Jaguar Closes Year 2018 With Almost 7,000 I-PACE Sales

JAN 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 80

Sales stabilized in December

Jaguar sold about 2,230 I-PACE electric cars in December, which brings a meaningless increase from 2,195 in November, and maybe is an early indication of current production capabilities.

The I-PACE share in overall Jaguar volume stands at 13.8% for the month (slightly less than in November).

Total result for the year 2018 is 6,893. It’s just the beginning so we would like to stay optimistic about 2019, which should bring no less than 30,000 per year (assuming production rate from December).

Jaguar I-PACE sales – December 2018

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It’s a solid start. Wishing Jaguar would sell at least 30 K next year so that they are inspired to strive for 50 K in 2020 plus a new model alongside.

With this succes, they will bring second model.

Yes it’s a solid start. But since the vehicle is built by contract manufacturer Magna Steyr production capacity is most likely limited and much lower than 30k or 50k. If there is that much annual demand for the I-PACE, then Jaguar should bring most if not all of the I-PACE manufacturing capacity in-house to their own factories.

Well, that answers my biggest question.

Up side: The I-Pace is a compelling EV that some (altho not all) say is good enough to be a true competitor to Tesla cars. The EV revolution needs more EVs in the market, and this is a good addition.

Down side: With rather limited production, there is no way this car can possibly become a best-seller.

Current monthly capacity could be 2500.

Capacity of Magna’s plant in Graz is 200,000 vehicles for 2018, expanded with new paint shop for 2019. Paint shop is often bottleneck in auto plant.—magna-to-build-new-paint-line-in-slovenia-to-support-graz-vehicle-production

You can hear exactly the same cliche from fans every time some automaker releases new EV. “But it doesn’t have capacity to produce 1,000,000! Production constrained! Compliance! Don’t look there, look here for true believer EV!”
Realistically though it is not going to find demand for some 100,000 cars per year. It is expensive luxury car, with competing model from Audi going out for sale soon, as well as other competition in limited marketplace.

No. They delivered 7000 IPace. They certainly have sold many more.

That’s awesome.
I guess I-Pace will be a life saver for Jaguar whose traditional car sales has gone down.

It’ll be around 25,000-30,000 sales in 2019, which would probably make it Jaguar’s third bestselling model (after the F-Pace and XE).

They sold 2600 in December in Netherlands alone, or not?

must be some inconsistent definition of “sales”. I’d guess the annual figure reported is accurate and it shifted some sales that other sources say were in December to November instead.

delivered. There is a huge difference. No one except Jaguar knows the sales numbers.

How many vehicles in total has Jaguar sold last year? How many vehicles have they sold in the US? How many I-PACE sold in the US?

This is about Jaguar shipping the I-Pace worldwide. They are even shipping to Australia (but the ship got infested with bugs so deliveries are delayed) as well as Europe and N. America. They have basically sold their first years production. As a result they that added 50% to the numbers being made and there is still a 4-6 month waiting time before you get your car.
My ex Brother In Law loves his and so does his family. They went from a Model S P60 to the I-Pace and after their trip from near Rotterdam to Northern Italy, would not go back.

“after their trip from near Rotterdam to Northern Italy, would not go back”

Yep I would rather stay in Italy than go back to Rotterdam as well.

Tesla doesn’t make a P60. They make a Model S 60 or a Model S P90.

The I Pace has the same problem as the ELR…’s overpriced. Whatever sales they have will tank in Europe when the Model 3 deliveries begin in volume. It’s simply a hatchback alternative to the Model 3. The only comparison it has with the X is price, because the I Pace is overpriced. Currently it’s comparable to the dual mode 3, but with less power, and less energy efficient, and less range, But a nice interior. Which still makes it about $20k too expensive for its segment. I Pace could do very well if the price rang closer matched the 3, but with the Y coming that might be a hatch as well, it can only see success where the 3 or Y is not available. 2018 may be the best sales year for I Pace with Model 3 order banks open now and expanding to more European countries. The I Pace would really make a nice alternative to the 3…….it looks nice inside and out, but it’s priced too high. But then again, Jaguar does not have the battery capacity to offer an ev at the volume of the 3, where overpricing keeps demand low, selling as many as 3… Read more »

But the Cadillac ELR started around $75,000, the I-Pace is just under 70k, and the Cadillac was only a hybrid coupe. And the I-Pace does not compare in price with the Model X anymore, Tesla just cancelled the 75D, meaning the base Model X is now the 100D at $98,200. Don’t forget too that the Model 3 took a while for Tesla to even build, because they had to wait until they could scale down production costs to a point where it made sense. And they still aren’t able to deliver the promised $35,000 Model 3……

Jag, MB, BMW, Audi, typically have a starting price, and a long options menu.

