NDA and will not say anything.

You Drove No Such Car , That was an old diesel jetta that you drove…Such “BS”……..lmao

It’s amazing how many Tesla Death Cult members pretend to own or drive Tesla cars.

You would think that anyone who hates Tesla cars so much wouldn’t pretend to have ever so much as touched one!

BTW, “David Green” — Extra troll points for name-dropping SpaceX. We don’t care who your imaginary friends are, either.

Too bad there wasn’t a similar delay in you ramping up the volume of your Tesla Death Cult posts.

Tesla makes some great cars, some not so great. But whatever one you manage get, do you really want to be associated with this crowd of aggressive psychos? It is like joining Jonestown, whatever car.

I own a Tesla. Every other Tesla owner I’ve ever come across has been super respectful, super helpful, and very unassuming. Don’t confuse the overly-vocal keyboard tough-guys with the actual Tesla owners. And if anything, I’ve heard more vitriole from the haters than the Tesla owners.

Seven Electrics said: “Tesla *did* delay the Model 3”

1) Actually Tesla ACCELERATED the production of the Model 3. The original announced timeline for the beginning of Model 3 production was “Late 2017”, and they moved that up to July 2017. Source: Model 3 reveal video available here in insideev’s archives.

2) You have created an interesting much broader re-definition of “delayed” where it includes not hitting production ramp-up numbers after production begins. Fine. But based on that definition, the Volt, Leaf, iMiev, Bolt, 2nd gen Volt, i3, Toyota RAV4 EV, etc, etc were all “delayed” by that definition, because they didn’t hit their original production goals AT ALL, much less in their original time frame. And that doesn’t even address all the plug-ins that never bothered to announce any targets. *shrug*

Model 3 is the Greatest mid sized car ever build ..Superior to all their EV Competition and Forget Especially the “ICE Relics” that are not even in the same League and cannot be compared ! Superior in every way Shape and Form, And Then More ! …

Prove that is the reason.

The Back Log speaks for itself!

I thought that Russian trolls were only in Facebook………

Nope, they sort of own this forum as well, ROFLOL!

Sadly, no. Several of the Usual Suspects likely collect paychecks from Russian troll farms.

ROTF…LMFAO … They’ll show Tesla how it’s Done… I THINK NOT !!!!!!

“…people with early Model 3’s wish Tesla had delayed them a bit longer…”

…said no real Tesla car owner or reservation holder, ever.

Real Tesla car owners can, and have, delayed their order to wait for Tesla to iron out early quality issues. That goes back at least to the days of early Model S production, if not to early Roadster production.

Really sad how an article on the Jaguar I-Pace has turned into just another excuse for the Tesla Death Cultists to post their hater FUD. 🙁

That goes double for you, “David Green”. You’ve been a strong advocate for the I-Pace on the InsideEVs Forum, yet here you are just regurgitating your Tesla Death Cult FUD, over and over again.

How is it a direct shot at Tesla’s lineup? Same size as the Model 3, but priced closer to the Model X.

Jaguar has marketed the I-Pace as competing head-to-head with the Model X. I find that rather strange, since the Model X is a seven-seater, and the I-Pace is a 5-seater, like the Model S or the Model 3.

The I-Pace is much better at off-roading, but again that’s not directly comparable; Tesla makes no off-roading claims for the MX.

What Jaguar’s comparison really shows is that they know Tesla is the market leader in EVs.

Now can we jump on Jaguar for overpromising and under delivering.
I won’t but as the saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Speaking of the latest cooked goose, in the room of some of most anticipated EV launches EVer, the much vaunted Jaguar I-Pace, is ramping up supply into an already constrained production schedule.

The Very Compelling Jaguar I-Pace, needs its kitty to be pretty, before it’s let loose, out to prowl around and hunt The Tesla, in the wild!

You mean a car maker not named Tesla has production delays and makes the most expensive cars first? I thought only Tesla did that. /S

Delays are common in the automotive industry. It is just that having pre-orders now exposes those delays more to the public.

