It’s Going To Be Christmas Eve For “A While” When It Comes To The Apple Car – Tim Cook

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MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

MyFord Mobile App for Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about the status of the Apple Car today at a meeting in Cupertino. He responded:

Apple Watch w/ Tesla Model S app.

Apple Watch w/ Tesla Model S app.

“Do you remember when you were a kid and Christmas Eve was so exciting? You weren’t sure what was going on downstairs?” . . . Well, it’s going to be Christmas Eve for a while.”

Again, and as usual, Cook did not deny that the project (codenamed Project Titan)is underway.

He has yet to tell anyone that it “won’t” happen. If anything, his rhetoric and mannerisms concerning the rumored project continue to point more and more toward its reality.

Unfortunately, however, it may be a long time coming. Speculation and leaked information still points to 2019 or 2020.

Editor’s Note:  This post, and many others specific to Apple’s plans for its own autonomous/electric car  can be found at Apple Car Fans, a fresh blog sited (and forum) created by Lyle Dennis, founder of and co-founder of InsideEVs

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So much money, so little to show for it…

Apple has a history of keeping things under wraps for a while but I would not hold my breath for a going to market alongside with GM and Tesla…

Tesla was founded in 2003, and it didn’t produce a car in large quantities for 9 years (2012, Model S). So assuming Apple started their car project in 2014, and having more money than God, 2020 still seems like a reasonable target date for the first gen Apple car.

Unless they partner Up with tesla ,which Musk will never do, unless Musk gets the Lion’s share ownership of the company, with nothing less than full control of the operations.. It could happen & It could be good!

Apple could easily partner with Tesla, by designing the stamping dies, and have Tesla start a line in the plant just for them. $5 Billion to Tesla could help make that happen!

Or they could just say, Elon, we’d like to buy your plant – would $100,000 Billion be enough?

Tesla started with 3 guys in a garage then found an Angel Investor with a net worth of $180M a year later.

Apple, the most valuable corporation in the world, with over $200B in the bank should be able to get a product en masse to market much quicker than a startup.


Apple has a habit of letting a segment “mature” on clunky implementations and disparate standards then sweep in with a game changer that sweeps up the mess. From personal music devices, to phones, to tablets, Apple has never lead the segment until they lead the industry.

I would rather say that Apple has a tendency to wait until others did all the hard work than put everything into a fancy looking box, claim they invented it all and manage to get everyone to believe it.

Worlds most valuable company came about by making fancy boxes. That makes logical sense.

True, except for the “mythical man month”. Apple will take much longer to bring their first car to market. But it won’t be a fairly rough exotic at a stratospheric price. It will be a product worthy of the Apple brand. Not the fastest. Not the cheapest. But very well thought out with an excellent UX.

Excellent UX like iOS 7 introducing modal system dialogs prioritizing you answering the low battery popup over hanging up your phone call lol

Apple is all about marketing and profit . That can work for marketing . But the profit not so much.
Also they can take any car and put an apple logo and they will sell a lot of them .
I’ll prefer to wait for the Bolt or may be the Tesla model 3 from a car compagny insted of dreaming.

Except that of those three guys in a garage, at least one had built an EV Conversion, and at least one had more available cash than I earned in my best year in Aerospace! These guys weren’t just kids in a garage, and no amount of money replaces time to learn new things, except it helps a bit when they buy up experienced talent from Tesla!

Then, the fact that they are building something both similar but different from what Tesla did, still requires time to earn, test, develop, etc. And, if the apple Car’s staff are complaining about scattered focus, it suggests that they are trying a lot of things and moving around on the map of what they will use or include.

2020 is right around the corner. Apple could be the answer to the world’s automotive electrification issue. Apple has enough cash to build multiple Gigafactories and multiple mega-manufacturing facilities all at once. With Apple’s worldwide acceptance as a technology leader, they might be able to achieve mainstream penetration faster than any other company.
This is an exciting time in what’s shaping up to be a transportation revolution.

