Italy Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger


Europe’s largest Supercharger station (12 bays, with 6 on each side of the road) and Italy’s first is now operational:

“This week we connected Italy to the European Supercharger network. Italy’s first Supercharger is currently the largest Supercharger location in Europe with 12 stalls – 6 on each side of the motorway.”

The tally for Tesla Superchargers in Europe is now well over 60, with 20-plus in operation in Asia and over 110 open in North America.

Superchargers Line Both Sides Of The Road

Superchargers Line Both Sides Of The Road

Tesla Supercharger Map Europe

Tesla Supercharger Map Europe

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It’s been open for over 3 weeks. Why the late inaguration?

In my view it is part of the drive by Tesla which includes the ‘D’ publicity stunt to distract attention from the increasing implausibility of their sales projections, or ‘production targets’ as they insist that is the only limitation.

Deliveries in the US are under 4,000 a quarter.

European demand looks like half that, if they are lucky.

We are told by Goldberg Sachs that there is 4,000 on the reservation list in China, and that deliveries are out to 6 months as though it were good news.

That is only 2,000 a quarter, if they are not early bookers for the Model X.

That adds up to around 8,000 demand a quarter,, ignoring funny games about supposedly ever extending waiting lists, when deliveries in the US are only 3 months wait, not more than they were ages ago, unsurprisingly for what is supposed to be a production on order system.

We have umpteen articles here on how Tesla is doing wondrous things.

How about some explaining who is going to buy the 1,000 a week production of the Model S?

Or the target of another 14,000 deliveries by year end?

I can see no evidence for it.

Not sure what the problem is. Everything looks good to me for Tesla. Hell even if what you say is true we are still way better off than having only GM, Ford and Chrysler to choose from. They suck dirty ear plugs.

I am not making a criticism of Tesla’s cars, but of their sales projections.

They have to be able to sell them in volume and to make a profit for their plans to work, and for you to have the choice you enjoy.

I see, even still its tough for you or Tesla to know the future.

That is pretty much what every company does to forecast sales and make sure they have the production ready to meet it, line up suppliers and so on.

Most of them, and certainly publicly listed companies with a responsibility to their shareholders, give timely information on sales to date so that analysts can assess how they are doing in meeting their targets.

Not Tesla, who unlike the vast majority of car companies only give data quarterly, not monthly, so that for instance the figures from them for June to September won’t be released until November.

Perhaps some may chose to think that that is because they don’t want to shock the public by how good they are.

To the more cynical amongst us it seems rather designed to manipulate and spin the figures, so that any previous misses can be more conveniently airbrushed over.

Still, no big deal.

Well, it’s enough to get 35k this year. And probably to get 50-60k in 2015 and 80-90k in 2016.

Then it’s time for Model 3. And what they are doing now is basically just learning, expanding and preparing for that model and just need to keep floating.

And it’s a very special company which a lot of people want to see succeed. So it they would need something to keep that pace there are plenty of people who would help them out, instead of having to slow down.

I put real deliveries in this quarter at nearer 30k than 35k. with unknown amounts of fooling with the figures.

It also seems to me that Model X sales will hit Model S sales hard,and that China and Europe run at about half the rate in Tesla’s plans and those in the US.

Top line for the Model S and Model X is in my view around 60,000 sales, not the 100,000 projected.

That in turn would make the Model III and the Gigafactory doubtful.

Still, we will see.

With the unremitting cheering for Tesla it seems worthwhile to occasionally look at how much is real, and how much may be hype.

To me it seems that there is an inordinate amount of hype, but there it is.
I am putting my own lower assessment out there so that others may at least have the pleasure of taking shots at me for being wrong, in due course, and after the inevitable final victory.

And I don’t think it makes much difference if they get to 60k or 100k or 130k with the Model S+X. They have the international presence with superchargers and service centers and stores and are exanding that one. They get the mass production experience and experience in necessary security/safety features and getting most of the kinks worked out on a smaller number of cars than if they have those problems on a truly massproduced car. People believe enough in the company and Elon Musk that if they would run out of cash before finishing the Gigafactory and geting the Model 3 on the roads they would accept a float of the shares. They also have the option of pre-selling the Model 3 with a large enough deposit to cover the cost of getting the production started. So they will survive and get the Model 3 unless the competition makes Tesla obsolete, which won’t happen unless they get 200-300 miles BEV’s with the same charging speed and network at the same cost or cheaper and therefor is a long long time away. Anyway, even if you’re right and they won’t break 60k per year for Model S+X together we won’t really… Read more »

Tesla has given guidance of 13,000 units in 4Q 2014 not 14,000.

Last time it missed guidance was 4Q 2012, and it missed by about 100 units.

If you order anything other than a Performance Plus today your delivery date is late December. Meaning, the quarter is almost sold out.

If you are so confident Tesla will miss guidance you should short TSLA in early February just before they announce results for 2014.

