Italjet “e-Bike” Mystery and Magnificence (w/video)


Ah, the wonders of the internet.  Rummaging around the cobwebs in the back corners of cyberspace, we noticed this:

Mystery Yummyness

Mystery machine

Just about the only clue to its origins was the “italjet” logo, so we did a little search.  We got here, to the Italjet main website.  Now, Italjet is a name that rattles around in the circles of small motorcycles, scooters and, if memory serves, mopeds, but powered by gas.  (Even as a bike shown in the Art of the Motorcycle show at the Guggenheim years ago.)  Could it be that this venerable Italian company was turning it’s eye towards electric “motorbicycles”?   Apparently yes, judging by the line-up of a few bikes shown there.  Still, however, no hint as to this beast above.  We did, however, see this site, and it’s source, this site, which tipped us off that the bike was at the 2014 EIMCA show but both of them were painfully coy.  OOOh.  Getting closer, but still on the quest.

Then, we noticed the Facebook link on the Italjet home page.  Mother Lode.

But then, even as we had found our true love, our fickle eyes strayed when we saw this astoundingly even more lovely gem of two wheeled design and craft elegance.  The Italjet Ascot.

The Italjet Ascot

The Italjet Ascot

None of these magnificent machines appear on the website yet – it seems that the site is at least a year out of date – so let’s forget about specs and simply go all googly-eyes over the details from their Facebook page:


Snap detail. Really? Even awesome snaps? Snap!


Front disk brake, along with what appears to be a 250 – 400W hub motor.


Battery enclosure


Tempus fugit – but in the most beautiful possible way.


Leather hand-grip tooling detail


…and yes. A tooled leather enclosure for what looks like a Cycle-Analyst.


Nothin’ but a Brooks will do.

Let’s see.  What were those bargain flights to Italy costing again?

And then.  We found this.

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Sweet find! Definitely not a CA. More like this.

Pretty nice.

Forza Italia!

that is so nice ,i want one and i don t ride!

Ah, I do love me some retro EVs…