Urban legend. Yes, they have a long options list. So what? You make it sound like a bad thing. You make it sound like a Porsche has a starting price and for that starting price you get the interiors of a Ford Fiesta. Not true. I wish I could get a base Cayman. Yes, if you have money you can easily spend a ton in extras. But it’s not as if you really have to. They don’t charge 2000 EUR for any colour other than black

The I-pace costs 2000 EUR extra if you want any other colur than black or white, though!

True but, you could order a car with non-metallic paint, the standard wheels, and not check off any of the optional extras, and get the lowest price possible. I put nearly every option on my I-Pace, and it still came in nearly $30,000 less then the MSRP of my Tesla Model X 90D, that I traded in towards it.

ELRs actually sold for $50k, or least the 2016s. The correct premium over the Volt.

Model X and S will in all likelihood receive a new base model in short order with a pack in the 85 kWh to 100 kWh range. And then a new TOL Model. Tesla has never offered a Gen II vehicle with only one battery size for very long.

“ELRs actually sold for $50k, or least the 2016s.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was only after initially overpricing it by a ridiculous amount. The price was slashed down to something much closer to its perceived value only in response to very poor sales numbers.

Looking at the ELR. that’s $75k loaded, but $70k base for the I Pace. So same marketing problem. Model 3 base is to start production by March, which is the reason for dropping the 75D pack that will get replaced with a better longer range pack for less. Which will put the I Pace further out of the segment. Within its own segment, the 3 and Y is about to eat its lunch unless Jag does what Cadillac did and drop the price by about $30k. It will happen which is unfortunate for resale values for early buying mistakes. It’s not like we haven’t seen the cycle play out before.

For insight as to what’s coming to Europe, watch I Pace sales from Jan through June as the base 3 sales and deliveries begin in the states. And if the Y is a lower 5 door hatch like the I Pace………I just hope those with an I Pace are leasing.

Drop the I Pace to $45k and it could give god 3 a run. Otherwise it’s a fish out of water.

The Model X was never a I-Pace competitor. The Model X is a 7 seat large SUV with twice the cargo space of the I-Pace.

A more realistic comparison would be to the Model Y as the I-Pace is closer to the Model 3 in size.

Someone needs to take a Model 3 and an iPace on a long off-road trip that includes driving over plenty of ruts and rocks, climbing steep slippery hills, and crossing rivers. Then we will find out if the iPace really is simply a hatchback alternative to the Model 3.

Driving trough a single larger puddle should be enough for the Model 3 to lose its bumper.

It takes less than a small puddle to set of various electric gremlins in a Jag.

I will let youtube set you straight about the iPace.

This is not a Jagugar but one of 200,000 magna cars produces in Austria per year.
(Merceds G, BMW5, BMW Z4, Toyota Supra, Jaguar ePace, iPace)

And a Canon Ball Run from Manhattan Beach CA to Manhattan New York.

Sure, as long as it is mostly done on off-road trails.

To be fair, the review from InsideEVs staff raved about the I-Pace’s offroad ability. So it’s certainly fair to say the I-Pace is better than Tesla cars at off-roading.

But if you call a car an “SUV” rather than a “hatchback” simply because it is raised a few inches off the road, and has better suspension… well then, I guess modern car marketing campaigns have succeeded in convincing you that a car is actually a light truck.

Real SUVs are built on light truck frames and unibodies, not car frames and unibodies. And no amount of propaganda from car marketing is going to change that.

Its the same issue as IEV’s calling the ‘3’ a LUXURY car because every other EV blog calls the thing a LUXURY car. When GreenCarReports calls it a LUXURY car, they can say it is justified because IEVs calls it that. So its the echo chamber mentality.

Tesla of course, never does – although they have allowed themselves to call it a “PREMIUM” vehicle. Premium price I’d think, so the moniker works. Or, Premium Horsepower.

You should know ny now that almost nobody makes use of off road capability.

What you don’t realise is that the ipace is much cheaper than the X in Europe and will be comparatively priced to the top end model 3s that are available in Europe so yeah don’t worry about sales, they won’t be slowing down

Not true.
Even with 20% VAT the Model 3 AWD starts at 58.000,-, the iPace at 78.000ish. Imstrted the configuratar to make thanKaguar Tesla Premiumish, result was 91.000,-
So: No!

