Interview With Elon Musk – 20 Time Production Rate Increase Targeted

Elon Musk


Y Combinator, a company with a reputation for helping start ups, sent Sam Altman to Fremont to have a talk with Elon Musk. An obviously tired and somewhat disheveled Musk, comfy in his track suit, shares how he thinks young people can improve the world.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Altman asks Musk how can one become the next Elon Musk. The intriguing talk goes on to touch base on artificial intelligence, genetics, and space colonization.

However, the most compelling statement by Musk involves the speed of the Tesla assembly line. He admits that, in comparison, the company’s line is very slow. It doesn’t matter if cells leave the Gigafactory as fast as “bullets from a machine gun”, if the production line can’t keep up.

The two are sitting in the Fremont factory in plain view of the production area. Altman notes that it is amazing to see the automation. Musk explains that the Gigafactory, and the “soon to be” Model 3 line are more automated. The conversation continues:

Altman: What’s the speed on the line of these cars?

Musk: Actually our speed on the line is incredibly slow. In terms of the extra velocity of vehicles on the line … including both X an S, it’s maybe five centimeters per second. This is very slow.

Altman: And what would you like to get to?

Musk: I’m confident we can get to at least one meter per second. So, a twenty-fold increase.

Going from the current 2,000 or so vehicles a week to the minimum necessary 10,000  would only be a five-fold increase. Is Musk saying that Tesla will reach 40,000 vehicles a week (over 2 million a year) at some point in the near future? This would be monumental.

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Nice interview with the robots going by.

Sad to hear that Elon is running off with the traditional boondoggle of AI development.

You must not be aware of man’s worst nature, look around.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but when Elon talks about any weird future subject, it usually becomes true later on.

Just like a few years ago, when he babbled about this ‘compelling, long range electric car’ that could compete with petrol cars. Haha we’ve never seen that.


Great to see Elon using metric measurements, just like most of the world.

Well he was born and raised in South Africa after. South Africa adopted the metric system in 1922, so he must have been used to it growing up. Besides the science and engineering world where he has spent a lot of time use the metric system.
Only 3 countries in the world haven’t officially adopted the metric system yet (United States, Myanmar and Liberia). Although a few countries who have

Musk is a Super Intelligent person who is over looking the “SIMPLE THINGS” because he is too smart! The Last Rocket explosion among other things will cost him ten fold more than what he is saving by doing things “THE HARD WAY” …Think about it Elon…This is coming from “LIFE EXPERIENCE” speaking…All the best !!

It looks like industrial sabotage.

Great interview. “Being useful” a great quote.

“An obviously tired and somewhat disheveled Musk . . .”

Also, it looks like Elon now has a bit of a beer belly. I hope that he can still squeeze into his Iron Man suit. 😉

Sort of like King Henry VIII’s expanding armor. As he expanded, it did also.
Personally I think he should go for the evil Spock look.

We need a faster neural interface…

Is that Murdock from the A-Team?

It’s Lieutenant Broccoli 🙂

It’s Captain Howling Mad.

Another Euro point of view

I want to believe in Tesla but would actually be really positively surprised if they succeed with the Model 3 (making profits at least). I mean Tesla did not even start competing at affordable EV level and already they are running out of blood and in need of a transfusion (fresh cash) on the contrary we see GM issuing a 238 miles range EV without even breaking a sweat not to mention coming Nissan, Renault and you name it. Then of course nobody beats Tesla on a brand/cachet point of view, this what will likely save them at the end. By the way I know the Germans are a bit of the big bad wolf here among inside evs US commenters but it seems they are, almost on purpose deliberately taking their time to deliver on EV’s in their very methodical way of working but I wouldn’t be surprised of a German EV blitzkrieg somewhere around 2019, so right about the time model 3 arrives in Europe. If it happens this could take some of us German EV “vaporware” addicts by surprise.


1) Tesla does not need a blood transfusion it needs some of the capital for expansion to come from outside the company. It needs zero cash to fund current operations.

