iPod Designer: BMW i8 is Rare in That It Combines “Bold Design” With “Bold Vehicle Technology”


BMW i8

BMW i8

It’s the end-of-the-year time when awards are handed out and 2013 product of the year selections are made.

BMW i8

BMW i8

This selection in the automotive category comes courtesy of Tony Fadell iPod and iPhone development/design chief and founder of Nest Labs.

We’d say Fadell is rather experienced in terms of design, but he lacks automotive credentials, so his selection of the BMW i8 as his favorite automobile of 2013 is most likely based heaviliy on its design

Quoting Fadell:

“An amazing concept car made it to production without modification — which is rare.  Bold design plus bold vehicle technology.”

Fadell’s statement isn’t entirely accurate, as we know that the i8 did get modified as it moved from concept to production.  But still, Fadell’s expert eye for design picked the i8 out of the entire automotive field as his favorite.  In terms of design, we’d agree with Fadell’s selection of the i8.

Source: Bloomberg

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I’ll take a #2 please! 😉

One way to appreciate the I8 is to look at an SLS AMG ED. Sure that is all electric, costs half a million bucks, and it drives like mad, but can it be any more hideous than that?

how is that ugly?

Now the new BMW i8 comes with the latest design and latest vehicle technology. iPod is used to design this BMW i8 as I have seen on Apple iPhone Support so you may check it out.