Jaguar Claims Reactions To I-Pace Electric CUV Have Been “Fantastic”

MAR 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 42

Jaguar has succeeded in raising interest surrounding its upcoming, all-electric I-PACE Concept offering.

The reactions on the small, all-electric SUV have been fantastic so far even, according to Jaguar.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – Photon Red

The I-PACE Concept shines especially on the exterior design. The 90 kWh battery, and all-wheel drive powertrain that provides 0-60 mph acceleration in ~4 seconds should ensure success.

Well, that is only if one last bit of unknown information is as impressive….the price. If it is, Jaguar will be well positioned for the future of mobility, at least when it comes to vehicles that plug-in.

Design Director Ian Callum said in a statement:

“The feedback on the I-Pace Concept has been fantastic. With the I-Pace concept, we’ve torn up the rule book to create a vehicle with supercar-inspired aesthetics, sports-car performance and SUV space in one electric package.”

“Driving the concept on the streets is really important for the design team. It’s very special to put the car outside and in the real-world. For me, the future of motoring has arrived.”

source: WardsAuto

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42 Comments on "Jaguar Claims Reactions To I-Pace Electric CUV Have Been “Fantastic”"

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Why so much grill?

“All the better to eat you with” said grandma…

And with that, the jaguar leapt out of bed and ate little red riding hood up.

..with just a dash of literary license there.

Everyone’s got grillz in dah hood, yo. *smiles*

And Why so much transmission tunnel?
Is InsideEvs trolling us?

That looks like an at best Hybrid, or Plugin Hybrid design.

That’s not an EV.

There’s no transmission tunnel!

How can you see a transmission tunnel when there is no interior or underside view?

He’s just seeing what he wants to see. Here’s the actual battery pack:

Owners will be spending their weekends cleaning bugs out of that intricately carved grill

One of the few companies ready to compete with Tesla other than Audi and maybe Porsche. Jaguar could get a step on a lot of the big dogs if they can get this out quickly!

If it’s going to be on the market in one year from now, then this SUV appears to be the first all electric SUV besides Tesla’s Model X. But Hyundai plans one for 2018 too, and the Audi e-tron SUV is also expected.

I like the I-Pace and am thrilled Jaguar is bring this to market in the middle of next year.
I don’t understand Jaguar classifying the I-Pace as an SUV. It’s like me classifying a golf ball as a soccer ball. Sure they’re both designed for sports and both are spheres, but just because I say it, doesn’t make it true. When I look at the I-Pace, I don’t see an SUV. It’s a car with a hatchback or being very liberal, it might be a crossover.

This vehicle is a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle)

All the vehicles you mentioned are not SUVs. They are CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicle).

Just a test. All my comments go to moderation.

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Working on a fix, but do know your comments will all show up…they might just go on a 30-60 minute lunch break first, (=

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Update: comments should be back to status quo/posting in real time without lag

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Just to speak on the “acquisition”, that was ~7 weeks ago, and fundamentally nothing has changed.

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(The only difference to speak of is an extra 4-5 writers, which can take a bit to integrate seamlessly to be sure, but all the ‘other’ content/way we do things is unchanged)

Judging by your answer I think it may have just been a glitch. It wasn’t slanderous but did raise the issue in a follow up comment where somebody asked about a fud style articles intent.

I hold insideev in high regard, especially with the us sales number tracking efforts.

That happened to me earlier and I was wondering what word of mine was a swear word that I didn’t know of. 😉

Analysts on SA (Short Analysts) are claiming that this (and other cars on the drawing board) and Bolt are direct competition for Tesla. iPace may be, imho, if the price is right and it gets to production.

Bolt has no direct competition that I can find.

I’ll take mine in black.
And for less than $50k.

Looks good, and about time. Time to get to get the show on the road in regards to the ev revolution.

People want clean, quiet, torqy CUVs with a bit of style. Jag’s offering might be even more appealing, if they partner with Tesla for global SuperCharger access…

If Tesla will not make a Model Y quickly, others are waiting to fill the market void until they do.

Ditch the hood scoop and the grille, and price it at $45K or less, and I *might* be interested.

I like the way the grill looks on the I-Pace, even if it’s a faux grill. Jaguar put a small logo on the front of the car. This looks tasteful to me, unlike the new MB electric that has a neon billboard strapped to the front of the car.
I’m with you on the hood vent and price.

This segment is really what a lot of people have been looking for but ya maybe with less of a grill and scoop.

Maybe they should have integrated some faux rear air intakes in to the car as well? Just sayin 😀

Everything looks good, except the front grill. Let’s keep it honest, there’s no need for that front grill. Gas cars are losers, Why try to make it look like a loser, when it is a winner!

I think it looks great and as a CUV, is probably the most appealing upcoming EV to me in the next couple years. My only concern is the stated 90kw battery with “220+” miles of range. Unless 220+ actually means 300, this could be the least efficient EV on the market by a large margin.

Oh look, Hyundai is posting in disguise!!!

J/K 😀

Love the hood scoop; it reminds me of the old Ford GT40:

Wasn’t that Speed Racer’s car?

Um, no.
The Mach 5 was built by Daisuke Mifune, his father.

Except for the grill it looks almost more desirable than a model 3.

I want a hatch and m3 doesn’t have one. ….but i might be convinced otherwise after seeing the finished product.

I think the configurable HUD and better charging times and AP could sway me.

But right now im more inclined to step up to a 2014 model s.

The Model 3 looks way better than this car that looks more like a Subaru than a Jaguar.

Let’s face it; sex sells and that Jag is sex on wheels. I hope Toyota and Honda are paying attention. To design a looker costs the same as an ugly design, so if your designers don’t cut it then start looking around for new talent. I don’t hear many complaints about the Model S since its design is quite classic and timeless, so that can save the manufacturer the expense of having to prematurely redesign a car. An E type Jag or Alfa 8c 2300 still stun today.

Much appreciated to the InsideEV’s staff for using the term “CUV” in the title. Disappointed that Jaguar uses the wrong term for this vehicle.

silly grill, busy wheels, giant lump between the front seats (a faux gearbox lump?), odd little triangles dotted around that will date really quickly. Sorry, looks like a clever little (ICE) hatchback.

I believe the center console “floats” 12-18″ off the floor.

It looks like a weird mix of Chevy and BMW styling with a Jaguar logo slapped on it.

I hope the I-PACE Concept has better top speed then the 16mph of the VW ID Concept.
It should go at least 17 mph. And it should also have better acceleration from 0 – 16 mph.

I can hear the Jaguar salesman now “Why do you want that electric version? Let me show you a gas powered I-PACE you never have to plug-in!” or “Why do you want one of those silly electric cars? Those are only for city people.”