Traditionally an ICE car company would build out a whole bunch of units they store in lots, and ship them around to dealerships, and keep them under embargo until they announce the start of sales. Then they magically appear for sale all at the same time in thousands of dealerships across the US as they issue a press release. Sometimes if you skulk around dealer back lots or secondary lots you can find some interesting cars….

This also makes hiding delays super easy. They just wait a bit for the press release, or stock fewer cars per dealership before the official release for sales.

So they doing a Tesla and you guys are hating but don’t hate on Tesla, Hypocrisy

Actually they are just pointing out the trolls hypocrisy of not giving the same treatment to Jag as to Tesla…somehow you missed the point. I doubt that anyone here actually hates Jag for bringing this car to market…whenever that may happen.
Anyway, gorgeous car…i hope to see it on the CA roads soon.

I’m sure Waymo’s 20K order had much to do with these delays.

OMG! A comment from Eleventy Pretend Electrics that wasn’t about Tesla!

You better sit down after that, dude! It must have been quite a strain.

“Production delays” happen even to the best of companies.

I have a customized “S” model on order (the base model). The slated delivery was 1/9/19. However, when I checked with Jaguar dealer today, it got bumped to 12/14/18! I did not get the matrix LED on my order. That may have bumped me up!


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not laughing at Jaguar. I’m laughing at all the Trolls whining about Tesla having production delays, and prioritising expensive variants.

Oh, and especially at those who suggested Tesla should have teamed up with Magna to avoid delays… MWAHAHAHAHA

The Dutch need to get their cars by September to qualify for the high tax deduction.

Correction: before end of year. Dutch imported reported more allocation for the Dutch market.

Fake news. Can’t be true, we’ve always been told by the anti-Tesla brigade than once legacy manufacturers start producing EVs they will just blow right past Tesla.
BTW, its a nice looking car, I’d be tempted it was cheaper but at that price, >>without access to an SC network<<, it seems very expensive to me for what you get, i dont want to be queuing for a chargepoint behind a Nissan or Kia.

SO….TESLA IS NOT THE ONLY ONE FACING “PRODUCTION HELL” THE BIG SHOT PRO’S ARE FINALLY ADMITTING THAT THEY’RE HAVING “PROBLEMS BUILDING EV’S” JUST LIKE THE “SO CALLED” INEXPERIENCED LITTLE CAR MAKER “TESLA” …Trust me Big Auto will have even more problems when they cannot get all the Batteries that they will need for mass production, among other un-forseeable issues that will present themselves.. Who’s Laughing Now!

Well it would be a big fail if they don’t secure the batteries for the number of EV’s they plan on building. This is no different than the contract I’m sure Tesla signed with Panasonic years ago prior to the giga factory being built.

Of course it’s different. It’s very different.

Tesla and Panasonic have a true partnership in Gigafactory 1. It is Tesla, not Panasonic, who has negotiated delivery of raw materials such as aluminum, copper, and lithium carbonate to Panasonic’s side of the factory. It is Tesla, not Panasonic, who decides the rate of cell production there.

Jaguar is just ordering battery cells from a vendor. Unlike Tesla, Jaguar (and every other auto maker except BYD) has no direct control of its supply of battery cells.

We can be sure that situation will change, as legacy auto makers turn to making EVs in large quantities. In fact, we’ve already seen news of that changing.

You forgot Nissan as a shining example of a car maker with its own cell production…

Nissan indeed is an example of what can go wrong with battery production. Nissan planned their Smyrna battery factory for 150,000 battery packs a year, and then just as they were getting started the Bush Depression struck and completely gutted the world economy. This was a double whammy to Nissan.

Not only did global credit markets dry up and kill people’s ability to borrow money to buy cars, oil prices also tanked. The two effects badly impacted the factory’s success. They just couldn’t ramp to their volume targets.

I’m not sure how the impacts of the Bush Recession and tanking oil prices play into what is going on now with batteries a decade later? Are you suggesting there will be a Trump Great Depression and a repeat of tanking oil prices that will cause history to repeat itself?

