Charging A Tesla Model S Is Not Nearly As Difficult As This Guy Makes It Seem – Video


C'mon...Get In There

C’mon…Get In There

This first-time charger has some difficulty in getting his Tesla Model S hooked up.

Video description:

“It is interesting to see how people get so confused first time they try to charge in public.”

Yes, the first time may be a bit confusing, and perhaps subsequent tries are too (since stations vary significantly), but once mastered, charging a car is really a piece of cake.

However, as the guy in the video demonstrates, the first go at it may not go as smoothly as hoped for.

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This explains why the charge port rings on the car get cracked…



Well, the guy looks like he has more money than brains anyway…


Which while counter-intuitive is often the case.


Not counter-intuitive when you remember most rich people got rich by inheriting their money… not making it!


You mean like Elon Musk, Gates, Buffet or 70% of billionaires? No, most did not inherit their wealth.


Well, there are lots of people that are rich who are not billionaires.


Most did not inherit their wealth. All these talk of wealth via inheritance is just FUD to take away hope from gullible.

Jacked Beanstalk

Most wealth in the US is inherited. It’s called “old money” and it’s for real.

The US ranks rather low in class mobility, even behind nations like the UK.


The problem is, Sparky, that what you’re posting here simply isn’t true. It’s more than 60%.

Here’s a relevant citation:

Just over a third, 35 percent, of the Forbes 400 come from these [poor to middle class] backgrounds.

Just over 3 percent of the Forbes 400, the United for a Fair Economy researchers found, have left no good paper trail on their actual economic backgrounds. Of the over 60 percent remaining, all grew up in substantial privilege.

Those “born on first base” — in upper-class families, with inheritances up to $1 million — make up 22 percent of the 400. On “second base,” households wealthy enough to run a business big enough to generate inheritances over $1 million, the new UFE study found another 11.5 percent.

On “third base,” with inherited wealth over $50 million, sit 7 percent of America’s 400 richest. Last but not least, the “born on home plate” crowd. These high-rollers, 21.25 percent of the total Forbes list, all inherited enough to “earn” their way into top 400 status.


Someone out there

Bill Gates was born to a rich family, although he did do a great job of improving the situation significantly.


I guess it depends on your def of rich. Some would say anyone driving EV are rich as most are more expensive than gas cars, or that people able to take EV tax credit is rich as most wouldn’t have $7500 fed tax burden.

But regardless, most people did not inherit their wealth. In fact, many who inherit lots of money squander their wealth.


If your standards for “rich” include only billionaires… then your standards are rather more strict than mine, Sparky 😉

I meant the 1%.


In the majority that’s true. I probably should have used the converse and said being smart is not guarantee of getting rich, in the main.


No, you made a good point. I was just being snarky.

Sorry to have spawned an off-topic debate here.


This is either Booze Or Drug related 0r BOTH!…Unreal ! I wonder if he knows how to plug in 0r to 0perate a Blender… L M A 0….


Dear InsideEVs,

I love you guys, huge fan, I love Tesla, drive electric vehicles, but take a look at the comments.

Do you still think posting this video was the right thing to do?

This video is showing the true colors of some of the regulars, and I feel at this point, this whole article should be removed.

Extra ‘disappointment points’ for the fact a known EV advocate seems to be the one sharing the link to this unlisted video.


Why not. There are people reporting that Leaf and Volt owners driving up to Tesla superchargers and wanting to plug in. I have seen a video of a lady who someone took a video of trying to attach a supercharger cable to a Volt.

Video could have been posted “without comment” allowed. Just to indicate that EVs are not as “fool proof” as some make them out to be. The need to create adapters and semi-new-non-standard-standards has hurt the EV segment.


So you’re judging a person based on looks (via a lens which doesn’t show much detail), yet you know absolutely nothing about this situation or individual?

He might be borrowing a friend’s Model S.
He might be renting this vehicle.
He might be test driving this vehicle.
He might be in a loaner.
He might have just received the vehicle.

All would explain why he is experiencing issues with something totally new, something that would happen to many of us, no matter what our financial background is, or how we look.

And that’s ignoring the fact that we are dealing with 3(!) charging ‘standards’ in this specific video, which can even confuse the more experienced techies.

Seeing folks interested in electric vehicles, on a site dedicated to electric vehicles, attacking other new users is just disgusting.

I hope you, or your kids/spouse, are never in a situation where you need help, but are made fun of instead.


I am not criticizing…, But., This is totally out of the norm , A Child Could figure that one out. Unless that child was on Pills that impaired that child’s judgement..That guy did N0t seem right…..Sorry ..

