Jaguar To Install Chargers In South Africa, Hometown of Musk


A  jab by the British carmaker?

Clearly, the race to the complete EV solution (vehicles, range, performance, and infrastructure) is brewing. Tesla is currently leading the charge in most of these categories. Thanks to its Supercharger network, allowing for fast & easy charging, the Fremont, California-based company is pulling to a solid lead over the entire industry.

Jaguar is set to enhance the infrastructure to support its newly revealed I-Pace and other, future all-electric models. The first move by Jaguar comes in South Africa, where in Pretoria – the hometown of Elon Musk – the company is set to install its first set of chargers. Jaguar is set to do this thanks to a cooperation with a Listed ICT group Alviva, who are working through their newly acquired business Gridcars – a Pretoria-based developer of electric vehicle charge point software management systems, but also, a supplier of charge points.

The group aims to create a roadmap of charging stations for electric vehicles in South Africa that will cater to the forecasted uptake in EV usage rates. Furthermore, they will be supplying local Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships with destination chargers as part of their deal. In total, this will definitely improve the charging grid situation in the country, providing a more powerful argument for early EV adoption in South Africa.

In a presentation revealed by Aliva last Thursday (6 September), the company claims that it expects to have as many as 56 charging stations opened by November. Additionally, the Jaguar agreement is set to bring locally manufactured chargers to 32 Jaguar dealerships.

According to the group CEO, Pierre Spies, the company doesn’t expect to get a return on the investment right away. The company expects to recoup the R20 million investment within two and a half years.

Even though there were only 375 electric vehicles sold in South Africa since the inception of electrically powered vehicles (EV), car makers are now committing to the country in a big way, expecting a much bigger EV volume uptake in the following years.

Currently, for South African early adopters, the vehicles of choice are the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 and i8. However, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa says it is committed to an “electrified future” – with its first all-electric and hybrid models slated for arrival in South Africa in January.

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Damn F00LS!


Will the Jaguar i Pace have optional Flamethrowers that was so popular 15-20 ago to deter carjackings?Maybe this time it will be High Voltage Shocks instead

Well, even if South Africa is a small EV market, right now, if we want EV to replace fossil fuel, we need chargers in EVERY country…
I am surprised Tesla has not yet built Superchargers anywhere on the African continent…

Maybe it will once the Tesla pickup is available. SA has a pretty good highway system but the next step down is almost invariably dirt roads, not where current Tesla vehicles excel.

Musk hates Africa, He even paid the primary school he attended a lump sum money for them to stop shouting that he learnt there

Thanks in advance, for the link (which you obviously won’t provide), purporting to show any credible EVidence and facts, to support your Musk “shade throwing” Africa claim, and petulant rant!

We Know his story about his alma mater Bryanston High.

In the actions not words…
Musk was born with dual Canada/South African citizenship and he skipped out of Africa without a penny to his name when he was 17 and his plane touched down in Canada…
I am guessing he is not a fan…

Urban legend about “self made Musk” is too much a stretch of reality. His father reportedly owned emerald mine during apartheid times, and obviously his family benefited from it.

Elon may now pretend having nothing to do with his farther for understandable reasons, like not getting along with him since childhood, or his father making baby with stepdaughter, but he never was poor guy.

No surprise as Tesla’s cost money and Africa is not exactly Japan…
Those who do the work have the money and infrastructure and those who don’t… don’t…

I can’t see anywhere where it says what type and how many of each type of chargers will be installed. Presumably we’re talking CCS DC fast chargers and 22 kW Type 2 AC.

It is ccs dc fast and ccs ac yes

Can I be politically incorrect about what I think South Africa has become in the later years?

For those from za, plz join us on gauteng ev club on facebook

I’m surprised… Not many people in RSA are going to be able to afford the i-Pace. Maybe this is more oriented towards future Landrover models? Plenty of them being used as Safari vehicles over slower roads, which may work out for EVs.

This is forward thinking. With the off road capabilities of the I-Pace in mind, and future EV land rover products, JLR might dominate the off road EV market in SA.

It would be a better jab if they could deliver more than 200 EVs a month.