It’s Official: Faraday Future Will Break Ground For Electric Car Factory Today


On January 25th, Faraday Future Curiously Tweeted The Start Of Work Clearing The Way For Its North Las Vegas Production Facility, But The Official Groundbreaking Ceremony Is Tomorrow

On January 25th, Faraday Future Curiously Tweeted The Start Of Work Clearing The Way For Its North Las Vegas Production Facility, But The Official Groundbreaking Ceremony Is Tomorrow

Today marks the official groundbreaking for Faraday Future’s electric car factory in Nevada.

Later this afternoon, executives from Faraday will join Nevada officials in putting shovels into the ground at the automaker’s future factory site in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

The factory, a $1 billion facility, will be where Faraday makes electric cars and only electric cars. Sounds a bit like Tesla.

Faraday Future says that construction at the site will move at a rapid pace. Faraday spokeswoman Stacy Morris told Business Insider the following:

“We’re moving as fast as we can. Normally, a project of this size would take approximately four years, and we’re trying to cut it down to half the time while still doing it right.”

Furthermore, Faraday has promised to meet all guidelines set forth by the state government.  These guidelines must be met to secure tax breaks, receive state assistance, etc.

As for the cars Faraday will produce, we do know they will all ride on a plug-in skateboard platform (like Tesla) and that this platform can underpin basically any vehicle structure, meaning that any type of car, crossover, SUV, truck, etc. is a possibility.

Faraday says the first production cars will roll off the lines in a “couple years” time, but realistically we don’t think Faraday will have a workable car ready for sales before 2019 or so, but today’s groundbreaking event is the necessary first step in the process of actually building the cars.

Faraday Future Shows Off Its FFZERO1 At The Formula E In Long Beach In April...but more importantly was the teaser behind it!

Faraday Future Shows Off Its FFZERO1 At The Formula E In Long Beach In April…but more importantly was the teaser behind it!

Another Shot Of The FFZERO1 From The "E Village" (InsideEVs/Warren M)

Another Shot Of The FFZERO1 From The “E Village” (InsideEVs/Warren M)

We recently caught up live with Faraday Future while attending the Formula E in Long Beach, California – an event Faraday signed up late as a title sponsor for.

Besides bringing its FFZERO1 concept to the event, the company also teased a shadowy image (pictured above) of what will likely become its first offering.

Source: Business Insider

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If Tesla gets 1 million orders for the model 3 then they will have 1 BILLION in cash.

I am almost sure that they will reach that number by at least the end of the year if not before.

I’m bullish on Tesla but I don’t think this will happen unless the second reveal is a real doozy, and even then, it’s leveled off pretty well at this point, and we would be talking about pre-orders having to more than triple from where they are. I don’t see it.

It took less than 10 days to reach more than 350,000. That is .35 of a million. The year has 365 days. So you want to tell me that it will take 355 days to level off? And on top of that they will have second reveal part that will take us to the next level? And still we will not reach a million reservations? I don’t think so. A million if not 2 million, is what I say.

Well you really can’t extrapolate continued orders based on the frequency and volume of orders already received.
But what can be argued is that there was a great deal of pent up demand for such a vehicle as evidenced by the response to the opening of the order book.

I think orders will level off around 500k sometime this Summer, and then trickle in after that. Of course once production starts frequency and volume of orders will once again accelerate.

Don’t forget, Elon opened Sales/Reservationf of at least Model 3, if not S & X too, in 7 new countries on the 31st of March, and that might have been delayed in getting the online ordering setup, as well as gettong the word out in those countries, too! Notice the story today here, about India!

Agreed – in fact, a regular commenter had a spreadsheet or something that the person provided a link to, where they demonstrated a typical logarithmic decay for these sorts of things. It was really neat and reasonable.

Model 3 orders will be around 628k at the end of 2016, and about 687k by launch in late 2017.

1 million won’t happen.

Remember Bill Gates: “No one will need more than 640K of memory”?

Autos sell dome models on the multo millions! Who is to say there would not be a million who want the Model 3? By year end (March 31st, 2017)?

yeah, I expect a logarithmic decay, punctuated by potential Musk Tweets, and then a surge after Part II, and then another surge once deliveries begin.

So, maybe by the end of 2017, they might begin to approach 1 million total reservations.

The real question is how many refunds they’ll have to issue once these early order customers learn that there won’t be a Model 3 until 2020-2021. Tesla has many strengths. Bringing vehicles to market-on time isn’t one of them.

I’m expecting Tesla to NOT deliver my vehicle in time. That just gives me more time to save up. I’m in no rush — my 2015 LEAF is doing just fine.

Thanks, troll. That has been addressed. Absent a huge natural disaster, they will deliver on time, or maybe by mid-2018. – they have been promising for too long now, and they already have functional prototypes with a vast majority of the critical features locked in for production. It is their third in-house vehicle, and so far, nothing about the vehicle extends beyond anything they’ve already developed for the S and X. In fact, Musk said that they are keeping it relatively simple for cost purposes.

The S was their first car, so there was a lot to learn. The X was their second car, on the same platform, but it was very complicated, so there was much more to learn. They have less new ground to break with the 3 than they had with either S or X.

