Inventory Tesla Model X SUVs Popping Up In System With Discounted prices


Tesla Model X P90DL

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Motors Club forum has revealed that consumers may be able to get an inventory Tesla Model X quickly and at a discount. This is good news for anyone planning to purchase the SUV but not willing to wait for months to take delivery.

Tesla Model X Rear Access Due To Falcon Wing Doors

Tesla Model X Rear Access Due To Falcon Wing Doors

Inventory vehicles are EVs that usually qualify for all of the same tax incentives as new cars. This is due to the fact that the vehicles haven’t been titled. The cars will be sold at a discount since they generally have a small amount of miles on them and may have older technology.

Comments seem to establish that Tesla had reasonable and growing quantities of these inventory cars available, at least in certain areas. Forum user Doug H shared:

“I was in the Portland store today and they have access to about 100 Inventory cars. That will double in the next two-three weeks I was told. They will not be listed on the Tesla site you have to go in and talk to someone. They are really looking to move cars fast for some reason.”

Other commentors on the forum shared information about this situation.


“Perhaps other members are aware that some Model X inventory cars are available on the SC computers. I went to the Raleigh SC on 6/29 to finalize my design for a new MX, but learned that inventory X’s might be what I want. I had purchased an inventory P85 last December and was very pleased with that discount. I found an X90D in Austin, TX that matched my design with only one small exception and had only 950 miles on the odometer. I am expecting it to arrive within 3 weeks!”


“Ya I just got one out of Orlando with about 1,100 miles and a $4,500 discount. There was a similar one in Ohio that had premium package, but someone bought it 20 minutes before me, so I went 90D non premium package. I was going to order a 75 D but to inpatient to wait till December. I hope to get it in a couple weeks. $500 transfer fee from Tampa to Miami. My only worry is missing out on newer tech, but that’s a battle I will probably never win. Trading in my old MS which I got 6 month to early for autopilot.”

We should note giving the timing of the reports starting right around the end of June, these deals/offers could have been in response/initiated to the news reported in July that the company was having a hard time hitting their sales estimates for the second quarter.

Tesla ultimately came up about 15% light, but noted some 5,150 “in transit” sales just missing the end of the quarter; perhaps these deals were originally designed in an attempt to pull forward as many sales as possible?

Regardless, it surely can’t hurt to check the forum for other comments about inventory models available in different areas. As the posts noted, checking in with local stores is a good idea as well, as apparently Tesla is not listing the vehicles in some areas.

Source: EV Obsession, Tesla Motors Club

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In the past, talk of Tesla selling “inventory” cars came only from anti-Tesla FUDsters or, at best, those who don’t understand that what Tesla means (or at least, previously meant) by “inventory” wasn’t the same as what other auto makers mean by the term. For legacy auto makers, “inventory” means cars they’ve made which are sitting on a lot somewhere, hoping to find a buyer. In the past, for Tesla, “inventory” mainly referred to cars which had rolled off the production line but had not yet been delivered to the person ordering it. A relatively small number were made as demo or service department loaners; these were also counted as “inventory”. Those cars were available to be bought, and Tesla did try to sell them before they got very old (understandable for a demo), which did perhaps contribute to the confusion. If Tesla has, for the first time, actually started making cars “on spec”, hoping to find a buyer rather than making all cars to order (other than the relatively few demo and loaner cars), then that indicates two things to me: 1. Tesla is maturing as an auto maker. 2. The market for the Model X isn’t nearly as… Read more »

Oops! Well, that’s what I get for posting before reading all of the article.

From comments such as “950 miles on the odometer” and “with about 1,100” miles, it looks like these are just more cases of demo and/or service loaner vehicles.

200 vehicles as demo and service loaner vehicles sounds like a lot for a specific local area, but perhaps the “inventory” listed in the computer is all the available cars in a larger region.

[Miss Emily Litella voice:] Nevermind!

If you’re “production constrained” you don’t build new cars for loaner fleets only to sell them in a month at multi-thousand dollar discounts; this is just common sense.


Thank you for your disclosure Mark

Jay, I really empathize..

this is just plain comical, wish you could deliver a crushing blow to P-P-Policeman to balance, yes?

accounts, man.. I hope the management debate results in ‘throwing in the towel’ and requiring accounts in order to comment. With that, Mark and PP (representing the PAINfully opposing views, regardless of fairness) are easily ignored For-pharging-Ever, and Most of the PAINful non-informative Tripe goes away – IEV is now forum style and voila`.. IGNORE whoever you don’t like, for whatever Very Personal reason..

