Iranian Automaker Reaches Out To LG Chem For Electric Car Batteries



Iran Khodro Cars

Iran Khodro Cars

Ok, where in the world is LG Chem not supplying its next generation of batteries?  Now, an Iranian automaker has approached LG Chem for battery cell production for an upcoming electric car.

Iran Khodro Co., an automaker in Tehran, is reportedly in discussions with LG Chem.

LG Chem lithium-ion battery cell

LG Chem lithium-ion battery cell

Iran Khodro’s Chief Executive Officer Hashem Yekke-Zare, says that “negotiations are underway” and that a deal may be struck as soon as this Fall.

LG Chem is being asked to supply the battery cells and also other vital components. Meanwhile, Iran Khodro is promising production of 60,000 EVs by 2023.

An LG Chem spokesperson commented on the possible deal:

“We are currently carrying out the plans to develop electric vehicles and to set up charging infrastructure in Iran.”

No further details were provided.

Ali Izadi-Najafabadi, an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, added:

“Iran would certainly benefit from electrification of its transport sector as it would lower demand for gasoline and help with air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, Despite ample oil reserves, Iran does not have sufficient domestic refining capacity to meet its gasoline demand, so it has had to rely on imports.”

Source: Tehran Times

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…when even the oil rich countries realize they need to stop….

As of today, oil is low and major oil companies have performed poorly on stock market. Iran is doing the right thing by promoting EVs. However, war between Iran and the West will reverse this trend and that is why Strongman Trump cannot become POTUS.

Quite the opposite actually. Trump is a businessman, he knows that mutually benefitting trade is better than destructive war.
Shillary however have no problem lending an ear to the military industry, just as she is bff with Wall Street.

LOL “mutually benefiting trade” to Strong man Trump means American workers get paid $5 per hour working 80 hours per week to make his ties and shirts….BELIEVE ME

All fossil fuels are finite, that indisputable fact should shape all decisions accordingly.

“LG Chem is being asked to supply the battery cells and also other vital components.” Maybe they will negociate a similar deal that LG Chemical did with GM to supply the cells, controllers, and motors, making the entire system integration easier.

I have that feeling – LG will become an automaker soon 🙂

Gadzooks! The Coda! It lives!!

These Iranian Khodro cars have a very interesting and unique feature: When you honk the horn, they go: “DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO AMERICA!”

An exciting new SUV is due out next summer, called the Khodro Infidel.


Haha haha.

I really like how the Iranian automaker has integrated a built-in compartment for your car bombs. Very convenient!

The EV they’ve designed is called the Allah Akbar, and features EV stealth mode to sneak up on your infidel victims.

Tasteless and at least borderline racist…

Your conservative family values are on full display…lol

LG Chem needs to buy its own car division. Business is good now but all the companies will eventually build their own Gigafactory and goodbye to all that booming profit. At least Panasonic put a ring on Teslas finger .

I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened their own EV division. It seems that LG Chem is providing much of the Chevy Bolt . . . so why not just make your own EV?

I don’t think so. They have a good position now delivering the core components but they don’t have to put up with the chore of creating consumer sales points and service stations and such.

Does it comes with holders for Alan Snackbar? 😀

And how many camel power?

And this, gentle readers, is why LG Chem can’t suddenly crank up the dial to provide GM with significantly more battery cells for the Bolt than has already been contracted for. LG has too many other customers, a growing list of customers, all clamoring for its lower-cost cells.

LG Chem contracts for delivery of large quantities of cells two years in advance. Two years. So that’s how long it will take for GM to significantly increase production of the Bolt, even if they want to, which likely they don’t.

We will know that GM is serious about cranking up the volume on Bolt production if and when they start building their own battery factories, as BYD, and Nissan have done, and as Tesla is now doing.

Well, on the other hand this is means LG Chem really as a LOT of customers so that they can go mass manufacturing scale.

You must not have read the 60k by 2023 for Khodro. I think LG has time. Tesla did it in 2 years with limited funds..

My gut tells me all the car companies will eventually go their own way. Batteries built in house. When LG Chem has to supply 3-5 car companies let’s say, which one gets their batteries when shortages arise. Why did tesla figure out it needed a Gigafactory and no one else…

Well…Nissan did too

Iran looking to adopt the Norway strategy . . . sell your oil to other suckers and drive EVs at home that you can power with solar and wind.

73.7 % of Iran’s population is in cities. Median age is 30.1

Yes and the majority of Iranians do not hate America.