2) GM is buying 25k-30k BEV kits from LG and installing them in GM gliders. Maybe they will be able to buy as many as 60k BEV kits in 2018 but need to sign firm contracts with LG before capacity expansion can begin beyond that. Tesla already building capacity for 500k BEVs in 2018 and 900k in 2020.

3) German Blitzkrieg started with an armaments build up years before the actual attacks. The Wehrmacht has less battery cell/bullet production than Taiwan. It is going up against 105 GWh from Tesla alone.

Another Euro point of view

I understand your enthusiasm and so far it has been proven right. However to scale up this fast needs huge amount of fresh cash. If cash markets tighten up for whatever reason (recession, raising interest rate) it may become quite challenging.

Project triangle (pick any two)

/. \.
Cheap – Good

Musk just decided to throw out cheap for this part. If cash dries up, Fast would have to go because they’re not going to give up good.

In any case, we are in for some amazing new options over the next few years. Here’s hoping we’ve all bought our last oil burners!

Fear not! New players like Tesla (or Apple in the 70s) need a lot of cash at first to ramp up production of their new tec. Look at Uber, if they want a fleet of autonomus vehicles next, they have to finance them.
GM is cranking out a very limited number of well made EVs with the Bolt (I heard like 3500 to Europe in the first year and nothing for UK).
GM made a deal with LG about the first 35000 cars imho; limited production and sold with a loss to test the market (they overastimated demand vor the Volt four years ago like Nissan did for the Leaf).

If the demand is there, LG will ramp up battery production within two years to feed that demand. Teslas Model 3 will be later than the first Bolts, but it will come in numbers my friend. It will rush in like a T34 wave crushing the Tiger picnic (if anyone can get the Tank analogy).

They did not overestimated the market, they routinely kill the demand. Look how many TEsla/ were reserved! See that people got arrested in protest to keep and buy their EV1s.
See how a 3700 people buying group was rejected with no explanation from Nissan in Quebec last month.

“See how a 3700 people buying group was rejected with no explanation from Nissan in Quebec last month.”

Why would group buy in such numbers allowed? They are asking for a huge group discount, thus the group buy.

Why don’t you lead a group buy of 3,000 of upcoming Model 3?

Oh, that is right. Tesla doesn’t allow that either.

How can you know?

So essentially you’re saying that Tesla does all it can with high risk to produce as many affordable BEVs that they can, and that GM could do 100X better. 🙂

GM funds the Bolt through 3.5 Million ICE car sales. If they were only building the Volt, Bolt, and SparkEV, GM would be raising funding for their next offering too.

There is no problem with raising funds for expansion. It is neither a negative thing, nor a sign of failure, nor a sign that one car maker builds better cars than the other.

“GM funds the Bolt through 3.5 Million ICE car sales”

More like 9 millions ICE sales worldwide…

Yeah, it would be nice if the German laggard OEMs could move beyond their current blitzkrieg of announcing future PEVs and actually start producing them!

Actually I think that the Germans are starting to take the threat of Tesla to their market share seriously after Model S started to take large market share from lucrative Audi A6/A8, BMW 5/7 series and especially MB S class cars.

I think the final warning was the HUGE numbers of Model 3 reservations which are an existential threat to the bread and butter of 3 series, C-class and A4 cars.

In short, Tesla is primarily a luxury/sports brand and therefore a threat to German luxury OEMs at this point in time and into the near future.

A 100 year old company better be able to adapt without breaking a sweat with all that cash. Elon said Tesla will never ever pay dividends to its shareholders. So I don’t know if he’s willing to borrow money or just raise more money, but 1 million model 3’s is $42 Billion in sales, not counting Model S/X. 100,000 Model S/X is $8 Billion in sales. Who’s worried that he needs to borrow a few billion to make that happen ? If I was rich, I’d throw him anything he needs for production or more Superchargers

Tesla has an excellent history of paying its debts also.

