Interactive Mock Up Allows You To Take Control Of Tesla Model 3 UI

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 UI Mockup

Now you can experience the Tesla Model 3 User Interface from the comfort of your own home or office.

Now that the Tesla Model 3 has been fully unveiled (sorta), there are many new views of the car’s user interface (UI). Much unlike the signature, large touchscreens in the Tesla Model S and X, the Model 3’s screen is smaller, and laid out in landscape configuration. It’s also responsible for nearly every single function related to the car, because there is no traditional instrument cluster and very few physical buttons or knobs.

Tesla Model 3

There is still so much we don’t know about the Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 interior has been the object of much anticipation and speculation since the day the car was first revealed. Since then, very little concrete information has surfaced. Even more recently, the only images of the screen and other interior details have come via spy shots. The recent rides at the Tesla Model 3 handover event brought a plethora of videos showing the UI up close and in action.

Thanks to UX/UI designer Andrew Goodlad, we have a mockup of the Model 3 UI. He took a detailed look at many of the recent videos and photos, and to the best of his efforts, created an interactive online Model 3 touchscreen.

Goodlad’s project is still a work in progress. As new information presents itself, he can edit the mockup. Not all of the screen’s functions have been discovered yet, and due to the short rides at the Tesla event, it was impossible to go through every menu and submenu.

Nonetheless, the interactive mockup gives us a really solid idea of the general layout, and while not everything is clickable yet, you can still play around with many of its features. Check out the Model 3 UI mockup below, and keep checking back because Goodlad plans to continually update it.

Source: Andrew Goodlad on InvisionApp via Electrek

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Sorry, how is this anything but a jpeg???

This article has a jpeg.
But it has a link to the Electrek article that links to a dummy interactive UI on a website (I believe. I’m not going to try to run it right now.)

Yes, it says “check out the mockup below”.

There is nothing below where it says that. Its at the end of the article. I don’t see a link anywhere.

If you click on InvisionApp or Andrew Goodlad at the bottom of the post, it takes you to the interactive Model 3 UI.

You just have to do a bit of digging.
The link is below:

Tesla shows every day more to the whole world to be MILES ahead of every other competitor.

If the others (have I said the Germans?) wait any longer, it will be just too late to catch up.
They will end up like Kodak.

notice the Source: Andrew Goodlad on InvisionApp via Electrek

click InvisionApp; brings you to the clickable webpage, url:

Right now its just linked static screens. But they look great visually. Don’t complain, its free for now.

Suggestion from a former AI guy and game designer: If someone wants to make money selling a great Model 3 mockup app, I would love to a moving simulation of the Model 3 driving a complex route on that map. While its not Grand Theft Auto, even a tiny driving game, that updates the simulated display, would be great. You might select a few way points on the map and the car either takes you all the way between them or it runs out (depending on the optimal route. If its not optimal you have to supercharge).

Now that another article here posits a 310 mile Model 3 range, with 125 MPGe, we have some basics for an awesome little game app.