Introducing The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S – (w/video)


Radio Flyer has just announced that it’s now accepting pre-order for its kiddie version of the Tesla Model S.

If you order today, then you should receive your Radio Flyer Model S by May 2016.

This true-to-life Radio Flyer Model S features a frunk, a spacious interior and a swappable battery pack, just like the real-life Model S.

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Weight capacity is 81 pounds and it’s listed as being for children ages 3 to 8 years old.

Just like the real Model S, there are lots of options to choose from:

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Unlike the real Model S, the Radio Flyer version tops out at only $804 dollars. A base model costs $499.

You can place your pre-order today by following this link.

Toy Parked Next To Real Deal

Toy Parked Next To Real Deal

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Finally I can afford a Model S…


😀 Pretty awesome!

“Toy Parked Next To Real Deal”

LOL… literally! Thanks for making my day, Eric.

🙂 🙂 🙂

To make the picture really complete, they need to “park” one of these next to the smaller version:

…and the series could even be continued with a Matchbox Model S!

Is it Supercharger and autopilot enabled?

I wonder how hard it would be to stick a second motor and a couple of those Premium Batteries into the frunk…..

Radio Flyer Model S P9DL FTW!!

Wow I would love the 190, but I’m not sure if the $50 is worth it… I really hope insideevs does some tests to find out if the extra range is worth it on an every day basis.

How does it fare against the Barbie Jeep on the drag strip?

Yes! We must see drag race comparisons to the other Kid’s EVs out there!!!!

I think the 0-6 time is like 3.2 seconds.

Don’t they offer Ludicrous mode?

Well, I know what my daughter is getting for her 2nd birthday this fall.

Im 22 years old and weigh 134 pounds and am considering ordering one for myself

Wow! Stay out of heavy breezes.

When will ludicrous mode be available?

I think the Model III will have Ridiculous speed, since they skipped over that speed and went directly to Ludicrous for the Model D, and the planned roadster will have Plaid.

Anyone want to make an instant youtube hit? Imagine a drag race video with a kid in black leather looking like a mini John Travolta, driving this and smoking another kiddie car, and winning the car, while his girlfriend Sandy watches, like in the famous race scene from the movie Grease. 🙂

And they should play Stroller Town by Jonathan Coulton in the background.

There’s even a pre-production waiting list with deposits! 😀

The options list, and the picture of them both parked side by side with matching covers is too kewl!

Finally pictures of the Model III!

Good One!

Nice, I was truly LOLing at that one.

Why? It’s not March 31st, yet…

The Tesla model 3 will be my real EV World Radio Flyer vehicle. When you add in Teslanomics it can make money for you and your family. It can even save your life and that of the planet. .

Supercharger access?

Hook one of these to a Supercharger and you’re going to see another Tesla fire… 😉

One founders edition will be sold on May 31 followed but a very slow roll out of signature models through the summer months. Full production of the base model is not expected to come until June 2021. Tesla is not limited by demand, folks.

Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

Oh great!

Now we’re going to have all sorts of Ludicrous 6 mph drag races with these things.

So how much is the insurance?