It’s Just A Shadowy Image Of A Tesla Model S – No Model 3 Here (w/video)


Tesla Model 3 Shown On Right? Nope, It's Just A Model S In All Black

Tesla Model 3 Shown On Right? Nope, It’s Just A Model S In All Black


It seems to be not only narrower, but also lower than Model S — until you measure the image on your screen.

It’s just a copy/paste of the Model S image. Black tends to shrink objects. The press invitation promises drivable prototypes. Naked or camouflaged? Only the shadow knows . . .

*For more info on the Tesla Model 3 reveal, click here.

*Editor’s note: Here’s bonus video (via Robert Massaioli) demonstrating the Model S overlay:

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Yes the covered car is also Model S

There we have it, the leaked Model 3 reveal. Maybe in six months we will get a picture with color. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

lol @ someone actually photoshopping it to see if it was different

clearly an S

Seemed pretty clear to me it was just the same image of the Model S, but in silhouette. However, since some were suggesting it wasn’t, I considered importing it into PhotoShop and doing an overlay.

But fortunately, I came to my senses. 😉

There will be driveable prototypes on the 31th
So Simba will have to grow up fast!

Simba’s not immature– he’s just drawn that way. 😉

Not fair at all kdwag. The Truth is if Simba buys a Model S today and then reserves a Model 3, he will shoot up to the top of the reservation list for being a loyal customer. Then when Simba agrees to buy the Fully loaded Model 3 signature edition for $99,950, he will be able to drive this baby home in 3-4 years time, maybe slightly sooner or longer.

There will be no model 3 signature edition

Nothing to see here. Move along.

ROFL! Saw this coming (see last subject).

Counting InsideEVs articles about the Model ≡ Reveal, following the article about invitations posted yesterday.

This is 1…


Instead of an article on an article, how about a are victory empulse and Zero motorcycles doing. Any new electric ATVs. Saw some nice electric side by sides online. Oh.. And a electric pontoon boat that uses a torquedo drive…and greenworks lawnmower now has a 80 volt model… Two weeks till the model 3…keep everyone distracted. People are starting to panic.

Well played, Mr. Musk… well played.

Want to see Early Model III? Go watch the 1st or 2nd episodes of Halle Berry TV Show “Extant”. Pay attention to the cars in the background scenes …


Unless of course the Model 3 has the same body shape as the Model S. Seems very unlikely but it would save them money and it’s already an extremely low drag design.