I prefer to go for things I do believe in, rather than betting against those I don’t.

then why not wait till year end to find out the truth? why carp constantly on each and every news item related to tesla? even those that are not related to sale projections?
you know what now i am sure you are a hater. you always say you like tesla’s technology but 99.99% of your posts hate on tesla…again and again and again…like a broken record.

It makes a change from in incessant hype at least.

Actually your wild guesses as to my motivation are as inadequate as the quality of your non-analysis.

If I thought that Tesla were entirely bad I would simply say so, as although many would undoubtedly like to make that in indictable offence that is not yet the case.

I say what I think and refrain from wild surmises about what others ‘really’ mean.

That is a practise you might do well to emulate.

As I have clearly said I like a lot of what Tesla have done technically, and loath their hype and concealment of the figures needed for timely proper evaluation.

That is something which is typically done by institutions with a great deal to hide.

Deal with it.


Davemart is basically an arrogant hydrogen hoaxer who is well aware that his vision that hydrogen is the future is at odds with Elon Musk’s vision that hydrogen is “mindboggling stupid” (and its evangelists by association) so he is persistently running a hydrogen good, Tesla bad mantra on this forum. All brought to us with a sanctimonious “evenhanded/objective” sauce.

So yes, a broken record indeed at this point and a boring one at that.

As to his motivation for systematically undermining Tesla by putting everything about it in the worst possible light and promoting hydrogen by doing the opposite: who knows. It’s not inconsistent with being a paid cybershill but it could also be just trollish behavior from a guy that’s basically wasting his life in cyberspace.

Yes, davemart “ad hominem”, like many of your comments. Deal with it.

Great post Chris, +1

Chris O,
Your comment shows that you are a biased, arrogant Elon fanboy. An ignorant fool who foul mouths anyone with an opinion that’s different from his.

I advise readers to ignore your comments from now on. Just like the other stinky foot doctor here. You are a Tesla troll, hyping the company to gain financially.

Sure it’s all a big conspiracy.

…and every article about Tesla is a great opportunity to repeat the “I doubt Tesla will meet sales targets” mantra of course.

Dave, your numbers are all off, and that’s why it seems impossible.

Tesla needs 13k deliveries to hit the stated goal, not 14k, and possibly less if they report >8k deliveries for Q3.

US deliveries will probably quicken, because Tesla wants to fulfill as many Model S sales as they can before the Model X arrives and people cancel S reservations to get that instead.

The 4k Chinese wait list was from an industry insider, so unconfirmed, and was as of mid Sept. The six month Chinese waiting list was at the time of the plant shutdown, which was over a month earlier, and is always conservative to avoid pissing off customers. It’s presumptuous for you to derive 2000 this quarter and 2000 next from this tenuous information.

This is how I see it playing out: 5000+ deliveries in the US, 2500+ in Europe, and 5000+ in Asia. We’ll get official guidance in a month, so not long now.

I would say that Tesla is as of now the most aggressive company or group putting in electric car fast chargers. In that they look like they are putting a new one in three to four days while the other electric car fast charger companies take three to ten weeks to put in a new DC fast charger. At the same time they also put in several charger stalls vs only one charger.

I must have missed it, exactly where in Italy is it?

I wonder who will be the first auto company to license access to the supercharger network? If I were building EVs, I would DEFINITELY do that.

Which EV buyer will pay $2000 for super charger access? I drive an EV, and so far, in 6 months, I have paid $6 for charging at chargepoint stations. Will Tesla provide super charger access for $12/year? Then, I might sign up. Still, these are mostly in in remote areas and kind of useless for most EV drivers, who use EVs for local runs and commutes only.

Agree. City EVs need not apply to the Supercharger network. Supercharger access is useless for any car that does not have 200 mile EPA range. Elon agrees, and has set a similar bar for participation in the Supercharger network.

I would gladly pay that money to be able to Super Charge my i3. With access to CCS and Super Chargers the coverage in most of central europe would be great.

thats only because you have a city EV and not an EV you can drive any distance. When other auto companies Finally wake up and develop true EVs, the supercharger network is a game changer.
Superchargers are for long distance travel, not city travel. Other EV owners simply don’t get it.

A quick look at the Supercharger map for Asia, will show they are being clustered also for city dwellers without possibility of home charging.

While Tesla has delayed their $1,000.00 CHAdeMO adapter, a reversed version could also be created, with internal smarts to allow a CHAdeMO type car (LEAF, iMiEV, Soul EV) to access the Superchargers by throttling them back to 60 – 100 kW Max, to support the lower power needs of such cars. It could be sold on a moderate costing subscription model, too. Such a creation by Tesla Motors would be a statement that they want everyone to experience the EV long distance travel modes, not just their buyers alone!

It appears that these two super charger location both feature a multi-standard CHAdeMO, CSS and 43kW AC unit for non-Tesla EVs. Great job, Tesla!

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