Maybe this is news to you, but Tesla is a public company. Elon Musk is an employee . He is also a large shareholder, but owns far from majority.

What he thinks about whether the company will “ever pay out dividends to investors” is only marginally more interesting than what he thinks about whether Monsanto – or any other company – should do the same. The owners ultimately call the shots. They elect the board and the board employs – and fires – the CEO. And the ownership changes all the time, usually in small ways but sometimes in a big way.

Hence any current CEO and minority shareholder simply has no business saying what the company will or won’t do in the long run. The most she or he could reasonably say is what they THINK the company SHOULD do – and that is not the same as what it WILL DO.

“ElonJR” said:

“Elon said Tesla will never ever pay dividends to its shareholders.”

I’m pretty sure he never said anything even remotely approaching that. What I do recall him (or some Tesla spokesman) saying, was that Tesla isn’t going to pay dividends for the foreseeable future. That is, not so long as Tesla is still in its early growth phase.

Look at Analysts and investors kept complaining that the company “wasn’t profitable” as it was growing rapidly, until it became the #1 retailer world-wide. But when reached that size, it suddenly turned a corner and started regularly showing a profit.

Any similarity to Tesla’s business plan… is almost certainly not a coincidence.

“Another Euro point of view” said:

“…we see GM issuing a 238 miles range EV without even breaking a sweat”

If Tesla was only aiming at producing 25k-30k of the Model ≡ per year, they wouldn’t be breaking out in much of a sweat either.

There really isn’t any point to comparing Tesla with GM. GM was created by buying out a number of already existing, already experienced auto makers. That took nothing but a lot of money; no “sweat” at all involved.

Let us please recognize that growing an automobile manufacturing company from zero to producing half a million cars a year, or more, in the space of only 15 years or so, is an extremely difficult process. This is a rate of growth that I don’t think we’ve seen in any heavy industry since WW II, when the government was paying for everything.

Go Tesla!

The “Musk: I’m confident we can get to at least one meter per second. So, a twenty-fold increase.” statement is total crap. I’m sorry, how can you insert a dashboard into a car moving 1m per second????

How about the seats? Lemme check this wiring really fast *zooms down the line*.

Someone needs to give Musk some cards to read off already.

Instead of the speed of the line, he should just talk about production rates.

I don’t know if they are at 60 JPH (jobs per hour), but that would be a typical target. Sometimes its 90 JPH.

I think he is trying to find a way to build more cars with less equipment(capital). Velocity is the way to solve that.

But of course there is all the risk in quality by trying something new in production.

I don’t think simply “speeding up the line” is how you increase production. Otherwise you end up with Lucy at the chocolate factory.

No, it will be robots doing the work. And if they are well programmed and can do some self learning, they can speed up without quality issues.

There’s a lot jobs robots either can’t do, or can’t do as well/fast as humans.

Kdawg said:

“Instead of the speed of the line, he should just talk about production rates.”

Right. You don’t increase production by twenty-fold by speeding up a single production line. You do it by installing multiple additional production lines.

I think Elon has really gone off on a tangent with his concept of factory production as a physics equation, and the idea of speeding up a single production line to eye-blurring speed (yes, that’s an exaggeration) is one indication of that. Another is his idea of packing production equipment into the Gigafactory so tightly that there would be no room left for making needed future changes to the production lines.

Those are two of the reasons why I think Elon needs to step back at Tesla, appoint someone else as CEO, and concentrate his energies on SpaceX.

Someone else besides Elon as CEO of Tesla? Heresy! Burn PP at the stake! 😀

But seriously, I don’t see why anyone would want Elon to step aside from Tesla. His vision and drive are extraordinary and until he took the reins the idea of Tesla actually producing and selling hundreds of thousands of the Model 3 in 2018 was just a pipe dream.

