Italdesign GTZero Electric Supercar With 311-Mile Range Revealed in Geneva


The Italdesign GTZero concept, an all-electric, 311-mile range supercar, was unveiled in Geneva. At this time, this is purely a concept, but we do like the idea of long-range, stylish electrics, so hopefully it gets the production green light at some point in the future.

The car is built on a modular carbon frame with aluminum subframes. Its monocoque “eggshell” frame allows it to accommodate different body shapes and powertrains due to the ability to change dimensions and configurations without altering the carbon structure.

GTZero is powered by three electric motors, two on the front axle and one on the rear. The company says a hybrid option is also a possibility.

The car boasts 483 hp and a top speed limited to 155 MPH. 80% recharge can be reached in just 30 minutes. It has 22in wheels up front and 23in wheels in back. Active aerodynamics are achieved with air intakes and  a spoiler.

Italdesign GTZero Concept

Italdesign GTZero Concept

The interior is very futuristic, with everything controlled by touchscreens. The only “physical” components in the car are the parking brake, and three large air vents. Touch pads on the steering wheel change the dashboard display and control lights, wipers and other functions.

Clear influnces from the Ferrari GG50 and Lamborghini Huracan are prominent. The VW-owned company also mentions:

“Elements of the design pay homage to past cars like the Alfa Romeo Scighera, Daewoo Bucrane and Bizzarini Manta.”

Former Lamborghini design boss, Filippo Perini, styled the four-wheel-drive and four-wheel-steering concept car.

Italdesign was founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1968, but he sold it to Audi last July. Audi is part of the VW Group, which is where the tie to Volkswagen comes in.

Source: Autocar

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10 Comments on "Italdesign GTZero Electric Supercar With 311-Mile Range Revealed in Geneva"

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Awkward CG / Camera motion there, in the promo.

But I like the rakish Italian looks of it. Reminds me of a Porsche Mission E, for some reason…

Looks like there’s another Tesla killer in the works. Maybe we’ll see this in the next James Bond movie.

Texas, in order to kill Tesla you first have to beat Tesla.
And you can’t do that at less than 2x’s the price.
And if sold only a few would ever get built, hardly the Tesla killer you dream of.
Especially since Tesla production increase 61% last yr as other gas cars in it’s class ALL DROPPED production rates, losing them to Tesla.

I’m very impressed by the amount of creativity in automotive design we are seeing right now. It’s like electrication has opened up a floodgate of new ideas. Very exciting and promising times.

Assuming they’re using the ‘European Mileage’ (way overestimating the 311 mile range); that still means they’ll have a 100 kw fast charge port.

I wonder if any of these $ Million cars use Porche’s ‘million-dollar’ 800 volt charging system?


Italian design is so beautiful. They nearly always give us dead sexy forms and lines with minimal gimmicks.

Hate to say it, but the back of that car looks like @ss (pun intended!)

Porsche’s Mission E is much more attractive, in my personal biased opinion of course.

Sooo it’s basically just another Tesla. Similar range. Similar specs. Probably far more expensive.

Why is it that everyone else is just playing catch up?

Reminds me of the Lambo Espada
a 4-seat sporty lambo shooting brake

Great looks and a concept that sounds quite realistic. Since Porsche will come with a full electric car, the same platform can be used for a new Lambo model to keep costs down.