I’m not talking about the economy; I’m talking about how running their own cell production left them stranded with an inferior technology, and no easy way out…

I think Nissan is a “shining example” of an auto maker which picked the wrong battery maker to partner with.

It’s been pointed out that the VW eGolf, just like Nissan’s Leaf, has no active thermal management system. Yet we don’t see reports of significant numbers of eGolfs experiencing premature battery fade.

Apparently Nissan chose the wrong battery chemistry for its packs. Note they they bragged about their “lizard” battery pack, supposedly with better heat resistance, but that turned out to be very little better at resisting heat fade than its older batteries.

Instead of selling off its battery making division, AESC, Nissan should license better battery chemistry, from Panasonic or LG Chem or Samsung, for AESC to use. Otherwise, it’s going to be right back in the same place in just a few years, paying to build a new set of battery factories…. hopefully with a better partner next time.

The fact that they picked the “wrong” partner exactly illustrates the problem: running their own production, they don’t have the flexibility to just switch suppliers as needed.

Jaguar I-Pace hopefully will be a huge success for Jaguar… thus far has received great early reviews!

Thank you for posting a comment that’s actually about Jaguar — and not about some auto maker in Silicon Valley!

Jaguar has done a great job promoting the I-Pace. The other traditional car makers need take note what Jaguar has done right… traditional car marketing does not work for promoting EVs.

Out of (at the moment) 57 comments in this article about the I-Pace, an article in which only one sentence refers to Tesla or its cars, only 10 of the above (admittedly some of them mine) are not about Tesla, nor comments about the negative influence of those who post anti-Tesla FUD. (That’s a subjective count; some comments merely imply a reference to those topics.)

I’m not offering a solution. I’m just pointing out this is how bad the problem has become with the Tesla Death Cult’s infestation of comments here. I hope a solution will be found, but it’s up to InsideEVs’ staff to impose it.

Like with any “infestation”, the easiest thing to do is to probably just to let the Jaguar loose, and out into the wild, to help keep the critters under control, and where they actually belong.

The sacrificial altars, of the “Tesla Death Cult”, will have to take their offerings later, probably when they find Chanos himself, has climbed down from his lofty pulpit, and is partaking in the ceremony, as Jim, “The Sacrificial Lamb”!

The I-Pace will be produced under contract with Magna Steyr in Austria, which currently is also producing the Jaguar E-Pace, BMW 5 Series, and the Mercedes Benz G-Class. Magna Steyr, owned by Magna International, a Canadian company, I hear from a friend is a very good production company.

5 series is produced at the dingofling factory in Germany.

This whole pre-ordering cars has got to be one of the most ridiculous things to ever happen to the auto industry. Traditionally production begins before or around the same time orders are taken. I have zero sympathy for any auto company who decides to join in this poor marketing exercise. All they are bringing on themselves is negative press when they don’t make their imaginary deadlines. The amount of time and effort that goes into developing and releasing a car is monumental compared to something like a phone or a video game, so they shouldn’t be treating them like a phone or a video game. It leads down a long dark path that nothing good can come from. Look at the video game industry. A significant amount of games don’t make it for their release date, and even more of them are released on their release date but are far from finished, full of bugs and often unplayable. This is often due to pressure from publishers or developers wanting a cash injection before release. Check out No Mans Sky or Kingdom Come: Deliverance for examples. This is infuriating when you are talking about an $80 game, but when it’s a… Read more »

Unlike software, when making hardware, knowing demand in advance is crucial. It does have downsides from a PR point of view; but for revolutionary new product lines with very hard to estimate demand, it’s probably worthwhile on the whole.

This is impossible, I was assured by so many fossi fool trolls that Tesla was the only car manufacturer capable of delays due to their inexperience… weird…

I know, maybe Jaguar needs to be taught by a real car manufacturer on how to produce cars. They clearly lack experience.

Cancelled Tesla Order

I had a July 13th build date for a well optioned HSE model that has been pushed to October 12th for a 3 month delay and not getting any detail on why. Having seconds thoughts about not moving forward with Model 3 Performance order…