I say let him continue to drive Tesla as long as he wants too. The financial markets love him. Let him realize his clean energy vision: I can’t imagine anyone else stepping in at this point who could do more with the company.

I still disagree with both you and Kdawg.

I believe their goal is to make each unit faster, not create more parallel production lines. Tesla is highly capitally constrained and, if possible, this would offer a solution to high production rates with less CapEx.

As someone said above, higher automation may allow for the increased “velocity” in all areas that do not require humans. Maybe there are a few massively parallel processes (QC hopefully) where humans are needed.

Hopefully there is not a “hubris” moment in late 2017, early 2018.


As far as Musk being CEO, Tesla would fold without him right now. Post Model 3 (with a goal of finally being profitable) he would need to slide over. Tesla will never make a profit with Musk dreaming up new things for the R&D team to work on.

OMG quick somebody tell Elon that Brian thinks it can’t be done.

I guess Elon won’t be hiring you to design the changes to the line then, Brian 🙂

I was thinking the same. But the math comes out to 2.3 MPH. Maybe the robots can swing it in a car doinn 2 MPH, idk about humans.

Automation. A second is an ocean of time to a modern computer and I actually think his thinking here is refreshing and interesting. Robots and actuators are slowed down a lot by the need to operate in the vincinity of humans – because making it move a lot faster involves greater forces and more energy, increasing the damage potential in the event of an accident. But if you can remove the humans you’d probably be able to speed up things quite a bit.

The timing however reeks of “we need something new to allow investors to dream on, and we need it prior to the new funding rounds”. Notice how he phrases things. There’s no timeframe and no real information about what Tesla is doing or not about this. Merely Elons estimate of what may be possible – some unspecified day. And with no indication of what he bases this on, what assumptions he’s making or even how hard he has actually thought about it.

Guessing you’ve never heard of averaging? You can be static at time and still be moving at an average speed.
But as others have noted robots don’t really worry too much if the relative speed is zero.

Honda’s new ARC (Assembly Revolution Cell) production line carries the car and parts to be assembled, and the workers on a moving platform that loops back. This way workers step onto the moving platform, put parts on that they’re assigned to assemble, and the platform loops back to near where they stepped onto the platform. The workers then take two or three steps to get back on the moving platform at exactly the same time another car is passing on the moving platform, and the whole process repeats itself.

Here are some pics:

Lets hope quality will not be 10 worse with speed production.

GM/Ford/Toyota can do about 1 car per minute once the production queue is full at their best factory. Sometimes as fast as 40-50 second per car rolling off the factory production line. If each production queue is about 5 meter long, then that is a speed of 5 meter per 50 seconds or 10 cm/s or 0.1 m/s. That is about 2x of the speed of Tesla factory. So, in order to do 1m/s (assuming the queue is similar in size), it would be about 10x as fast as the best factory that GM/Toyota/Ford got… Well, we will see. I wouldn’t say that it isn’t possible. The slowest part is the final assembly where the interior gets installed. If Tesla can make seat, trim and interior installation simple, then it is possible. But that makes me think that Tesla is changing the design of trim and dash completely. Based on the dash prototype, it looks to be that way. But I am not sure if the trim pieces are going to be on that fast. Maybe they will do some kind of pre-assembly at a separate line or doing some kind of “spray on” method… I just hope the interior… Read more »

Do people have this mistaken belief that this is still the 1950’s, and that cars actually continually keep moving on a single physical assembly line that moves at the same speed all the way through the entire manufacturing process?

It doesn’t.

There are many parts of the plant that split up into parallel process and speed varies.

For example, the paint shop completely stops while the baking cycle moves slowly.

But the final assembly line speeds determines how many of the vehicles coming out of the line. That is where the biggest bottle neck is.

Of course, some plants do add a parallel final assembly line so cars can alternative coming out of the final inspection line.

At the end, it doesn’t matter how fast the line is moving, it is how many cars you can produce per minute per plant…

Let me correct this for you : “But the final assembly lineS speeds determines how many of the vehicles coming out of the lineS.”

