Is Tesla Model 3 Faster Than Ford Fiesta ST?


TFLCar uses the gameshow approach to compare

As game show prizes go, a lump of coal isn’t exactly what one would choose to create excitement among the contestants, but that is the prize in this contest between the Tesla Model 3 and the Ford Fiesta ST. Why a lump of coal? We’re not really sure. Maybe the increasingly diminished energy source was supposed to be linked somehow to electricity generation, but that doesn’t really happen in the video. Instead, it’s just used to underline that this is “fun” comparison, designed to not put any knickers in knots.

In any case, let’s take a quick look at our competitors here. Readers may be familiar with the Ford Fiesta, a gasoline-powered subcompact hatchback. The ST trim takes the budget-mobile and injects it with a larger herd of horses — 197 of them, along with 202 pound-feet of torque, served up by a 1.6L Ti-VCT Turbocharged direct injection EcoBoost engine. It also has sporty Recaro seats and a sweet 6-speed manual transmission. It is, by all accounts, a fun car to drive.

Faithful InsideEVs readers, and probably even unfaithful ones, will be familiar with the Tesla Model 3: the California automaker’s mid-size and least expensive vehicle. If the car in the video, on loan from its owner, was the Performance version, we’d be pretty sure it could easily handle anything the ST could throw at it. It is not that version, though. Instead, we have the rear-wheel-drive Model 3, the slowest of all the available variants at the moment.

While we won’t give any spoilers, we will say that the two get matched up in 0-to-60 acceleration runs as well as a hot lap. No time is spent addressing the myriad ways these cars are quite different from each other, but as we said, this is meant to be a fun bit of footage. Enjoy!

Source: The Fast Lane Car via YouTube

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I’ll wait for the comparison to the Focus RS. (MSRP $41,120)

This is how “fast” the cars are, this is how “quick” they are. Fast is top speed, acceleration is quickness

I regard “Fast” as elapsed time. If you never go 150mph, vs. 140-200+, this is a better way of thinking about it. More practical. People, all kinds of car people, weren’t making these distinctions before Tesla came along.

Fast was the time you took.

Yes, people discussing automotive performance have been making the distinction between quick and fast long before Tesla.

A lump of coal is what naughty children get in their stockings from Santa Claus.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Do I need to ask “Price as tested”?

They talk about that in the video: 18,000 vs 55,000 is what they said.

Not like it matters but that extra $5k on the Tesla is autopilot which isn’t used in the comparison.

I traded in a Fiesta ST for my Model 3. Hands down, the Model 3 is faster, but the ST was never a really fast car. Where it excelled was in how fun it was to throw it around curvy roads, but the Model 3 is funner there too. Honestly the only thing I miss is the hatchback form factor. I definitely don’t miss the constant mechanical issues I had from the ST. It overheated on a daily basis and the dealership was never able to fix the issue. A week after I traded it in I received a recall notice for the exact same issue.

Lots of Ford eco boost engines overheating and setting cars on fire here in uk.

Ford cars on fire? That is shocking, in the USA only Tesla catch on fire and make the news LOL GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS CO2.EARTH

That was fun.

Superior personality from the hosts. Most endearing.

I would expect it’s a lot quicker. My Bolt will outrun a fiest st at 7000 ft and the tm3 is a bit quicker than the Bolt.