Prior to model 3 orders I asked the question about what if tesla gets a million orders… Muaahaaaaaa. Not many people thought so.

I just hope they keep moving forward.
Good luck to them!

The rEVolution has begun 🙂

Nice ad copy!

I don’t get it. From what they’ve shown us, Faraday seems to be trying to emulate in a few years time what Tesla has taken ten years to do. But without a GigaFactory and without a Supercharger network. The GigaFactory and network are however crucial strategic factors for the success of Tesla. How can Faraday possible succeed in being the next Tesla without those? Where are the batteries going to come from, when every other car manufacturer in the world will be pestering LG, Panasonic and NEC for all the batteries they can deliver in the next decade? And how are Faraday customers going to charge on cross country trips? Am I overlooking something?

Well, they haven’t communicated about any of that. Maybe they have a brilliant plan to take care of all those things in record time. Maybe they don’t. Who knows?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought battery cells or even packs from Tesla.
As for supercharging, Tesla was approached by “someone” to license the use of th SC network.
Maybe it was FF?

Can you envision a shared Tesla/Farady supercharger network? The future in which Tesla and Farady end German’s stronghold on US luxury car market in all size segments?
That’s what I am looking forwars to.

I, for one, have not followed Faraday very closely, so I have the same questions you do. It does seem like a dubious venture, but they apparently have the capital for a factory, at least. Who knows?

That’s something that the intrepid InsideEVs journalists can investigate!

I maintain that Faraday Future is building a modular platform for other manufacturers to build finished vehicles. It’s the only business model that makes sense.

Possible, but who would their clients be? Who would take a gable working with them on that when they have NOTHING to show what they can do in the real world?

More bobcats! We need more bobcats over here!

A brush of bobcats, a bevy, a bacchanalia?

Haha, I just looked at that picture and now I get it. This has to be a joke, right? (just like Toyota’s Mirai) What exactly are they going to build with those 4 rental bobcats? This is all the complete opposite of Tesla’s GF, which was done somewhat secretly and with some serious equipment/contractors.

I beleive those bobcats had a different purpose.
In Southern Nevada, burrowing owls breed from mid-March thru October. If a burrow has an active nest, no construction can occur.
It takes over two months from when eggs are laid until chicks are able to fly, and only after the young have fledged is construction allowed to proceed.
So, i guess what FF had to do is clear the site to make sure that owls go somewhere else to lay their eggs.

Here is the link to the relevant US Fish and Wild Life Service Regulation:

Ha. They just hired four goofballs from Manpower to drive around in some bobcats they rented for a couple hours from Sunshine Rentals. Call the closest rental company to the site and ask when they will be returned. I’m guessing they’re already back. Hope they get fined for driving those around on a construction site with no dust controls.

This is the apple car, and the super car was just a smoke screen. They will throw much more than one billion, that is to hide the real magnitude of what is being planned. a more successful middle of the road car than Tesla.

Has a factory ever been built before a company revealed an actual product that will be made there? FF is a wacky company. Maybe it will be their movie studio for all the spaghetti westerns they’ll make to show on the wing of the car.

The factory will be built in stages, over time.
It takes time to build and validate a production line, just like it takes time to build prototypes of a brand new vehicle. Becuase they have very strong funding, they can affort to proceed in parallel.
Keep in mind, those who are putting hundreds of millions of $$ to biild a factory have seen the prototypes and have bought into the FF’a business model. You and I have not. It is fair to expect that people with that kind of money are not idiots.

Really? Silicon Valley is littered with the corpses of great ideas–many of them vapor–that were bankrolled by brilliant rich people. I think Elon made it look easy and doable, and so Chinese billionaires thought, “Hey, I’m rich like Elon, I bet I can start a world-changing car company, too!” So first we have the guy who foolishly bought the extremely inefficient and poorly-designed (exhaust under the driver’s window???) Fisker Karma. Now we have FF. I wish them luck, but I watched their baffling presentation when they introduced the super car, and it was a confusing mess, and not the ramblings of genius, but the ramblings of people who didn’t quite know what direction they wanted to go. The red flags went up when they started talking about it as a potential media company, too. Sounds like Kanye.

Fair point on people with money, especially if they just inherited it.
But that’s not the case here. Both Karma and FF have very capable people behind them. The billionaire behind FF, Mr. Jia Yueting, was 2014 Forbes China CEO of the year. His LeTV was streaming (licensed and legal) video content in China while Netflix in US was still mail-only. He is quite a brilliant guy, and very highly regarded in China.
Karma is a different story, but even they too are making good progress. The construction of their plant in Southern California is supposed to complete within couple of months, and they are already practicing the assembly of their MY17 vehicles. They have a new and significantly improved powertrain. As for the exhaust, I can’t wait to see what they did… 🙂
Beyond that, it is expected that they too will switch to be all electric – like Tesla and FF.

What are they going to build in their factory? Cardboard batmobiles?

I don’t have much faith in this operation. I hope I am proven wrong. (Like my 10k to 30k model 3 preorders estimate.)

They don’t even have to build a car. They just build the skateboard undercarriage and sell it to the auto industry. Everyone got scared of tesla and ran to LG Chem, now they can run to FF and be years ahead of what they have in development now.