Do you know the architecture of a CPU? Musk does and takes part of his revolutionary assembly line project there.
I’m still amazed to see how many people go on comparing Musk’s endeavors with traditional ones. Musk does it all in new more efficient ways. His success is BECAUSE he does it differently. So stop taking your comparison points on traditional established way of doing thing and get use to be constantly surprised by Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity businesses.

Blah blah blah, so your entire comment is based on something you have no clue of and stuff you are praising Elon are totally based on your assumption and wishful thinking.

Yes, it matches your typical style of comments.

Yes, just like SpaceX and Solar City where one catches in flames and the other that needs a bailout from Elon himself and has a bond rating below junk…

“Do you know the architecture of a CPU? Musk does and takes part of his revolutionary assembly line project there.”

Have you been to an autofactory? ARe you the ONLY one that assumes that others don’t use parallel processing or automation?

But since you like to throw the first stone with your insulting tone, I am going to return the favor. You don’t know anything about cars and you are nothing more than an Elon fan boi who drives a crappy Prius and used LEAF while being a cheerleader on something you have no clue of.

Spare me your cheering and conspiracy theories…

“drives a crappy Prius and used LEAF while being a cheerleader on something you have no clue of.
Spare me your cheering and conspiracy theories…”

– is there a shame in driving a used Leaf?(prospective buyer here). How about Arrogance, is there a shame in that? it used to be.

– why he should spare you when his comments most likely were on a “forum’ which by its very definition (yes it is from Latin, quod licet Jovi non licet bovi) implies an open space hence a general exchange of opinions vis-a-vis a one to one excahnge where the “spare me” could’ve been properly used.

Tesla will WIN. Barring Hubris that is.

This makes me happy twice so to speak : first because hopefully our environment +political_military reality will get better and second because the naysayers (honest arrogant_know_it_all ones or paid by lobbyists ones) will be proven Wrong.

I guess you like to butt in.

There is nothing wrong with any of it if other people posted it.

But it is him that is making it special.

He is full of conspiracy stuff that has no bearing on the comment and his repeat of those conspiracy is tiring as well.

I would agree that personal insults aren’t necessary but he is often the first one to whine about it after he throws the first stone so to speak.

Nothing wrong with driving an used LEAF. It is a great thing. But the fact that he shows inconsistency with his hybrid ownership while bashing all PHEV is bothering.

Read again! Your alone are the one making false claims, unfounded accusations and personal attacks.

“Read again! Your alone are the one making false claims, unfounded accusations and personal attacks.”

False claims? Like your conspiracy theory isn’t false claims…LOL

Personal attacks?

Luckily every comment is time stamped and we can go back and see who was the first one that started personal attacks.

If you can’t handle it, then don’t start the personal attack but rather focus on the facts and issues rather than your theory.

If you can’t, then don’t bother with posting here.

3D layers MMF x times more than only parallel

3D layers? LOL. It is still adding more parallel lines to increase capacity for a given footprint of the plant.

It is still parallel processing in terms of capacity planning!

Adding more lines increase capital and labor cost. The key is to plan your capacity based on your demand.

The often used excuses are that somehow Tesla is “always production constrained” which is completely BS.

Even with 400K demand on Model 3 isn’t a big deal. Toyota makes that many Camry in 1 year. Model 3 reservation is global demand for a market that is in the 85 million range.

You know nothing of CPU architecture. You show your ignorance.

CPU got cheaper when they got smaller (less material), they also got more efficient and could increase throughput since they where able to stuff more into the same space.

With cars its different. Sure you can shrink your car by 80%, then the material cost will go down 80% and you could use smaller robots, than cost less. But the big question is who wants a 1.2m long Model S??? I don’t think many.