Jag is a luxury vehicle where I live. Compared to a Toyota it is certainly a lot more expensive, but compared to a BMW or MB it is comparable. Model 3 is not aimed at the same luxury segment as the Jag. Model S/X are. Stop these senseless price comparisons, there is a lot more involved with why someone pays way more for their BMW, MB or Jag compared to a Toyota, Nissan or GM.

Not just one, but two, Tesla spokesman said the Model 3 was aimed at competing with the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4. And that is indeed the price segment where the Model 3 is winning against those and similar models.

It’s downright weird how so many people kept calling the Model 3 an “affordable” car. At best, it’s merely semi-affordable. Of course it’s in a lower price segment than the Model S and Model X, but it’s still a “premium” car.

But… Didn’t you get the message that the Model 3 will be the only car on the road in 2 years… (sic) Well, that’s what some of the comments on other articles seem to promise. Apparently everyone will be in a Model 3 and all the other makers will go belly up…

IMHO, the truth will be very different. Sure, the Model 3 will sell in Europe but once the Model Y gets announced I think that an awful lot of potential customers will wait for that unless it is another 3+ years (Sic). The Model 3 will be on the market alongside a good number of other new EV’s coming this year and will have to compete with them. Tesla do need to sort out their sales and service offering here in the UK. IMHO, they are totally unprepared to handle the volume of cars that the Tesla Fans think will be sold in 2019.

I get the feeling that if the VW car is priced well, it could be the one to clean up with really huge sales.
Whatever happens it will be interesting to see how things play out. Popcorn anyone?


The only problem is I think the other competing electric cars will have the same problem in finding people who know enough to service them.

„This year“ still nothing happening in deliveries re other cars.
Except they will be introduced, an thus habe to commit to a certified range. This is where the brown stuff will hit the fan repeatedly.

I find it somewhat strange that Jaguar is advertising the I-Pace as a head-to-head competitor to the Tesla Model X. That’s simply the wrong comparison. The I-Pace is a 5-seat smallish hatchback; the Model X is a 7-seat (in its standard configuration) CUV.

A comparison with the 5-seat (or 5+2 seat) Model S liftback sedan would be much more realistic, and the Model S is a bit closer to the I-Pace’s lower price.

I-Pace is a true CUV – a car modified to look like a SUV with some off-road ability.

Model X is a minivan with less reliable doors.

Well, I-Pace sells well and many customers are waiting for one. So apparently, I-Pace is not over priced.

If I were Jaguar I would work out a deal with Tesla to join their SC network. I think it would address a major flaw for Jaguar, no charging network, and the numbers would be small so as not to overwhelm the SC, which already exist in the markets where the iPace will be sold.

Exactly. Hit the ground running instead of wait several years for CCS network

Using the Tesla charger port means redesigning and retesting the iPace, procuring new parts, retooling the factory, retrofitting vehicles already delivered. How many years would that take? Then Tesla expects Jaguar to contribute a significant amount of money to help grow the Tesla charger network, which of course helps Tesla sell even more cars that compete with the iPace.

Forgetbthe US. In Europe Tesla has switched their 3s and the SCs to CCS!

“If I were Jaguar I would work out a deal with Tesla to join their SC network.”

Do you have any ANY idea what’s happening in Europe?

Tesla has to ditch their plug/standard and adopt CCS.

In a few years Tesla will likely have to use CCS globally.

That’s reality.

In China Telsa will use the GB/T standard instead of CCS.

But it will keep using a type 2 style plug for AC.

No, Tesla isn’t ditching their proprietary Tesla charging protocol in Europe. They are merely adding CCS capability because that’s what EU regulators are now demanding.

Over time, it’s possible Tesla may gradually transition to CCS as its preferred charging protocol. I certainly hope that Tesla will if CCS becomes the true universal charging standard (outside of China and perhaps Japan). But it certainly won’t happen overnight.

And yeah, it would be foolish of Jaguar to equip its EVs only for Tesla Superchargers, if the international market as a whole (with the exception of China) is converging on CCS.

“Tesla isn’t ditching their proprietary Tesla charging protocol in Europe. ”

Euro Model 3 is CCS only. Future S/X will almost certainly be as well. How is that not ditching their proprietary protocol?

Of course “ditching” is a process. They have to support their earlier cars for many years.

CCS for Tesla. Then they can make money off non Tesla to make the Model C

175 to 350 kW chargers are being built as we speak. So the SC network is getting outdated, it would be silly to join.

A handful of 350 kW chargers will never make a nationwide (U.S.) or continent-wide (Europe) network of thousands of chargers obsolete.

