Jaguar Confirms E-Pace SUV Will Be Automaker’s First Electric Vehicle


Jaguar F-Pace, Image Credit: Jaguar Media

Jaguar F-Pace, Image Credit: Jaguar Media

It’s now official, Jaguar will bring a compact SUV to the market that is fully electric. The company will unveil the all-new vehicle by the end of this year, and aim for a 2018 release date. It will be the unofficial “little brother” to Jaguar’s F-Pace SUV, likely coined the E-Pace.

jaguar e-pace

Possible Jaguar E-Pace Spy image

While Jaguar hasn’t released the name information, the company has already trademarked the E-Pace designation. Land Rover revealed an EV platform last year, but is has been said that Jaguar will use the technology and lead the pair in releasing the first product.

Jaguar’s new offering will be a four-wheel drive SUV, with a smaller, sportier style than the current F-Pace. As Jaguar Land Rover moves forward into a Formula E appearance, focus on a high performance electric vehicle could be a critical move.

The Land Rover prototype housed a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Technology should grow some prior to the E-Pace release, resulting in a possibility of near 300 miles of range.

The crossover style platform is a key move as well. The large-scale popularity of the segment should help assure that sales are competitive. Being that this is Jaguar’s first BEV, progress needs to made to meet emissions requirements. Moving forward, the company can use the same platform for the Range Rover EV. The larger Land Rover SUV will not likely appear until at least 2019.

If the company’s SUV sales are successful, JLR could move the technology into the sedan market to compete with the likes of the Tesla Model S.

Source: Autocar

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8 Comments on "Jaguar Confirms E-Pace SUV Will Be Automaker’s First Electric Vehicle"

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Smart move, especially if they can hit the 2018 date. It is very likely demand will be taking off and most manufacturers will not be positioned to take advantage of the demand. With Audi, Chevy and Nissan targeting 30k Cars each the demand could easily swamp supply quickly

Good looking, but the price will be high.

The only way the Land Rover can gain share from the German automakers is to sell a EV at a decent price.

Anyway everyone will be looking for Tesla Model-Y

Probably will start at a similar price as the 2019 Tesla X100D. It will probably have less interior volume, less seats and lesser performance but will be more luxurious inside.

They will try to cover these shortcomings through style and branding.

This is actually their weak spot.
Tesla is becoming a brand like Apple (must have). Jaguar is not going to become that ever.

I’m worried this thing’s sales will be limited by its small size. The F-Pace is already fairly compact, so im having hard time picturing something even smaller.

I would have a similar concern with Model Y. How small do you want to make an SUV before the driving performance and aero efficiency get too degraded for it to be worth it?
I suppose this reveals my anti SUV bias. Ferrari did get one thing right: we’ll never go there!

This article is 100% incorrect and there is no official word.

It’s source is an article that is purely speculation based. Read it. Every line basically ends with, “… we believe.”

The EV Jaguar won’t be here for awhile and will be priced (no comment, NDA) compared to the Model X and much much sexier; it’s a CUV, not a bubbly minivan. It’s not going to be for soccer moms. I’ve been going to several JLR studies and focus groups over the past 2 years… what they have coming is worth waiting for in my opinion. If they can deliver I’ll be getting one for sure.