If you just decrease the amount of space that is used by the assembling line, you just decrease the size of your property, but you have increasing cost for
– maintenance (machines can not reached so simple because of narrow ways)
– robots (smaller robots that can lift the same are more dynamic, they need better controller and are typically more expensive)

In the middle of Nevada where space is cheap, the increase in other costs is simply to high to justify a bad maintenacable, tripple as expensive machinery.

It’s not about costs or size, it’s about efficiency and throughput. A CPU, APU and more to the point a SoC (System on a Chip) inspired him about speeding and compacting processes. But I guess none of us can really guess what recipe is taking form in his genius mind.

Sorry not to join the fray, but I just have to say that this

> Toyota makes that many Camry in 1 year.

is so depressing.

Integrators usually set up the lines at assembly plants. Tesla hired the same integrators that Ford, GM, and Chrysler use. Not saying Tesla doesn’t give a lot of input, but they aren’t doing anything that different.

The gigafactory may be a different story.

RexxSee said: “Do you know the architecture of a CPU?… “Musk does it all in new more efficient ways. His success is BECAUSE he does it differently.” That is largely wrong, if not completely. You are echoing the wishful thinking of Tesla’s leaders in the company’s early days, when they thought they could build cars like Silicon Valley builds computers. It was a long and painful experience, a sharp learning curve, for Tesla’s leaders, including Elon Musk, to come to realize that they needed to build cars a lot more like Detroit than like Silicon Valley. It was only after Tesla hired some executives with actual experience building cars “the old fashioned way” that they were able to start building and selling cars. I just don’t buy Elon’s recent statements than he can increase factory efficiency by ten times, or five times… the latter being a more recent but only slightly less unrealistic claim. It’s as absurd as Musk claiming that all he needs to do is vastly speed up an existing assembly line, when what he ought to be considering is factory throughput. If Elon has some brilliant idea for how to radically improve the efficiency of manufacturing, one… Read more »

The machine to build the machines he said. He always had radical new ideas… and they worked very successfully against all odds and “experts” views… Zip2, Paypal. He offered banks where he worked to improve greatly their ways… they didn’t understand!
Landing giant rockets? Going to Mars? Becoming number one solar distributor?
Re-use rockets? What a silly project.
Taking on the whole car industry? Suicidal.
Under 3 seconds 0-60 for a big sedan?
+4000 highest rate chargers.
A giant huge factory for batteries?

Personaly, I believe what he says about dramatic IA growth and any project and stuff he talks about… except for living in a simulation. Can’t quite accept this.

But reforming the way assembly line works doesn’t seem so far fetched to me when I look at all the miracles he pulled.

Nix said: “Do people have this mistaken belief that this is still the 1950’s, and that cars actually continually keep moving on a single physical assembly line that moves at the same speed all the way through the entire manufacturing process?” Well I hope not, but from the comments here, you would indeed think that people believe that cars are still manufactured like the Model T, with the car being assembled as it was being carried along at a steady speed by a conveyor belt. What is important is not the speed at which any individual car or assembly is moving. What is important is overall throughput, and the rate at which completed cars exit the factory. Cars are not assembled while they’re moving. Rather, they are transported from one production “station” to another, and they sit still until that station’s work is completed. Throughput can be increased by splitting a single production line into multiple ones where each car or sub-assembly needs to sit at one station for an especially time-consuming job. And in fact, that’s exactly how every high volume mass production manufacturing plant works today. Trying to do everything on a single line at a fixed speed… Read more »

Good luck fighting the good fight, MMF – Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle have taken over and cannot resist their adolescent urges to regurgitate whatever comes into their limited neurons upon every comment section.

Many people have been MIA due to the notorious three and their following hoard, some notable posters have joined their sad circle-***.

As the comment section’s usefulness fades to oblivion, rest assured the wretched remainders don’t wash their hands nearly enough as they pat each other on the PP.

Sad to watch such a great debate forum degrade to a dozen self-serving attention seekers, attacking anyone they don’t like with FUDiot speak.