I know you’re sick of hearing it, but da-amnn.. How Much Worse can Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle Get in chasing Every Damned Tesla article and splooging what might be an informative commentary with the paste-it-again repetitive juvenile Bull****..


Mark, you are going to be hurt…..$$$

Agreed that you don’t build cars without a buyer if you are production constrained… (unless there are batching optimizations)

However these inventory cars are:
* Cars that buyers ordered but changed their minds at the last minute after the factory builds the cars (primarily they couldn’t get financing) so Tesla keeps the deposit and they sell the car. These are the ones with the odometer listed as 50 miles.
* demo cars and loaners. These are the ones with more than 50 miles.
* perhaps some cars that Tesla re-acquired, although these are generally considered cpo not inventory.

Over the last few years Tesla keeps getting close to not being production constrained, but then adds features or battery sizes or referral programs or new countries to avoid it. One day soon they will run out of things to do other than advertising or dropping prices.

There are photos all over Twitter of scores of cars gathering dust at Tesla stores with the stickers specifically marked “inventory.” But hey, believe what you like.


You know Mark, I understand that no one can please to everyone. Dreamers, idealists, visionary people had always be bashed by “serious” persons, or more likely, who had big interests, investments or jobs in things that would be badly hurt if these dreams, visions might become true. Remember, at the court of the Queen Isabel of Spain at the end of the 15th century, there were a lot of people intriguing and conspiring against this guy from Italy that dared to beg to Spain treasure to pay for this foolish adventure at the end of the ocean and known world… The resist against all this bashing and pay fr his expedition. The results, 500 hundreds years later no one remember the names of all these naysayers, basher, hating people at the court of Queen Isabel, all of these names as their body disappeared in the dust for good, but the name of Cristobal Colombo everybody knows and remembers. I’m just saying, but maybe you should think about in what part of the history you want to be, the dust part or the part of redefined energy production and transport means in a far most sustainable way, and maybe, maybe, the… Read more »

Please also disclose to us when you get burned.

Tesla may or may not be a bubble but when you have all these free money floating around, they have to go somewhere. I know its not ending up in my pocket.

Apparently, even after all this time, Mr. Spiegel, you barely understand the logistics that Tesla must operate under.

For example, at the Rockville, MD Service Center, in the past month it is not uncommon to see 30+ vehicles in various stages of arrival and preparation for deliveries. Further, they all arrive dusty. It’s a normal part of transport. You can visit a Mercedes or BMW dealership and see similar effects of dust from travel.

I did see some pictures posted that are from one of the busiest LA Service Centers. It is not uncommon to see more than 50 vehicles delivered and awaiting detailing for deliveries.

That’s not “common sense,” only your personal opinion.

You are financially committed to Tesla’s demise, so it is no surprise that you have nothing good to say about the company, its people, or its products.

You do realize that Tesla is largely run by the same person that does what the moderen day NASA and ULA is no longer capabale of doing in a fiscally responsiable manner… not to mention his other ventures…

I have long thought Tesla is somewhat overpriced but I dont do stocks and I also would not bet againt someone like Elon…

Tesla may fail in the end but they have already permanetly changed the automotive world and have every major auto manufacture responding to them and the cars they have created… The billion dollar auto companies are no longer laughing at Tesla and have started to fignt them with words and competing products… That says more than anyone posting on an internet board…

The hard core Tesla fan boys can be comical but not as comical as you people who seem to have a personal hate for Elon and his companies…

Mr. Spiegel – I don’t know why Tesla has a few MX inventory cars. It doesn’t seem all that relevant. But it’s sad that you conclude this means the MX is not “production constrained”. This could possibly be true about the MS, but the MX has had and continues to have many customers who have waited many months to take delivery of their MX. I love how the short sellers grasp at info like this to build support for their positions. It must be frustrating for you how TSLA has rallied despite the Autopilot fatality news and the (Mis)Fortune article. Is this why you spend your weekends posting bearish arguments on sites like IEV?


I specifically went to a Service Center today to find all those Model X surplus cars that short sellers want to believe are clogging up showrooms.

The good / bad news is there are a handful of Model X cars in “inventory”. Because there are so few available, I think I would order exac ly what I want until Sept for delivery.


Tesla is clearly still production constrained. Even as they have a high amount of customers waiting for their cars, it still makes sense to build demo cars for prospective buyers to see and demonstrate their products. Do you really expect that Tesla would have galleries with zero cars to show and zero cars to demo? Apparently you do.

