Is Tesla Starting To Register Model 3 VINs For Europe?

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Apparently, Tesla registered a batch of Left Hand Drive Model 3 VINs for the European Union

According to the watchdog group @Model3VINs, who revealed the information on Twitter, Tesla appears to be laying the foundati0n for a huge European Union push for the Model 3. This comes as part of an ongoing initiative by the U.S-based car maker to produce the Model 3 at an industrial, global scale.

The information is connected with the EU customer region due to several references suggesting the target area. The registrations come part of the latest batch of 1,481VINs registered for brand new Model 3 vehicles.

The 19 VINs that are part of the latest batch of registrations come  with a different code (“7”) for their “Restraint System.” In the past, the code 7 for the Restraint System has been used by the company when denoting a Model S configured for the EU.

“The first 19 VINs (108730-108748) contain a new code (‘7’) in the 6th position, which represents the “Restraint System” for the vehicle. Although the code is not incl. in the decoder submitted to NHTSA, it appears to be used in Model S to denote an EU car.

While the push is great news for all Model 3 customers who are awaiting their vehicles, this doesn’t bring a lot of sunshine to the land of right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 pre-orders. The release of the region’s highly anticipated RHD version of the sedan is still most likely due in the Elon Musk estimate of mid-2019. Furthermore, the VINs only feature the Model 3 vehicles that are RWD and AWD. No Model 3 Performance – the “4” in the 8th digit of the VIN – have been registered for the EU just yet.

While the apparent ramp up in both production and delivery for the European Union is great news, we’re still a long way from seeing the Model 3 in substantial numbers over there. Furthermore, customers from the United Kingdom will have to wait a bit longer to actually receive their vehicles. But, judging by the recent customer reviews, the Model 3 is on a good path of winning over even the most cautious supporters of the EV revolution over. It just remains to be seen how many of these can Elon Musk actually deliver in the following months.

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I kept waiting for news that Tesla’s so-called “final assembly plant”* in Tilberg, Netherlands, was being upgraded to handle the Model 3. Interesting that this is the first indication that Tesla is likely getting ready to start shipping Model 3’s to Europe. And it’s certainly no surprise that they’d start with left-hand-drive cars. Upgrading the production lines to handleTM3 right-hand-drive cars will take time and cost money.

*The unnecessary, make-work “final assembly” process is merely a method of avoiding paying some EU import duties or tariffs. It makes sense only in economic terms, having no engineering or production value.

I have been wondering how the Tilberg plant fit in. Should we all expect M3’s initially to be shipped to EU? I am an early reservation holder living in France.

Suggests model 3 demand may be tapering stateside at least for the high end versions they are building.

Or maybe that they are having trouble delivering all that they make here.

It’s not that demand is “tapering”, it’s that Tesla has run thru most of the reservation pre-orders for the particular configurations they are currently offering.

With more and more Model 3’s appearing on roads, attracting attention and getting word-of-mouth advertising from owners, demand will only go one direction — and that’s up! Just as it did for the Model S and the Model X.

I wonder whether they will even ship these 19 validation units to Europe — or just test the EU modifications “at home”…

They will have to hand a couple of units in to have them tested.

One wonders when, if ever, Tesla will share any information directly with reservation holders, beyond the delivery estimate we can find on their site.

I am among the first couple hundred reservations in Norway, and if Norway is going to be prioritized (as before) among European markets, I find it odd to have heard nothing if deliveries over here are to start anytime this year, nevermind in a couple of months.

I’d never get any of the current versions as they are too expensive, but Tesla doesn’t know that since they never asked. And of course no actual prices are known yet either…

Still, I hope there’s substance to this speculation. Would be great to start seeing some Model 3s on the roads.

If the ramp up keeps going well, who knows? I might get an invitation to order a long range M3 before Hyundai delivers the Kona I’ve ordered. But unless it’s less expensive than I think, I’ll need to know when the base version will be available, and the specifics about it other than price, to consider attempting to cancel the Kona… So for me personally, I think it’ll be too little, too late.

This is good news. It means that after another year, the Model 3 will become available to Left Hand Drive markets.

OK, I’ll ask the question: Does this push back the delivery of US SR and/or Standard Interior cars even further? Inquiring Day One reservation holders want to know. I know my chance of getting the full $7500 credit is slim/none. Is the chance of getting $3750 disappearing as well?

I guess I’ll just cling to the frail hope these are just a handful of showroom display cars and not the start of a new wave of production going out ahead of SR cars.

Regarding base interior, I think it will be tied to SR (meaning if you get SR, you will be getting base interior), at least initially. And here is a post discussing that Tesla employees stated that.

Thanks Mo for the reply instead of just reflexively voting down my question. I’ve actually seen this thread but I think since it dates back to last Dec it’s probably OBE. The local showroom opened up test drives for early reservation holders a few weeks ago and I took them up on it. (It was fantastic but all too short a drive). I still have the reservation active and asked if early reservation holders would get first dibs on ordering the SR model. Got several different answers based on who I talked to so I still can’t reliably say I know the answer to that one.

Thanks again for your courtesy of replying. As I have mentioned before in this forum, courtesy may not be totally dead but it certainly seems to be on life support!

These initial VINs are probably certification testing and such, months ahead of actual EU shipments. Tesla says SR will come in Q1. It’ll only come earlier if they run out of US $49k+ customers.

Tesla also said they expect high-price overseas sales to offset declining US prices in the first half of 2019, so it’s clear they plan to sell both overseas LR and US SR in the period.

Thanks, Dog! Your theory makes a lot of sense and I’m hoping you are right. The local showroom is walking distance so I’m going down to chat with one of their more knowlegable folks today to see if he knows anything.

“Does this push back the delivery of US SR and/or Standard Interior cars even further?”

Further than what? Obviously Tesla intended, sooner or later, to start deliveries of Model 3’s to Europe, China, and other overseas locations. So the only way this can be “pushing back” the date is if Tesla is going to start overseas deliveries sooner than they had previously planned.

Personally, I always thought the probability was rather low that even 1st day reservation holders would be able to take advantage of the full $7500 for the “Standard Range” (i.e., short range) version of the TM3. But I’ll be surprised if you don’t get a chance at the $3750 tax credit, assuming you qualify for that.

(For the record, I think your question is entirely pertinent and does not deserve any down-votes.)

They probably will only sell performance models in Europe at first.

How will the trade war affects the price?

Europe offered zero tariffs , but apparently Trump figures even that is “unfair” because Europeans don’t buy a lot of US cars anyway because of differences in consumer preferences.

Of course Model 3 has the potential to shift the balance in America’s favor but since it’s no doubt GM&co that are whispering in Trump’s ear we can be very sure that what ever Europe offers it will never be enough.

Last time I heard, the US car makers opposed Trump’s trade war.

oooh, we might soon know if the european models come with CCS or towhitch then 😀

Well, seems like quite soon *all* EU countries will be left-hand-drive, so why bother?


With the notable exception of the UK and Ireland Europe drives on the right (correct 😈) side of the road.