David Murray

I agree. I watched the video and it appeared to me that he was having a legitimate equipment-related problem. I didn’t see anything in the video that would make me think the guy was dumb or needed to be insulted. But let’s face it. What we are seeing here on this site is just a representation of the internet as a whole. When people are on the outside looking in, it is very easy to criticize what another person does. And when somebody is anonymous and doesn’t have to look another person in the face, they are more likely to insult and ridicule them. That is, unfortunately, human nature. I try to avoid taking part in that aspect of human nature.


Thank you for that thoughtful post, David.

Nobody held a gun to my head and made me watch that video, but the presentation here does seem to be encouraging comments that read like a bunch of children sitting in a circle sniggering at something they’re too immature to understand.

And it does seem that InsideEVs is lowering its standards of journalism by encouraging this probably undeserved, juvenile mockery.


Remember like, when the booooring Tesla delivery dood was like, going on and on yadda yadda yadda about the features, and how stuff worked, and you were like, dood! I Just Wanna Drive It, like give me my keys now, and the dood kept sayin’ you need to get like the right ‘dapterz and stuff, and you just kept like, rollin’ your eyes? cuz it was sooooo boring and such?

^^Because that


I was like, “Too Long, Didn’t Listen…”


What a brain dead zer0, more money than brains is putting it mildly. He should have at least put the charge cables back up and left it the way he found it. must be first world 1%’er privilege.


Blame it on Tesla’s desire to have their own plug design, requiring an adapter, instead of adopting the standard that everyone else uses. Plus it’s idiotic to have the charge port in the back of the car, requiring you to back into charging spaces.

Robert Weekley

DL – if you watched the video you saw him connect the Adapter to two different J1772 Cords – no problem, but then – he could not get the Tesla Stinger (Plug) into the target (Charge Port).

He also could not figure out how to turn any thing on, and a couple times thought he could use his J1772 Charger Adapter on the CHAdeMO Quick Charger!

So – it is obvious – the Test Drive should include – at least – a demo of stopping at a public L2 Charger, and using the adapter – first showing – second – on delivery – having the buyer show the delivery guy he “Got’s it!” – as in – ‘Some people Got’s it – and some don’t!’

It might also be that some people can’t touch type on a keyboard, can’t text on a phone, or figure out how to put plugs in sockets – like this guy!


This fellow is clearly having charging issues. From what I can see, he is attempting to use the J-1772 adapter, which he thankfully didn’t leave behind, and a drunk person well could have done that. It does not appear that the charging ring ever lit up, which means someone broke it. It also appears that the adapter does not somehow fit and lock into place. There is no SAE Combo adapter for the Tesla Model S. I do find it interesting that this charge location features both the L2 and the SAE Combo charger in the same stall. Must be California.

So, basically, a bunch of InsideEV fans are ripping on a guy who is having a legitimate problem with his car.

I would have stopped trying when the charge ring didn’t light up, indicating a fault. It appears that he called Tesla service (or a friend) and they talked him through the process which he repeated and it still didn’t work.

For all the times we are filmed on security cameras, I would hope security guards would have the decency to respect our privacy, especially in an unflattering, awkward moment.



I typed a long response last night, expressing how disappointed I was with this video even being posted (by a known EV advocate, if my quick checking is accurate!), and the selfish/snobby comments are just mind boggling.

It’s not cool to make fun of someone experiencing difficulties doing anything, not to mention, if he couldn’t figure this out, then Tesla didn’t do a good job showing him how to deal with public charging, so the failure is on Tesla!

It’s almost like everyone here was born with the ability to walk right out of the womb. We all have to learn (and fail/fall), plus many of us have experienced issues learning/trying something new in life, including how to use/charge your EV. Can you imagine if random strangers started posting your private moments like that?

This entire article was one of the most disappointing InsideEVs post yet. Considering there is NOTHING educational about this video, this was all about making fun of someone in a situation where someone needed help.

And shame on Kelly Carmichael for even sharing this video.


Forgot to finish my first statement. I typed a long response, but killed it since I was so disappointed with the entire situation, it felt like a waste of time.


Maybe too much time on our hands?? Perhaps we should all(((including Myself))) Find something Productive to do. We’re 0nly blowing 0ff some counter productive steam here.. This will get us all, Nowhere Fast…


“So – it is obvious – the Test Drive should include – at least – a demo of stopping at a public L2 Charger, and using the adapter ”

That would help. Think of how the gasoline system developed. Who taught you how to put gas in a car? Who showed you how the pump works, where to fill, how to pay? I’m teaching my son to drive, and I’m going to have to show him also how to charge and where to charge, in addition to how to pay cash for gas, since he doesn’t have a CC.


Are Tesla employees even allowed to “admit” there are chargers out there besides superchargers and HPWCs ?


You must be related to this twit….


