Interactive Tesla Model 3 Configurator Render Is Truly Amazing


Tesla Model 3 3D website is the best way to daydream.

Finally, with the Tesla Model 3 officially launched, it’s time to go the the automaker’s website to start configuring the car the way you might want it to look. Awesome, right? Well, we’re sorry but you can’t. Tesla has yet to make the Model 3 design studio open to the public. But don’t worry, because we’ve found something that fills that gap and, in some ways, is even better: a Model 3 3D configurator in two flavors — Clean White Room or Great Outdoors.

Tesla Model 3 in red on 3D configurator

Created by an individual who, on Facebook, goes by the handle Bartolome Threedeeologist (possibly not his actual name), the websites allows you to “paint” the all-electric sedan in any of the available stock colors, as well as some custom shades. It also lets you to throw on aero or the more attractive V-spoke sport wheels. Want some flashy red brake calipers peeking out from behind those rims? You can do that too.

The best part, though, is the 3D aspect. You can spin and tilt the car to check it out from every possible angle, something that Tesla’s Model S and Model X Design Studio won’t allow you to do. It’s also very resource light, meaning you can pull it up on your phone and play with it to your hearts content without a whole lot of technical difficulties.

A work in progress, Mr Threedeeologist tells Inside EVs that we should expect to see the addition of lots of goodies in the future, including high quality interiors, 3D hotspot navigation in addition to 2D and 3D overlays. We’re bookmarking it, and suggest you do the same.


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What’s going on w/the small front grill? Keeps showing up shiny silver when I play w/the options.

Very cool, but the rendering has the original, more creased nose. They changed it to soften it up and the creases do not drop down towards the lower lights as much now.

The 3d model is currently being updated to manufacturing one:

Did it actually say break instead of brake?

It was like that for a few hours. Thanks for relevant comment. 😉

Think we’ll see anything like this for the Bolt or Leaf? 😉

Possibly where the configurator pulled the source art:

Curious how they get these models built.

With enough public interest and support everything is within reach. It could be quite interesting to create comparison platform with a lot of technical data and in full 3d of course. In any case I’m not planing releasing other automotive projects before finishing new version of the Model 3, but it sounds like very interesting way of highlighting differences of competing car models.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”

LOL! So much for checking it out.

He was prepared for 25,000 views this month, but said he could arrange for more if needed.

Guess it’s needed. 🙂

Just tried both on my phone, and they both work now.

That’s right. I needed to remove bandwidth limits on my host. Thank you for pointing at that issue, because it allowed me to restore public access right away!

There is new version coming soon. With a lot more customization features, interior, production version Tesla 3 model, moving parts and hot-spot based customization(without scary web UI).
Updates are now being posted over here:

If you position the camera to look inside, they gave this 3D model a hand brake and manual gear shift. Oops.

Interior is decidedly more Model 3 authentic now. Open a door and check it out!