These cars enter into the system as inventory cars as they arrive at the Galleries. They can be sold at any time. And since these cars are exposed to demo traffic, they get discounted over time and with mileage. The ones that freshly arrive are not discounted.

Model X loaners will probably be a good idea, to build confidence in the design and create more “demo” sales.

Price goes up fast on these. Perhaps too many 110k-150k cars? And people are only going to go so far from their base expections of an SUV.

Would there be a Model X with a $100,000 discount and available for shipping? By any chance?

I heard of one in Pennsylvania.

Bahda bing! Too funny.

Model X marks the spot near the Turnpike where unlucky meets Pennsyltucky. Good that there were no fatalities.

The good: you get it fast.
The bad: it’s a lemon.

If this site wasn’t so obviously partial to Tesla this wouldn’t be presented as something great. But partial it is.

I’m speaking as a Model 3 reservation holder btw. I’m not anti-Tesla, just pro-realism.

Yep, you figured it out. Tesla is taking lemon cars and selling them as previously untitled new cars.

Is there any data on this?

I’ve read lots of anecdotes, but the Internet discussions are mostly poisoned by short sellers.

There is at least one short seller posting, as we can see above. However, for every one of those, I suspect there are fifty sincere posters who write non-Kool Aid flavored posts, and are then tarred and feathered as short sellers by the pitchfork wielding, self elected members of the People’s Committee for the Advancement of the Revolution. Roll out the guillotine, it is more humane.

Here’s hoping that the InsideEVs staff soon requires you to disclose your Tesla stock short position, too.

Wow….Must be really frustrating to see any FUD one tries to get away with refuted all of the time..

I don’t have any data. Actually I’m just guessing that a lot of the demo and loaner cars came off the production line early. Usually they’ll deliver a tiny number of vehicles in a handover ceremony with live webcast and all, and then the next cars (a few hundred?) are demo and loaners. IF this is correct it basically follows from the well-known teething problems with Model X production that a lot of the demo/loaners are lemons.

I may be wrong and perhaps overreached a bit because I am annoyed at what I perceive to be biased and/or irrelevant reporting. This is InsideEVs, not Teslarati, but it seems at times like the editors believe their mission is to help Tesla and bash VW. In both cases more fair and sober reporting would help the EV case – which is what I believe is important.

This is a plug-in site, even if VW weren’t the easiest target on the planet.

What happens to cars returned via Tesla’s Happiness Guarantee? Presumably these also go into the inventory pool.

No, lease returns don’t qualify as they are already registered. Inventory cars qualify for fed tax credit of $7500 and state rebates, so they are previously unregistered cars.

In this thread, buyer gets $5500 discount for a Model X with just 50 miles or less on odometer. Welcome to the demand cnstrained Tela world, where discounts, referral bonuses and price cuts abound.
“I know, $150k worth of impulse… The SA did give us $5,500 discount as this was “in stock vehicle” based on his description.”

Clearly another attack of TES*.

Only a Tesla short-seller would insinuate that Tesla is committing fraud by trying to pass off used cars as new.

Time for you to disclose your short position, Four Electrics.

*Tesla Envy Syndrome

Ok I’ll venture with one possible explanation:
Those cars were early models ordered by 1st X buyers. The quality build was not great so Tesla kept those models and build new cars to provide good build quality to those owners (avoiding more negative press). This was the fastest way.
Then with no time pressure they could fix this first batch, that they now can sell as inventory.
Pure speculation obviously.

My guess as well. Repaired lemons, which are now as good as the others (otherwise they would not dare to sell them).

You can’t sell a “lemon” as a new car.

Even selling a lemon as tomato is hard, now magine selling a lemon as car.

But im sure dealer staff would handle the task quite well.

the reason these vehicles are ending up in inventory is.. TESLA made a big error here… the market will determine sales.. not some sales jargon filled purveyor on steroids…

This vehicle may be TESLA’s first failure to meet the needs of it’s target audience…

I just don’t think they did a good job on this at all.. if I were a teacher.. I grade this project at “C” and “C” isn’t good enough for a $160K vehicle.. or Elon…
This thing needs to be taken back.. and radically altered as soon as the first run of parts exhausts itself…

A different smaller windshield…better sun visors… lose the gull wing doors… and figure out how to actually get real seating for 6 or 7 passengers..

Plus without the gull doors… a nice roof rack will be possible for families on the weekend road trip…

Learn from failures… don’t compound them by insisting they are not what they are…

If you truly think this MX is great… go order one right now..