Irizar Inaugurates Electromobility Plant In Spain

JUL 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar inaugurated its new €75 million ($88 million) European electromobility plant, located in the town of Aduna, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

Irizar electric buses

The facility, with a gross floor area of 18,000 m2 and set on a plot of almost 4 hectares, is considered the first European electromobility plant.

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Irizar intends to produce 1,000 electric vehicles annually – buses and other industrial vehicles.

“The plant will not only manufacture electric buses, but also other types of industrial vehicles that complement the electromobility needs of cities. The new plant, which has an initial capacity to produce 1000 vehicles per year, will manufacture the vehicles and their main components and systems.”

One of the largest and biggest orders for electric buses comes from Amiens Metropole, a city in Northern France – 42 units of the 18 meter articulated bus (see image blow).

Irizar 18 metre articulated bus

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Go Irizar! Cutting-edge tech from the deeper Basque country!

Heisenberght 3.0

I still wonder how they developed that strange language over there…


Last I heard, no maker sold more than a couple dozen electric buses a year in Europe… In view of that, it’s quite significant capacity they created here!


Antrik, you may want to read this article and this is just one manufacturer!


That’s perfectly in line with what I said: “over 100” buses over several years are a couple dozen a year. Other makers (Solaris, VDL) have similar numbers AFAIK.

I wish it was different — but I’m yet to hear of any major European city go forward with a serious electric bus transition, rather than just dipping their toes with a handful of vehicles…

John Doe

In Norway about 80% of all new city buses will be electric. The rest will run on / use hydrogen fuel cell, LPG/gas from some renewable sources.


That’s great to hear 🙂 When is this beginning? Do you have some link?

Heisenberght 3.0

Nice! I never heard of that company before, but this seems to be real… Welcome Irizar! Yet another player to kick the established bus manufacturers a…s. They have been waiting and sitting on them for too long…


Well, it seems to be very much an “established manufacturer” — though apparently only of bodies, which are combined with chassis from other established makers? That makes this announcement somewhat strange… I wonder what exactly they will be doing at this new plant.