Iron Man BMW i8


As BMWBLOG states:

“Austin Mahone is an American singer and songwriter, who some often compare to Justin Bieber. While he’s yet to have the fame or money of The Bieb, he seems to have plenty of cash laying around to purchase a BMW i8.”

Let’s not mention The Bieb…please.

We don’t know who Mahone is either, but Iron Man we can relate to and that’s why this i8 caught our eye.

Here’s how the Iron Man look was achieved, according to BMWBLOG:

“The popular color theme was achieved through a collaboration between several tuning shops. First, the guys at Metro Wrapz wrapped the i8 in a Frozen Red color with gold and black accents.”

“Next on the list was a set of flashy, custom wheels designed and engineered by Vossen Wheels.”

Not a fan of gold myself, but somehow it works when combined with the red seen on the i8 here. And it is unmistakably Iron Man too!

Iron Man BMW i8

Iron Man BMW i8


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Sure that’s not the “German flag” look?

Doesn’t Iron Man drive an Audi?

If Mahone was a real American, he’d be showing us his Model S with a panty dropper paint job…

Or at least some bass-boat glitter paint.

It’s a true 49ers Car. Go San Francisco 49ers

Uh . . . wouldn’t Iron Man, who’s film version was partially based on Elon Musk, drive a Tesla?