(to the THOUGHTful posters, that is, I know it’s hard on a mouse to scroll So Much to get past the Endless paragraphs of Malfoy and company in Every Damned Article.. but its the only choice until they -en mas- FOAD and leave the site to informed readers)

I feel you.

You can have a production line that moves quickly, a production line which doesn’t stop often, or high quality output. Pick two. Achieving all would be miraculous. Let’s illustrate by reasoning from first principles. For a line to move continuously, hundreds of subassembly stations all have to be running glitch free. If you increase the rate 20x you decrease the margin for error and recovery by 20x. To achieve a reliable line you need individual station uptime of many sigmas, which means you cannot stop to tweak small problems during a run, hurting quality.

Right. That’s why it’s crazy to try to do everything on a single production line. If you have only one single station performing any individual part of the production, that creates a bottleneck for throughput. If that one station has to be shut down for any reason; maintenance, tweaking, or even something as mundane as the operator running to the bathroom, then throughput drops from 100% to 0%.

On the other hand, if you have say 10 stations all performing the same task, then if any one station has to be shut down, throughput drops only from 100% to 90%.

Part of properly designing and managing a factory is maximizing throughput, and minimizing bottlenecks.

If they can increase production 20x why haven’t they done that? They have been production limited for years, or so they say at least. Now suddenly it’s no biggie to increase production dramatically? It doesn’t add up!

Yeah starting a very unlikely successful car company from scratch was too easy, Musk had God given experience in assembly lines…

Leonardo da Vinci should have painted la Joconde at 20 years old! What a moron!

Drink some more kool-aid, you’re not quite rabid enough. I know you can do better than that, I’m missing “stock shorter”, “troll” and “serial basher”.

It’s only a recent realization that this can be done, and they have only recently set their minds to it.

“An obviously tired and somewhat disheveled Musk, comfy in his track suit”

Where do you see a track suit?
He wears black leather shoes, regular black pants, could be denim and a Tesla soft shell jacket. No track suit in sight.

Unrealistic dreaming by Elon. Tesla cannot achieve Toyota quality even with a “slow” assembly line – let alone a line running 20 times faster. Tesla is getting killed by warranty costs.

Holy Sh*T! Some more disinformation about the high quality high tech Tesla products?

Wow, everyday now we see these new usernames popping up to spread anti-Tesla FUD.

Pretty obvious that they are the same small group of d-bag haters and shorters that already carpet-bomb the FUD here.

Fact is that nobody has moved the needle more on compelling BEVs as Elon Musk and Tesla.

There would have been no crash program by GM to build the Bolt had it not been for the Model 3 program and this was Musk’s strategy all along to force the very laggard OEMs to build these compelling EVs.

Despite what the haters or shorters like MMF, sven, zzzzzz want to spread, Musk has accomplished a lot by pushing the boundaries of what is possible and he has succeeded far beyond what most thought possible.

Very sad to see all these d-bags spout their mentally-ill hatred of someone working more successfully then literally anyone else to bring positive change to transport.

I guess these attitudes so amply demonstrated here show why the US has become such a mess where for instance you have a large number of people willing to support the biggest lying narcissist and opportunist of all for President.

“Despite what the haters or shorters like MMF”

As I have said before. To people like you, anyone who criticize Tesla must be a hater or shorter. That is getting really old.

You probably don’t know this, I have a reservation on the Model 3 as many others. But if believe all the BS from Elon’s claim is a requirement to buy a car, then you got it all wrong.

It isn’t a freaking cult or religion. But if you insist on that, then it is you who are the problem here.

Next time, try to focus on facts before you accuse of others being haters or shorters.

But if you insist, I can lower myself to your level which wouldn’t make this comment section pleasant.

Have any of you “fan boys” ever actually WORKED for Tesla? I did..

Thank you for your contribution.

Wish I could say the same about your comment.

“Have any of you “fan boys” ever actually WORKED for Tesla? I did..”

Most of those “fan boys” don’t even own Tesla cars…