Italy Introduces EV Incentives And Includes 2-Wheelers


We wish the US government would extend EV rebates to electric bikes.

Recently enacted Italian legislation provides subsidies for EV purchases, and we’re jealous. For Italians who make the jump from internal combustion to electric scooters, the Italian government will knock thirty percent off the list price of the vehicle, totaling up to 3,000 euros discounted from the purchase.

This subsidy applies to electric or hybrid mopeds and scooters with an electric or hybrid motor equivalent in performance to a 125cc internal combustion machine, with a top speed of slightly less than 30mph. The legislation requires that the old machine is scrapped (not sold).

The subsidies will kick in on the first of March 2019 and last through the end of the year. The Italian government has funded the program to the tune of ten million euros.

While those of us who lived through it may find the program reminiscent of the late-oughts “cash for clunkers” program here in the US, the Italian government has put slightly stricter rules around their program. High-performance electric two-wheelers need not apply, and that rules out all of Energica’s motorcycles. Also, the government has passed new taxes to be applied to new internal combustion gasoline or diesel vehicles, which will vary based on a given vehicle’s emissions. The more emissions, the higher the tax.

Other details are a bit thin at the moment, like what exactly constitutes “scrapping” your old scooter or moped. During the “cash for clunkers” program in the US, the government ran out of money in under a month and had to re-up the funding, which probably won’t happen in Italy since it’s already quite well funded, but many junk yards would not take the old vehicles since the US rules specified that the engine had to be disabled, and that was the most valuable part of any old car. Taking old cars with purposely disabled engines did not help the junk yards so many opted out of the program.

Given the traffic in the larger Italian cities, replacing older, dirtier gas and diesel vehicles (especially “two-smokers”) with cleaner-running electric vehicles will no doubt be good for the air quality, but there are so many other considerations, like clean power production and battery production and disposal, to think about with the new “green” generation.

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Excellent news, and especially nice to see the incentive really focused on getting old scooters off of the road entirely. I wonder if this has anything to with electric Vespas coming on the market soon… In any case, I may not agree with much of what the Italian government is up to these days, but this policy gets five stars from me!

“Five stars” is written on purpose, isn’t it? 😁

Right-wing Populist Nationalist introducing EV incentives? Imagine that.

And even more: They’re hurting their close friend and ally Putin who is supplying Italy with the fossil fuels! Have they asked him for permission to do that?

As someone who cycles to work a lot, mopeds are the bane of my existence as they spew their oily fumes straight into my face without any filters worth mentioning. Especially in Europe, electrifying mopeds should be a priority for anyone concerned about air quality in cities.

Sometimes they also run slow in front of me and I have to wait for them to take distannce and then start pedaling again.

Good! Make these smokey and noisy 2-stroke engines illegal for road use, at least for city use. It is time that scooters become electric.

If the requirement for scrapping is that the engine is disabled, this might actually create up-cycle artisan businesses that refurbish and rebuild old scooters into electric scooters.

If anyone has been to a Italy City´s, you would know just how popular these scooters are and how much they contribute to air pollution, helping on making them electric would be a dream come true, Bravo!

What’s the airline carry-on policy with Electric scooters? Hahaha. Honestly though, there should be incentives to driving push powered or EV powered single passenger transportation across the world. Of course, they could do this by simply jacking up carbon taxes, thereby creating a market incentive to ride a bicycle or electric scooter to work.

Who needs a 60 kWh battery to go 10-15 miles to work on a nice day, when a person could get by with less than a 500 Wh battery, and just charge up at their place of business if the range isn’t enough to do a round trip.