That would too bad for the poor old “ICE” boy’s Club if they got taken out swiftly.. Sooner than they expect it.

My guess would be that they won’t come to market until their car has “advanced” autonomy (i.e something more than just lane keep and adaptive cruise control). ….

It would make sense that Apple (as well as Google) will want to bring a truly revolutionary product. Something that can (or mostly can) get you from point A to point B without touching the controls.

If their autonomy/connectivity features are far enough out in front of the legacy OEM’s, then they won’t have to go “toe to toe” (i.e. … “now for something completely different”)

Tesla is not fixed in time. They’ll advance their autonomy initiative (among others) that’s already being incrementally deployed on real roads, with real drivers and real cars. Today.

I don’t see Apple being all that “completely different”, by the time (2020?) they can bring something to market. *shrugs*

Well, some of the “completely different” things I see will be tied to the fully autonomous vehicle and how it would integrate with your “personal electronic devices”. The integration to you and your devices is where apple should shine and have a significant edge over Tesla. It boggles the mind what could happen with that, and what businesses would be effected. It could change how a lot of business is done.

One example would be the online grocery delivery business. That one had a run but never really caught hold. Now imagine a few years ahead when the grocery store can take your online order and have it ready when the (unoccupied) individuals apple car drives up to the grocery take out window.. Or pizza window , or whatever. You can track your car’s movement online or just wait for it to alert you when it pulls up in the drive . ….. who knows what comes next?

For many decades now science fiction fans have been imagining what a personal robot would be like. The apple car could be that robot.

Has it ever come to someone mind that many people may actually not be interested at all in self driving cars. It is time to focus on what’s important, more battery energy towards 150 KWh, faster supercharging at 500 KW rate at a minimum and with a cheap packaging form without leather, without exotic wood, without wing doors, fancy door handles or pearl colors, in short a functional effective every day car, affordable and leaving nothing to wish from a standard gas car.

Well even if I strongly dislike Apple I have to admit that they don’t do any half-measures when they are trying to enter a market. You can expect this car to have quite the feature set, probably including their own charging solution & a plan for implementing it, fully autonomous drive, complete internet connectivity and surely much more. The Apple car will deliver things we didn’t know we wanted and/or things someone said would never work.

The car industry is good to make a small fortune out of a big one. So if the game is burning cash, why not using it for cancer research instead ? There those billions and IT expertise could do really good stuff. We have enough with Tesla, GM, Nissan etc.. for EV development.

PVH, the “We have enough with Tesla, GM, Nissan etc.. for EV development.”, would not be Elon’s thought, when his goal is “To accelerate the development of sustainable transportation.” But you are suggesting that Legacy ICE OEM’s are truly interested in accelerating sustainable transportation through BEV’s and Solar Energy, and Energy Storage? Not too likely, when you consider there is little news from companies like GM about the decision to take a lead in development of fast charging infrastructure for EV’s, and even Nissan has not brought out a cohesive plan to allow you to drive the 107 mile range LEAF from Chicago to New York, or from San Francisco to Denver, or from Miami to Boston, (let alone offer a new battery upgrade to an older LEAF, or install DC QC’s such that an older 65-70 mile range car could use the same chargers without having range/charger anxiety), etc., etc.! When those two ‘Leaders’ in the EV world of Legacy ICE OEM’s make those announcements, and get to work on doing that, let us know! When Legacy Auto OEM’s REQUIRE their dealers to make their EV Charging Stations available to ANY and ALL EV visitors to their dealership, I… Read more »

Great, another ev for the rich.

It’s going to take outsiders like Tesla and Apple to force the established car makers into adopting ev’s in earnest. The dealers disdain for ev’s are a true reflection of the manufacturers true feelings on ev’s. I’m guessing they all want to take down Tesla. Although I’ll be amazed if Tesla isn’t gobbled at some point or goes under, I think the big boys have their work cut out for them. Why would GM go to such great lengths to bring the Bolt into production when it doesn’t fit their business model ?