Introducing The TSportline Tesla Model 3 (w/video)


Black on black on black. As Henry Ford would say, you can have it any color you want as long as it’s black.

TSportline, an exclusive Tesla tuner, has blacked out this Tesla Model 3 with what it refers to as the trifecta.

The Model 3 gets the full-on chrome-delete treatment, along with some all black 19-inch wheels.

The final touch is some window tint.

We must admit that the end product is a properly mean looking Model 3.

Blacked Out

Here’s the donor car prior to the all-black treatment:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

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Now it looks like just another riced out Civic. The car is too new and iconic to need cosmetic modding but at least the tinting is beneficial.

“The Model 3 gets the full-on chrome-delete treatment…”

Clearly this is just a ploy to appeal to those who whine about bits of the trim being misaligned by 1-2 mm. /snark

People who are blind to the fact the same minor imperfections can be seen on nearly all cars, if you look closely enough.

But hey, it’s black on black. Jay Cole must be doing his happy dance! 😀

Not that anyone cares but in my personal opinion it would look nice if they didn’t black out every single scrap of everything on the car.

Maybe leave the door handles, side emblem/camera and front and back logos chrome but black out the giant thumb width strip of chrome that surrounds the side windows which I always felt was too much anyway.

The aftermarket outfitters and accessory makers need to get their hands on early or preproduction cars to do their thing – and this car is spectacular. I’d call it the Black Panther, or Stealth Fighter or The Shadow… When a car isn’t even in the hands of real live non-Tesla employee consumers and yet it has several aftermarket companies vying for your mod money – that says a lot! The turbine wheels make it look too much like an S in my view – but that’s just me. I know some people want a baby S – so that is right in their wheelhouse. Unplugged Performance has some really sexy wheels on an orange Model S they’ve displayed. Me? My type of mod is for more range or better handling dynamics. Wider tires with lower profile means harsher ride and less AER… I want some form of disk wheel that doesn’t look nerdy and still cools the discs. Maybe even a notch lower than stock low position for the suspension for super smooth long highway hauls … I’m a big fan of the non-fake grille new nose…Maybe a license plate frame that is aero…Wheel skirts ….nayhhh…Toooo aero nerdy….Not sure if… Read more »

Black Mamba, Nightrider, Crude Crusader…I don’t know what I’d call my spiffed out, blacked out Model 3…One thing for sure, it looks fast and furious.

The Crude Crusader, it looks like a flying splash of crude oil speeding down the highway…Maybe some oil drop graphics or flowing globs rather than flames on the side…

L 🙂 L

OK, I’m out


That’s it! I’m runnin’ with it!

Vanity plate: SLICK

Paint scheme – blacked out like top photo…with a soft blue/purple wave pattern painted in – so subtle as to only really pop under lights at night or in the bright sunlight…Like an oil slick…get it?

It’s the “anti-SLICK”…or A-Slick!

Video of this car, test driven:

I guess they have it for 24 hours so the test drive will come late.