It’s Just A Shadowy Image Of A Tesla Model S – No Model 3 Here (w/video)


Tesla Model 3 Shown On Right? Nope, It's Just A Model S In All Black

Tesla Model 3 Shown On Right? Nope, It’s Just A Model S In All Black


It seems to be not only narrower, but also lower than Model S — until you measure the image on your screen.

It’s just a copy/paste of the Model S image. Black tends to shrink objects. The press invitation promises drivable prototypes. Naked or camouflaged? Only the shadow knows . . .

*For more info on the Tesla Model 3 reveal, click here.

*Editor’s note: Here’s bonus video (via Robert Massaioli) demonstrating the Model S overlay:

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19 responses to "It’s Just A Shadowy Image Of A Tesla Model S – No Model 3 Here (w/video)"
  1. midimal says:

    Yes the covered car is also Model S

  2. Texas FFE says:

    There we have it, the leaked Model 3 reveal. Maybe in six months we will get a picture with color. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  3. Model S says:

    lol @ someone actually photoshopping it to see if it was different

    clearly an S

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Seemed pretty clear to me it was just the same image of the Model S, but in silhouette. However, since some were suggesting it wasn’t, I considered importing it into PhotoShop and doing an overlay.

      But fortunately, I came to my senses. 😉

    1. RexxSee says:

      There will be driveable prototypes on the 31th
      So Simba will have to grow up fast!

      1. Anon says:

        Simba’s not immature– he’s just drawn that way. 😉

    2. Evdrive says:

      Not fair at all kdwag. The Truth is if Simba buys a Model S today and then reserves a Model 3, he will shoot up to the top of the reservation list for being a loyal customer. Then when Simba agrees to buy the Fully loaded Model 3 signature edition for $99,950, he will be able to drive this baby home in 3-4 years time, maybe slightly sooner or longer.

      1. arne-nl says:

        There will be no model 3 signature edition

  4. Pedro says:

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  5. scott franco says:

    ROFL! Saw this coming (see last subject).

  6. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Counting InsideEVs articles about the Model ≡ Reveal, following the article about invitations posted yesterday.

    This is 1…

    1. Ian says:

      Instead of an article on an article, how about a are victory empulse and Zero motorcycles doing. Any new electric ATVs. Saw some nice electric side by sides online. Oh.. And a electric pontoon boat that uses a torquedo drive…and greenworks lawnmower now has a 80 volt model… Two weeks till the model 3…keep everyone distracted. People are starting to panic.

  7. Foo says:

    Well played, Mr. Musk… well played.

  8. Lou says:

    Want to see Early Model III? Go watch the 1st or 2nd episodes of Halle Berry TV Show “Extant”. Pay attention to the cars in the background scenes …

  9. Jychevyvolt says:


  10. Sean Hart says:

    Unless of course the Model 3 has the same body shape as the Model S. Seems very unlikely but it would save them money and it’s already an extremely low drag design.