It’s 60+ US locations now, with another 160+ under construction. Still less than Tesla’s 600 or so, but not “a handful”.

350kw or even 500kw will be standard in a few year time, certainly for motorway driving. I expect Tesla next gen chargers will complete here will offer around 350kw.

Funny that the Model 3 for Europe has a CCS port….
No charging network? Really?

Not funny, merely mandated by EU regulators. That doesn’t stop European Tesla customers from continuing to use their Tesla plugs and Tesla Superchargers.

So why can the Leaf still have a non-CCS port?

You know what is quite funny? People who believe a car company can by itself own a charging network over the entire planet. Just as with the oil majors, who also don’t have global coverage normally, electric charging will also belong to a huge amount of different companies. Conversion to 1-3 global standards is to be expected. And since nobody wants to pay fees for a standard Tesla connection it is likely going to be something else.

When there really is a worldwide usable network of EV fast chargers, it won’t be owned by a bunch of auto makers, any more than the worldwide usable network of gasoline stations is.

Most EV makers are willing to wait until the growing sales of EVs creates enough demand for independent EV charging stations to spring up everywhere, just as happened with the motorcar revolution.

Tesla wasn’t willing to wait for that natural growth, which is why Tesla currently has a Supercharger network that puts every other type of DCFC charging station to shame.

It’s really weird how so many people here are writing comment with the groundless premise that a handful of 350 kW chargers in a few scattered places is going to make Tesla’s Supercharger network obsolete overnight.

I have no doubt that there will come a time when it is truthful to say the Supercharger network is obsolete. But that almost certainly won’t be anytime within the next 5 years.

Teala network is inferior to CCS and CHAdeMO, both worldwide and in Europe.

You forget/the fact that SC sell electricity a LOT cheaper than the other CCS providers. There is room for an uplift.

Tesla proprietary port is already dead in Europe or China as Tesla itself switches to CCS or GB, why would anybody want a “deal” to switch to Betamax now?

North America follows next, with higher power 350 kW CCS chargers from Electrify America and others making Tesla obsolete.

If iPace has already commanded 13% of Jag total sales then I think that should be a clear indicator to Jag management that EV was a good decision. You would expect if they could meet demand it could be even higher.
If their architecture has been developed correctly then it should be easily achieved to create other EV models.
Then take the e-type conversion, that would be an awesome retro model for them to modernise (in terms of safety) and release. Us old geezers love our retro cars.

Is the iPace currently profitable, or expected to be in the not too distant future? I think that is more important than percentage of total sales.

E-Type conversion is already done! Check E-Type Zero

Yeah some staffs on Consumers Report brought some. They like the way it drives

My Jaguar I Pace was delegerend in December. Afther 40 km its Stoped becauce of problems with the motor of something. No I wait for spareparts wich can take some time because itis not on stock availeble. So I won’t recommand people to buy the I Pace.

i-Pace aside, Jaguar is in big trouble. Without the i-Pace, that trouble would be even more serious. Their decision to work on an EV platform and bring the i-Pace to market now has probably saved them, but the company is still going to go through a lot of pain in the near future.

They’ve just announced wide-ranging job cuts. But the encouraging news was that that announcement also included details of an effort to re-tool more of their plants to EV production.

They’ve been saying for a while that they would like to go fully EV; if they can move the rest of their brand over to EVs quickly enough, then there’s a good chance that they will make it through the EV revolution.

Growth for Jaguar equals electric

I’ve owned the I-Pace for a month now. By far BEST vehicle I’ve owned (12), including BMW, Mercedes (5 SUVs), and Jeep. I could afford Tesla’s S or X, but just couldn’t bring myself to buy one for 3 reasons: 1. body/styling (OK, S is an attractive sedan-not the SUV I want/need-, but the X is an overpriced suppository on wheels), 2. interior (“simplistic” just looks “naked and afraid” to me, I just say “No Thanks” to the iPad-only controls), and 3. reputation (the internet is chock full of Tesla horror stories on build quality, software hacks/failures, and months-long wait for parts, especially bodywork). I-Pace is futuristic yet functional, build quality is impeccable, interior is luxurious and ergo-dynamically efficient, and it drives like a dream. Jaguar’s got a home run on its hands with an EV platform on which to rebuild the brand.

thanks Damian for the first truly objective view of why I should buy an I pace! my previous automotive ownership is very similar to yours, so am anxiously awaiting my I pace’ arrival in March.

Hard to Believe they sold 2200 in december since they sold 2600 only in Netherlands. You do whatever you can to promote tesla, and diminish competitors. Make up your figures.

Jaguar, dialing EVs up!