DL said:

“Blame it on Tesla’s desire to have their own plug design, requiring an adapter, instead of adopting the standard that everyone else uses.”

Hate to interrupt your rant there, but there isn’t any one “standard”. What there are is a bunch of competing formats. Even if you ignore everything but the CCS and CHAdeMO charging formats, that’s still a VHS vs. BETAmax war.


Uh, yeah, J1772 is the standard for level 2 charging, but Tesla decided not to use it.

All-Purpose Guru

Actually, Tesla’s port PREDATES the J1772 standard and actually uses the same signaling that J1772 uses.

I think Tesla can be excused for not using a standard that didn’t exist when they designed their charging ports.

I think the guy is having a problem because I thought you put the Stinger IN THE CAR first and snap the J1772 into it afterwards. That allows the latch on the J1772 connector to operate correctly.

All-Purpose Guru

I was wrong. Later comments point to the port timing out (so you re-open the port to re-enable it)

Sorry, I don’t own a Tesla yet.


I read this (The Kochs Are Plotting A Multimillion-Dollar Assault On Electric Vehicles) and then I see this video making it look so hard to charge a ev (I think video is fake


Funny you mention that, as I was thinking the same thing.

It will be used by the Koch bros as ammunition in the fight against EVs (3 standards in that video!), assuming they aren’t the ones behind this video to begin with.

David Murray

I don’t fully understand what problem he’s having. It seems as if he can’t get the tesla adapter to plug into the car for some reason. It’s possible there is a physical problem. Maybe something stuck in the port, for example?


Interesting – US-Teslas need an adapter to charge public, EU-Teslas don’t (for the common Type 2 stations at least).

Mario Landry

Money does not make you smarter.
However, if he let his side cell, he could concentrate on what he has to do.
Already, the way he parked his car … it gives a good indication of his lack of judgment …
But … Sometimes you learn the hard as they say.


Really terrible! And left a mess with the cords too! ARGH!


Right at the beginning the way he park the car and explore the place and he’s talking on the phone , that went down hill from there.
Sometimes we see funny thing at the gas pump too.

My initial reaction was that this is what it’s going to look like when hundreds of thousands of new people are driving plug-in’s, especially the first few times. Inside EV’s readers keep up with this stuff, so we loose sight of how charging looks to people who have never experienced it. The user interface of charging can look pretty intimidating, and we’re relying on busy car dealers to explain it all. I’m actually pretty confident, however, that market forces will end up streamlining the charging experience, just as they did for gasoline. Getting a fill up has shed many intermediate steps over the years. You used to have to tell a uniformed attendant what you wanted (still the case in NJ). You used to get your oil checked and windshield washed (or was that only in the movies?). Now, it’s 1) pull up to hose 2) swipe card 3) put hose in hole in car 4) put hose back 5) go. What I don’t get is he did the right thing the first time, but it didn’t work. It looked like he had the J1772 adapter, and he put it on the J1772 handle, but for some reason he couldn’t… Read more »

At approximately time mark 2:20 on the video the drive opened the port lid and the white ring on the port lit white indicating that the car is ready to accept a plug and a second or two later turned off seemingly while the driver was using the touch screen. That means the port lock was engaged and the port would not accept a plug. What the driver should have done is close and open the charging port again when he was ready to plug in the J1772 plug with adapter in it. A Tesla delivery specialist would have gone over all this with the owner and it is described in the Tesla instructional videos and manual:

If the port didn’t operate properly he should have hung up the phone and call Tesla for support instead of messing with the J1772 stations and cords and leaving them in disarray on the ground.

I stopped @ my Tesla retailer and asked for a complete demonstration of how to make use of the Tesla supercharger station.. including how to remove a hung plug from the supercharger unit.. and proper etiquette upon finding other Tesla operators already charging…. I was not ridiculed , insulted or belittled.. in fact the guy Austin @ Devon, Pa store was all too happy to show me how to do it properly.. and how to use the different adapters usually required at public charging stations, campgrounds, and even welding sockets… I can NOT lend my Tesla to anyone.. the lease explicitly for bids loaning one’s car.. my car insurance also forbids it… plus.. it is a darn stupid thing to do… as far as being neat.. and properly restoring the charger to the way one finds it… well.. some Tesla drivers driver their vehicles around dirty because they are not caring or concerned enough to wash it by hand or take it to a touch-less car wash like it should be done… so to expect them to care about the way they leave the charger station when the leave?? Not happening… 1500 trouble free, gas free, oil free miles to… Read more »

The Model S charge port can get into a state in which it is locked but the port door is open. This is what has happened to this guy and why the adapter won’t go in. If he just were to press the open charge port button on the touch screen or press and hold the trunk button on the fob, it would have unlocked, green ring lit up, then he could have plugged it in.

Mario Landry