Introducing Nuevo Chevrolet Volt 2016 – Video


Here is a video walkthrough of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt released by Chevrolet México.

Video description:

“Descubre a detalle nuestro nuevo Volt 2016 y su nuevo sistema de propulsión que ofrecerá un rango total de conducción eléctrica de más de 640 km y podrá tener una autonomía de aprox. más de 1,600 km con una sola recarga de gasolina gracias a su sistema de propulsión eléctrica con rango extendido.”

And yes, the 2016 Chevy Volt will be sold in some limited capacity (eventually) in the Spanish-speaking nation of Mexico, just like the previous generation Volt, but fortunately the video presents the information in English.

2015 Chevy Volt - Mexico

2015 Chevy Volt – Mexico

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off-topic: this reminds me on how the new GM is getting more and more like the old one, first they drop chevrolet from europe to help opel growing (wrong move, chevy appeals to a different audience, a bit like chevy and buick does in the us), thus removing the volt from europe, then it cancels the 2nd gen opel ampera, sure its sales were dropping, but so did the volt in the us, now that the ev market in europe is growing considerably (especially phev’s), the vw golf gte will have the market all for itself, a 2nd gen ampera would be a big competitor to the gte and probably even outsell it…Way to go GM!

A Chevy doesn’t appeal to anyone in Europe. There is a reason why Chevrolet often is at the bottom of reliability and customer satisfaction surveys.
So dropping the brand in Europe was a smart move.

An Opel Bolt would have much more appeal for Europe than a Volt/Ampera.

Needs some techno music…

And more cowbell… 😛

My Spanish may be a little rusty, but it looks like they’re claiming 640 km (400 mi) all-electric range, and up to 1600 km (1000 mi) range with a single fill-up. Those numbers are ridiculous.

current volt looks better